Directions Unclear

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William Cruz, a Stuffer Shack regional manager, hires the runners to help him both retreive some goods that were stolen off some of his trucks by the Crimson Crush and raid one of their storehouses


Revenant, Goldie(Anthony), Azrael, Cyberlich

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

The team met Cruz, the J, in a barrens bar near Bargain Basement and attempted to negotiate the initial offer of 12k up. failing that, they accepted the job and got to work. Their only lead to finding the store house they were hired to hit was contact info for a delivery driver who was driving the truck when they were hijacked.

Their initial legwork consisted of your standard matrix searches and knowledge skill tests after securing a no-tell nearby to base from. After they had some info on the territory the Crimson Crush claimed, Goldie got to work sifting through the links of local crush members for intel, isolating a crew pulling truck jackings near the area run by an ork named 'jaw'. The other interesting piece of information was that several crush members had been sent to ask local dealers about a human they were all seen speaking with. Goldie approached one of the dealers mentioned, a human man who went by 'Tables', to try and get closer to Jaw's crew. After convincing Tables to call his supplier, Goldie hacks his link, then uses the call to hack the supplier's link, and continues on that method to hack the link of one of the gangers watching the stash, giving them the location.

With the location found, they move to secure it. Doing some preliminary physical and matrix recon. Hacking the smartgun systems on all the guards to eject their magazines if they try to fire and disabling the motion sensors on the entrances. Once Goldie has sabatoged them, they pick the lock on the gate and the side door, avoiding the gaze of the rooftop sentry and ambush Jaw and one of his men in his office. After that the guards are alerted, charging the room soon after giving the team just enough time to establish a defensive position. A few seconds later all the gangers are either full of holes, blown up, or fleeing. The team calls the J who comes with his men to secure the goods stored there before the crush can send reinforcements. The team is paid and departs quickly.