Gangers, go away!

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The runners were tasked with helping out an orphanage in Redmond solve a problem with pesky gangers.The runners met with the J, who was quite emotionl and thankful to them to even considering working for such low payment. She offered them only 8k total, which wasnt further considered since some runners straight up said they wont take the money. Paradise, being the face went to a bar which the gang frequently visited. Guts made him nearly get killed, but he did manage to blend in with the gangers and got the location of their hideout, as well as a sidejob to beat up their rigger and take his RCC for 16k nuyen. The team composed of Infamy, MK_Six and Pheonix entered the hideout located in the canals through a manhole. The rest was easy. Infamy completely ruined the trap set up by the rigger simply by throwing a grenade, while pheonix punched through walls and matrix dodged a long burst from four gangers. Some beating up later, a kidnapped child was rescued, RCC taken, rigger, beaten up even more and they all promptly went back to the J. Paradise also managed to get punched 4 times in the face, fully soaking 3 of those. Two of them were by a troll.


Infamy, Paradise, Pheonix, MK_Six

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

1/4 Alchemist contact (Alysson Cross, nun who runs an orphanage) avaiable for 2 karma 3/2 Legwork contact (Troll halloweener) avaiable to Paradise for 3 karma Most of them didnt take money from the J except for infamy. Paradise donated his cut of the bonus money to the orphanage, so did MK_Six though he did keep 1k nuyen from it. Pheonix and Infamy took all of the bonus money for themselves.