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 Completed on
Agricultural Recon2 July 2018
Breaking the Static Veil27 January 2019
Cleaning Up the Zone14 June 2019
Every system needs a little Entropy7 October 2018
Go Ask AL-IC8 August 2018
Pick up another Coach26 May 2018
Row, row, row your boat23 June 2018
Waters flow downhill30 April 2019


I lean towards Trenchcoat runs, which to me means I strive for reasonable 'reality'. Shadowrunners are a cut above, so they can often do what would be objectively impossible for most people... but they generally aren't up to super hero thresholds. So I plan for players being creative, but not running up the stream of bullets from the minigun.

Table "Houserules"

I don't deliberately aim for house rules. There will be times when there are custom adversaries (often reskinned things from published materials), but in all cases character knowledge skills can reveal key details if you have them. I do tend to use thresholds+net hit type mechanics (so a knowledge test that has a threshold 1 will give you basic info on one success. The more you pass the threshold, the more information you can obtain). I'll also set higher thresholds if your knowledge skill only touches the target subject matter in a peripheral way. So I might call for a parazoology roll. If you had zoology, you might know the answer, but the threshold is higher. If you only have knowledge housepets, you could conceivably have heard, but the threshold will be MUCH higher.

Declining The Run

I would prefer you don't decline the meet once you've been chosen. I can assist you in finding a motivation/reasoning to stay, if it would be distinctly against your character's behaviors to stay... But if you choose to leave, I'll let you leave. There may be IC consequences, but it won't be me (the GM) gunning for your character. If this doesn't work for you, we can retcon your character having accepted the invite to show up and I can find a replacement.


Thwarting, defined as taking conscious actions to work against the completion of the job as desired by the other members of the team: I would like to ask you consider others Players in your decisions if you need to do this for IC reasons. If everyone agrees and is game to see it through, go for it. As GM I'm not too put out if the players balk at a scenario or feel the need to Do Things in response to plot that go in unexpected directions. See Consequences below, however.

Derailing, defined as taking actions to shift the run completely away from the original scenario for a significant portion of time: Please try not to. I understand sometimes Things Happen. I reserve the right to have the whole group wander into new parts of the setting to cause complications you may not have done legwork to prepare for (which could result in IC consequences). I will endeavor to give hints/nudges/Common Sense uses, if things are accidentally wandering too far afield.


Work in progress. I will say that I don't require gritty reality, but I am a big fan of IC actions == IC consequences. Leave a field of corpses, there may be repercussions. Decide not to clean up your tracks, or fail to have time to do so before you have to go, and you may have a plot hook waiting for you the next time we play.


You can fail. Failure to prepare often leads to unforseen consequences, and from there, to failure. But even if the mission objective fails, there will be a run reward. It may come from an alternate source (or seemingly from nowhere), but don't worry: If you put in the time to play, enjoy yourself, and try, there will be an IC reward for your efforts. There may be additional Notoriety, Public Awareness, or Street Cred depending on HOW you fail, and the scope of failure, though.