Do no harm

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Ruin a mans reputation and life


Havok, Mr. Frost, Promethea, 0v3rl0rd

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

The runners were told by there respective fixers that he had a job for them, and that they were to meet the J at a club called the "Blue Sapphire".

They all got to the club and meet with the J who told them that she had a job for them. They agreed on a payment of 18k.

The job was for them to ruin the reputation of a up and coming heart surgeon so badly that no one would want to be associated with him.

The J gave them several pices of information and they then did some matrix searching and found that he'd been part of a malpractice lawsuit for the death of a patient. but it settled out of court. He'd had tremor reduction treatment done soon after this.

They ended going to his house, overlord making short work of the security systems and the commlink they were slaved to with his high powered jammer. He then opened the maglock on the door.

Havok carefully sneaked in to the house and looked around the house, noting a out of place picture in the bedroom and several prescription scripts in the bathroom bin and several empty oxycotin pill boxes.

When he looked in the medicine cabinate, they found a oxy pill bottle and a bag full of novacoke.

Outside, Overlord and Mr.Frost tried to get in by pretending to be people who were picking up a package. They were caught by a nosy member of the neighbourhood watch. Frost convinced her that they were legit and asked her to come in with her.

She did and Havok hit her with a slap patch full of DMSO and laes wine, putting her up like a light.

They then went about there smear campaign. They downloaded all sorts of nasty stuff to his commlink. Made him look like a hummanis member and hooked the dwarf to a medkit to make it look like he was preforming surgery on her.

They then called up Knight Errant and leaked the story to the news, make it look like someone from KE leaked it to the news.

Soon after the story broke, funds were released to the runners