First, Do No Harm

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The team is hired by an EVO J representing CrashCart to cause a medical emergency for a relative of a DocWagon executive


Paradise, Echelon, Dredge, Lance Russel

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

The team was invited to meet Mr. Johnson on the 2pm ferry crossing Lake Washington from Downtown to Bellevue. In a passenger compartment over DNI he offered them 12,000 nuyen to cause a medical emergency for a 2nd team to use as an in to pickup a target. They attempt to negotiate for more money, failing and accepting the original offer.

They begin with cursory matrix searches and knowledge checks on the target and her place of residence. Finding that the mark is a 72 year old women, they start looking into her family members to try and see if they can find the motive for the job before they get too close. Suspecting the motive involves her grand nephew, a mid-level executive at DocWagon, they proceed. doing physical, astral, and matrix recon of the target's house.

Dredge discovers a fire spirit guarding the town house, confirming their suspicions that the live-in nurse is in fact a souix shaman. Paradise goes to the property office posing as someone interested in renting one of their units and gets a layout of the townhouse by taking a tour of an empty unit. Lance sifts through the matrix and finds the commlinks for the target and her nurse, as well as 2 Castle Guard drones online in the property. He dives into the Lone Star security hose (r6) and uses that to hack and bootstrap the drones to use some basic rfid tags as part of the 'no shoot' list with their targeting protocols. After that he bootstraps the security camera over the door to give him 3 marks on bootup in case he needs to hack it quickly. Finally he goes looking for some information on her security contract and what it provides. During the initial search he is spotted by patrol IC and needs to quickly vanish. Completing the search while running silent with smoke and mirrors to keep hidden from the now alerted host. After finding the file and discovering she had a panic button that can be triggered on their commlinks, he exits the host to GiGo the commlinks. With that done successfully, the team prepares their plan.

Echelon, using patient notes stolen from the nurse and a medication schedule stolen from their target's commlink, figures out a drug that will interact with her evening medication to cause a cardiac episode, dissolving it into a dose of Carcerand-Plus and applying it on a slap-patch with some DMSO. Having discovered through her social media presence that their target was a doting dog-owner, Paradise reads up on dogs to pose as a door-to-door artisinal dog food salesman to gain entry to the townhouse. With the rest of the team nearby and ready to react, he talks his way past the nurse, who answers the door, and eventually pulls himself into pleasent conversation with the target. He sells her on his nonexistent product and eventually gives her a warm 2-handed handshake before leaving. giving him plenty of time to apply the slap patch and remove the spent husk once the nanites entered her system. After he departs the team watches the townhouse till the expected time and sees a CrashCart ambulance come by and pick her up.

They call the J and he arranges a meeting at a nearby park to pay them. After Paradise fails to renegotiate to have the nanites covered, he pays them the originally agreed upon amount and departs.