Don't hurt a hair on there head

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Runners were hired to locate someone and preform a non-violent extraction.


Data-B, Svilp, Byrns, Amanda

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Hurt not a hair on their head

The runners were told by there fixers that there is a J that needed profesional to locate and extract a target in a non violent fashion.

Once pay was agreed on the J told them that she required them to find a explosives expert who has slipped his employers leash. She told them that he used to have ties with neo-anarchists and that he used to live with this woman in touristvile.

After some matrix searches a plan was formed. Amanda lured the girlfriend to a bar were she hit her with the opium den spell knocking her out.

They bundled her into Bryns car and then to his basement. Some gental questioning when she woke up revealed that he was hiding out in a neo-A bunker in the Barrens.

With some matrix trickery they were able to spoof the marks commlink so when he calls his girlfriend he calls Amanda instead who lures him out and opium dens him as well.

They take him to the drop off point, funds clear and Amanda twists the knife some more with.

"Fire is more man than you ever were"