Emotional Support Slimes

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Emotional Support Slimes.png
Item Type Pet
Creator Anfears
Creature Type Paracritter
Artist Credit [Super Hensa]


These little cuties originate from an Elf Noir cosmetic store, they were created from a combination of cosmetics that got inhabited by a strange and mysterious type of spirit. They were first snatched up by MCT and brought to their island blacksite in the Outremer before being extracted by runners (Nickel, Quiet, Playback, and Joker), along with a scientist, for a Johnson who has his eye on them. These 30 original slimes, and the 4 given to the runners as thanks, would come to be known as the Mother Slime. The Johnson, now known to the world as Rick Tennerbow CEO of Spiritual Speculations, with the help of the extracted Scientist Yosuke Takahashi, learned everything they could about the Mother Slime. The Mother Slime had one condition for her cooperation with these men, she wanted them to spread her children far and wide for some unknown purpose, so keeping good on their word and making a hefty profit to boot they started to sell the little critters as pets. Now anyone can own a slime friend for a cheap price! Being Easy to take care of, cute, and cleanly made them extremely popular and they have sold like hot cakes making both men very wealthy.

Included Care Sheet

Congratulations on the purchase of your new slime friend! Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Feed 3 times a day totaling at least one ounce of candy.

give water so they do not dry out. No they will not dissolve if you drop them in the tub, as a matter a fact they like swimming!

Keep away from fire, like any pet its bad for them!

Do not expose to extreme cold, like any other pet its bad for them

Will occasionally produce waste in the form of hard rainbow gemstones, throw these away or keep them for a necklace!

Slimes like to sleep in their container for most of the day, just open the lid if you want to play! Just make sure they get at least 10 hours of sleep a day

Give lots of love! keep you slime happy and healthy and it will be with you for the rest of your life!

Slime Characteristics

  • The children of the Mother Slime are not as adept as there parents. They are like newborns, Sapient but not able to fully comprehend the world around them at this stage. They are considered to have half a logic point and gain another half every three months up to logic 3 (Except for the 4 run reward slimes given to the runners who saved these little guys, they can be logic 4) as long as they are given proper care and attention. They are capable of learning like any other Sapient, even speaking with proper teaching, and will take inspiration from their owners with one exception, they maintain there happy and loving disposition no matter how smart they get.
  • The slimes start out with a rainbow coloration but will change coloration depending on the candy that you feed them. They may also mold there slime to match a style their master likes or they like to show there own personality!
  • The slimes are capable of forming together but are not nearly as strong as their Mother Slime progenitor. 50 slimes together form a humanoid figure about 6 feet tall that can be either male or female in appearance depending on how the slime feels. This form can still not have a logic any higher than three but this form allows the slimes much great dexterity than their small forms and can better help them connect with their owners. In this from they become one being, a hive mind molded into a singular personality based off their collective consciousness, this feels as natural to them as their small form.

No matter what the slimes have no mechanical effect. They are meant for RP and nothing more.