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GM Rules

Also be sure to read the GM Rules.

Department Structure

The department is being restructured to a system that favors everyone taking an a more active role in the development and improvement of the NET's GMing infrastructure and people. As such, I'm creating a system where there will be a small number of GM Deputies with elevated authority and then the rest of the entire GM membership will be considered freelancers able to take on tasks of their choosing at their volition.

GM Deputies

  • Can approve any run
  • Can review coaching and bounty hunter work
  • Can place bounties with GMP rewards
  • Earns a GMP stipend determined by GM Head
    • Must review, personally complete, or achieve through bounty at least X items per week, based on their stipend size, to maintain their standing
    • Recommended to leverage bounty system to avoid burnout
  • Can become one by having a good record of approval, coach, and bounty hunting work; decided by GM Head



  • 2 GMP rewarded per run approval
  • Any GM can approve a run for a GM of lower tier. Deputies can approve runs of any tier.
  • Approver must comment in the reddit thread with a stamp of approval but should also voice concerns and advice.
    • Using voice or text chat is recommended
  • Approver must be confident of the GM's ability to handle the mechanics, realism, execution of the run.
    • Runs that fail to meet these expectations will reflect poorly on the reviewer and may lead to consequences including but not limited removal of approval rights
  • Any Coach or Deputy may ask you to speak about the approval. You are expected to answer in a timely fashion. This requirement is removed after 2 weeks from the run.


Coaches are for professionals, they just happen to also be good for newbies. Henceforth, all GMs can be coached and all GMs are coaches. This will hopefully foster a culture of continual improvement, as there is learning is both from being a student and from being a teacher.

  • 2-6 GMP reward, decided by reviewer based on the extent and quality of work
  • Any GM can coach any other GM, regardless of tiers.
  • The GM being coached must explicitly allow you to coach them, unless they are a probie.
    • All players on a probie run must coach the probie
  • The coach is expected be a player on the run or spectate it live
  • The coach should advise the GM during play.
    • Consider using sidebar text chat and PMs to prevent disruption to run flow.
  • The coach is expected to take notes on the GM's ability to handle mechanics, realism, and management of the table (ie. making sure players are having fun)
    • Criticism should be phrase constructively and come with concrete examples of how things could have been improved
  • The coach must discuss these things with the GM after the run. Voice chat required
  • The notes and a summary of the post-run discussion must be approved by a reviewer (ie. a GM Deputy)
  • Any Deputy may ask you to speak about the run at a later date (usually when considering GM advancement). You are expected to answer in a reasonably timely fashion. This requirement is removed after 1 month from the run.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty Board

  • Any member can do bounty hunting work, but the majority are effectively limited to GMs.
  • There will be a list of bounties for work that needs to be done and its reward. Bounties are set by GM Head and Deputies
  • Example bounties include
    • Guides on how to plan and execute certain types of runs
    • Guides on how to handle weak or strong characters of various roles
    • Guides on how players can aid GMs in developing interesting run hooks for their character
    • Improving roll20 systems for table sheets and macros
    • Adding pages to the wiki for characters, locations, events, runs
    • Converting old AARs to wiki pages
  • All bounty work must be reviewed and approved by a Deputy to receive the reward
    • As a general rule, expect to deliver at least one or two revisions before approval

GM Rules Changes

  • Chain System: If a run is based on the outcome of a run within the last 8 days, it creates a chain, or connects to an existing one. Once the chain is broken (no connected run for over 3 days or the content is insufficiently linked- ask Lore/GM Dept), every GM involved in the chain gets a bonus reward based on the length of the chain. This way people are incentivized to work with prior GMs to join their chain, and GMs are encouraged to help bring other GMs in to extend their chain.
    • For now the reward to each GM is N gmp, where N is the number of runs in the chain. So if a chain lasts 5 games, each GM involved with receive a bonus 5 gmp.