Disciplinary Guidelines

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Voting process

All disciplinary actions, ranging from warning to permanent bans will be levied by Senate on a case by case basis, requiring a simple 51% majority to pass measures. Please see the attached visual aid for further details:


Appeal Process

Warnings no longer time out automatically after two weeks. In order to have a warning removed from your record, you must fill out a form including what’s being appealed, the date of the warning, and why you believe the warning should be removed.

A 51% majority vote from Senate is required to have the warning removed. If the appeal is denied, the individual appealing the warning must wait one more interval of the time required to wait after the initial infraction to appeal again (14 days for first warning, 28 for second, 42 for third, and 90 for indefinite.) Appealing an indefinite ban requires a 66% majority.

Appeals must be made one at a time, with at least one week between appeals, even if the individual timer for each warning has elapsed.