Feeling the Feelers

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Key info

Name of run was Feeling the Feelers

Run: Feeling the Feelers

Run was GM'd by User:Spoge93 (/u/Spoge93)

Date: 2018-11-04

This run was part of the Shadownet Extra Life Event <- Donate here!




Run Description

The group was hired by Aegis to deal with a problem in a host. Several attacks on Aegis and her AI community originated from a particular host covered in vines. Smogg and Source had done some scouting of the host. It looked like an old house overgrown with vines. It was disturbingly inviting and the portal to the foundation was left open. No IC patrolled the house. Instead shady figures loomed in the darkness. The group was fully matrix capable and after sorting out physical locations for medical aid, they all met up at the host and made it into the foundation. At Sct. Peters gate the paradigm seemed to be the Christian afterlife. Beyond the gate were people thinking and pondering. Likely of their sins or good deeds. The group made it further to the throne where strangely "then king from below" was watching over the realm. The throne was identified as the master control. Before the throne was a pool of despair leading to the null node. Other places of interest included "the world" which was the archive and the heavenly armory which was security node. Source and Progress found signs of the null sect. It seemed the null sect had infiltrated the host and altered the paradigm. At the same time keeping something out. Source and Progress used their knowledge of the null sect to come up with a new paradigm that would banish the king from below. At the same time the group was written into the paradigm as the ones to banish the "king from below". The king was banished but in changing the paradigm a dissonant well was opened and threatened to destroy the host. Source used his powers of awesome and opened a resonant rift to balance it out. The two forces collided and it seemed to purify the host. The vines were written out of the master control and removed from the archive. Aegis was satisfied with the result and released 30.000 per runner and 50% discount on hardware and software.


  • The Matrix

Hosts of Interest

  • Target Host
    • Rating: 6
    • Attack: Max
    • Sculpting: Old house and vines
    • Foundation: Heaven and Hell

Rewards per Runner

  • Runner Profit: ¥30000
  • Runner Karma: 8
  • 50% off on Hardware and Software


  • Smogg
    • Hot-VR
    • Foundation
    • Loco Speedball
      • Psyche
      • Red Mescaline

Misc Data Entry