Dr. Grey

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Gender Female
Race Human
Primary Role Scientist
Player User:Rejakor

Key Info

GM: User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar


Dr Grey was discovered by Relic on the AMSS Syntambioco, an Ares Military spaceship where she was kept in Cryostasis. Dr. Grey seems infected with Nanovirus, and likely Ares used her condition in some kind of tracking device. Dr. Grey is in shock after learning of her condition, as she was part of the research team that actually discovered the Nano Augmentive Virus (NAV) early on. Burdened with guild and apathy, there is no telling what the future holds in store for her. For now she leans on Relic for support, while she hopes to learn more of what happened, but following three shadowrunners on a mission against all odds.


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