Everything Must Go (in 60 Seconds)

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Key info

Name of run was Everything Must Go (in 60 Seconds).

Run was GM'd by User:Malibi

Setting: The Matrix Magic War

Run completed on date 2017-08-06 6:41 UTC. Duration: 6 hours, 41 minutes.

Runners were hired by Clearance Clarence, owner of Clearance Clarence's Car City in Puyallup, to recover three cars stolen from his lot: a SK-Bentley Concordat, a Hyundai Equus, and a Mercury Comet. Promethea and Charade successfully negotiate him up to an exorbitant amount to recover the cars, either in nuyen or in vehicles off his lot. C.C. explains that the Comet had already been sold, but due to legal trouble its owner had been detained; he'd like to have the cars recovered before the owner shows up, to protect his reputation. The heist had taken place in the early morning, and C.C. had only become aware of it when the cars roared off the lot.

The runners notice that the defenses of the lot (some basic AR-equipped turrets programmed to shoot out tires, and stop strips at the gate) had been disabled by hacking, and the footage of all the security cameras defaced. Charade is able to recover some footage which shows the guns going offline in sequence, and a drugged steak being dropped in the yard next to C.C.'s augmented Rottweiler, Brutus. A half hour later, three men come in, scale the fence (throwing an armored tarp over the razorwire atop it), and make off with the cars... in under 60 seconds.

C.C. offers them the use of his uparmored tow truck to recover the goods, and they set off. Having heard that C.C. has a rival by the name of Fast Frank, they head in a generally northbound direction, with Charade hacking surveillance cameras along their route. They do catch sight of the three cars headed northward on one feed, but do not see them as they get closer to Fast Frank's. Eventually, they arrive at Fast Frank's; circling the area doesn't reveal the cars having made it to the lot, so decide to have Twist continue driving Charade around in the tow truck while dropping off Promethea to investigate the dealership.

Promethea summons her Harley-Davidson Scorpion and is shown around the lot by "Eddie 2Wheels," a sales rep. Feigning interest in buying, she allows herself to be led into their office for a credit check. Being left momentarily alone, she datataps the rep's cyberterminal, and Charade hacks the dealer's network, finding links to the Cutters; apparently, the dealership does sometimes sell hot cars, or chop cars that don't move. Addresses in the invoices point to three Cutter depots in the far north of Puyallup. Promethea feigns an emergency, and scoots off to rejoin them.

Twist and Charade drive north towards two of the warehouses, and soon pick up the trail of the cars again. Twist conceals the truck in an alleyway near the warehouse, and Charade observes commlinks wandering around within, as well as a security system's host. Attempting to access the host triggers its defenses; instead, Charade hacks a commlink, and finds references to an ongoing disassembly.

At this point, Promethea rejoins the other two. Twist and Promethea attempt to sneak up on the warehouse to look inside, but Promethea is caught. While Twist dodges a patrol, scales a fence, and climbs the side of the warehouse, Promethea is accosted by two Cutters sentries. For trespassing on their turf, they demand payment, and she's led into the warehouse.

Twist confirms that the warehouse contains all three vehicles, but notices that the Mercury Comet's body panels have been ripped off, revealing a copious quantity of drugs.

The run then goes loud, with Twist and Promethea gunning down the enforcers within the lightly-guarded complex, and Charade ramming the tow truck through the loading doors. When Promethea combines a flamethrower with a holed gas tank, the warehouse loses a corner and goes up in flames. The team hooks up the Comet to the tow truck, then uses C.C.'s ownership rights to drive off the other two cars.

Back at C.C.'s dealership, he does not explicitly acknowledge that his merchandise was being used to move other kinds of "merchandise," but he offers the group a few bags of this and that in lieu of payment and remarks that he won't have to close up shop. Charade helps him fix his defenses (which apparently didn't really come with a warranty), and in return he allows her to use an Ancients mechanic to upgrade her bike; the others take payment off the lot, or in credsticks.

Locations Involved

  • Clearance Clarence's Car City - perfectly respectable tiny car dealership in central Puyallup.
  • Fast Frank's - a rival's rather larger car dealership, slightly north of Clearance Clarence's.
  • A Cutters chopshop in a warehouse in Puyallup, on the border of Tacoma, Renton, and Puyallup.

Important People

  • Clearance Clarence - a used-car salesman who sells beaters, some of which might or might not be packed full of drugs as part of the Ancients' distribution pipeline.

Impact on Setting

The Cutters suffer another blow in the proxy war between Sally Rise and VirAwake, as a substantial quantity of Ancients drugs are recovered and the warehouse burned down due to the runners' actions.

Facts and Fictions

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 4, Nuyen: 18000, with a discount on cars, Bliss, eX, Novacoke, and Zen. Option for a 4/1 contact, "Clearance Clarence."

  • Charade : 4 karma, 2000 NuYen, 4/5 Contact "Clearance Clarence," 16000 nuyen in vehicle upgrades for her Suzuki Mirage. Took Psyche and Kamikaze.
  • Promethea : 18000 Nuyen, 2 karma, 4/1 Contact "Clearance Clarence." Took P4M0; bought P4M0, Zoe Second Skin.
  • Twist : 1 Karma, 18000 Nuyen doubled to buy a car (36000), WFTP 3 karma -> 6000 nuyen, then spent it on Clayton Crawford. Shot 38 assault rifle bullets.
  • No group expenses.


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