Fixer Upper

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Key info

Name of run was Fixer Upper.

Run was GM'd by User:Jigurd

Setting: The Matrix Magic War

Run completed on date July 28, 2017

Clear out a specific property and install a number of devices, with a bonus to complete this within tree days. After a bumpy road, replacing a tire and feeding quality steaks to bargeists we arrived at the location. The location was large apartment complex, that never had the chance to live up to it's full potential. Now inhabited by a ghoul community. Initial stakeout both physical, spiritual and matrix indicated a few armed guards and a well organized community with a lot of civilians and the team arrived at a plan to have them relocated. Grease lured their leader into visual with some powerful trid presentations on the street. The purpose was for Xiang to take out the leader, which she executed to perfection with one clean shot. We negotiated with the ghouls to have them relocated into an abandoned mall with the help of Wee Angus. A deal was also negotiated with Red Dragon Triad to provide the ghouls with fresh corpses when available. After the devices were activated, automatic teddy bears started to put the place in order while a satellite dish provided high quality matrix access for the building and nearby area.


Seattle - primary location


Facts and Fiction


Other Important People



Rewards and Expenses

Karma: 4

Payment: 20000¥

Expenses: 1700¥

(per runner)

Smogg gained 1 chip on Song Lee