Fiery Vengeance

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Ruiner- enraged by his surrogate daughter Ren having been taken by Knight Errant, and listening to the pain filled messages she's sent- goes after a station on the north side of Downtown.

Once there, he proceeds to kill the majority of on shift officers, as well as attempt to find more information on Ren's whereabouts. All before igniting the building.

<BREAKING NEWS> Dozens of Officers at Local KE Station killed from Masked Assailants attack, many more wounded.

“This is the Seattle News Network, bringing you the latest and most reliable news about the Metroplex.” The logo spins onto the screen.

“Good Afternoon Seattle” A small perky elven woman appears on the screen. ”I’m your host, Samantha Rider with tonight's top story. A police station in the northern part of Downtown Seattle has left ablaze after a masked man entered the building. Casualty reports are still pouring it, but the total death count appears to stand at 10 dead with 17 more injured from the attack and ensuing inferno. Firefighters are currently on scene to tackle the blaze, but it is unknown at the time if the assailant is still at large. KE is urging any witnesses who were around the building before and during the attack to come forward for help in the investigation..."

(Thank you Bloxerbot for writing this news story)



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Things of Note

Ruiner managed to soak 42 damage effectively after every cop in the station opened fire on him. It was fairly impressive.