Friendship Is Tragic

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Key info

Name of run was Friendship Is Tragic.

Run was GM'd by User:RainofGore

Run completed on date June 2, 2017 7:39 UTC

The Johnson is alive, delivered payment, and nobody betrayed anyone.


Neuer Tag Dorf-Amish Village

Facts and Fiction


Base Karma: 8 Nuyen: 12000 Other: Amish armored clothing and hat

  • Echelon: Worked for the People, 5 karma to 10,000
  • Brutal: 8karma 12,000 nuyen
  • Cote: 10 karma, 8,000 nuyen
  • Poke: 11karma 2,000 nuyen
  • Golem: took 8 Karma, 12,000 nuyen

Other Important People

Ezekiel Hochstetler-the Johnson, New elder of the neutral amish

Saeder-Klopp-the leader of the Bronies, deceased

Pegasisters- freed from the Bronies, and joined the neutral amish


Misc Data Entry