Forget Me Not

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A crew of runners was picked up by a pair of NET fixers to solve a problem that would require memory alteration after the job.

After the proceedings of "Murder Girl and Errand Boi Unite" Icarus and Proto had their fixers find a set of runner that could be trusted to take down the facility.

Icarus and Proto's fixers found a buyer for paydata held inside Ouroboros Industries, the runners made sure to go through the data with a fine tooth comb to make sure none of the data could be traced back to proto or Icarus.

All runners called in favours with Law enforcements to have a raid go ahead when the infiltration was happening the team infiltrated using the cover ID of returning 2 "Clones" to the facility.

While inside Sigma grabbed the related data planted explosives to damage important components, tracked down and laid explosives in the back up safe, medic started freeing clones as proto and Icarus held the HTR teams back.

Together the team and the clones escaped picked up by a driver hired by the runners, driving off with the clones, the team then spent a week with law enforcement and a coyote to help the clones get away and start new lives.


Medic, Sigma, Proto, Icarus

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Icarus exchanged Sharpshooter at cost for Thrill Seeker.

Medic picked up Big Regret.

Medic got a discount on vehical and vehical mods.

Sigma picked up Go Big or Go Home at gen costs.

Discounted reward was for Ware up to Delta and AV 22.