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Reddit account: /u/MsMisseeks


The crazy one. The eldritch abomination. The borderline pyromaniac. The serial stabber. The lame punner.

Also "The Swiss one" and "The French speaking one". English isn't my first language, so I hope you'll pardon my occasional errors (usually misusing words or misunderstanding idioms, with a little misspelling thrown in). On the upper hand I can correct your French and understand some of your German.

This means that I play on Central European Time, AKA UTC+1 (or +2 with DST).

I've been roleplaying on and off since around 2001, seriously taking it on in 2009. However I am very inexperienced in Shadowrun. My games have rather been D&D (3.5 and 5), Call of Cthulhu and an indie French one (Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk), peppered with trying some other ones.



 Completed on
It's just the monster in your head25 February 2018
Neon Genesis Mobile Strike Suit Pacific Mechwarriors9 June 2018
Nothing Succeeds like Excess27 January 2018


To make things easier with the living community spirit, I master in either of two extremes: neon pink mohawk or vantablack trenchcoat. My games are announced as either to give you clear indications of the flavour of the game. However once it's started, it may veer a little away - adding some hardships and consequences to the super light mohawk, or giving rule of cool action scenes to the super dark trenchcoat. All in all, I give this indication so you know what kind of fun you'll be having during the game.

I am very much against the tyranny of the dice. To me they are here to serve the game and not rule it, and this comes into play in two ways:

  • You can expect me to gloss over the need to roll and overlook some points of rules to favour game flow. What areas of the game get hand waved are subject to change based on the team and the run's focus.
  • I am a proponent of rolling in secret. I won't deny that I'm cheating. It is in the name of the game however, and never to hunt down PCs (why would I when I could simply have rocks fall?). Whether it's by bumping numbers a little up or down, or fabricating my desired result, I prefer to be the master of the situation. I don't actually change results much, but this lets me do the changes I feel the game requires at any moment and in an invisible way.

Finally, I am not adverse to the idea of killing PCs. When I say this, I don't mean I'll be offing characters left and right. I wouldn't force it on an unsuspecting / unconsenting player. Besides, mohawk should be pretty unlethal, and even trenchcoat can be challenging without drawing a drop of blood. I won't shy away too much from having a character with a suicidal idea having to burn an edge to not die however. And as I see death as an interesting plot point for characters, I am also very open to plan for characters death in runs if you want to open a slot for a new concept. Or if you want to give someone a blazing departure. Whichever way, it'll be memorable.

Neon Pink Mohawk

Think Last Action Hero, Die Hard, John Wick. The characters are the grey-area super anti heroes that the world makes them, and chances are they'll get out of it with barely a scratch. Cause explosions and walk away in slow-mo while putting on your shades. Dual wield guns without looking. Cut down a KE squad with your knives after letting them unload in you (lewd). Punch out Cthulhu.


Expect victory unless your plan is really outrageously ridiculous (helicarrier attack will cause heavy retaliation). Expect the soak sam to come out with a flesh wound and the rest of the team untouched. Expect to look cool, to do cool things, to whip out your favourite toys and have fun with them. I'll work with you to make things more cinematic, to create the most ridiculously awesome situations, to give you your place in the spotlight, whatever your job on the team.

Vantablack Trenchcoat

True to the gritty style of play, actions have consequences, and danger will be much more real. I will never play trenchcoat with visible rolls. I will keep you on edge. I will challenge your characters both physically, mentally and morally. If I can manage to do it in an elegant way, your characters might need to pay a price in order to win. Even if they reliably come out of encounters as the victors, they might not succeed in their mission.

Cthulhu no lives.jpg

This is arguably me playing as a Call of Cthulhu Guardian more than as a Shadowrun GM. I will play you hard almost to the point of being unfair, even when scaling for the threat level. I will assume competence for your characters, but also for all of the opposition. The whole world will be dark shades of grey. Bring your edge.

Changing the Run/Declining The Meet

My way of planning games is very free form, with desired plot points, locations, characters and goals, and a general idea of what and how you should do so. The thing with having a loose canvas however is that it lets you take ownership of the run and do whatever you prefer however you prefer. If you prefer to find a way to safely screw over the Johnson, be my guest. If you prefer to turn what looks like an infiltration into a fragging Michael Bay production be my guest. It is my belief this ability to do things differently is the exact reason why we're playing a tabletop rpg instead of a vidya one. So go nuts and surprise me.

For this reason, I prefer to see characters / players derail the run rather than refuse it - heck I'd rather you killed the J and planned your own run based on their intel for that matter. I will do my best to present the job in a way that lets you know if the jerb is right for you and your character, and I'll check the applications to limit the chances that the picks rage quit. If it comes to that, I'd prefer you try and consider derailing the plot before throwing the towel, but if it can't be reconciled then I'll give you priority for my next run.

Player versus Player

While I am not against things getting ugly between characters - it might even be something that I try to elicit when running a trenchcoat game - I would prefer if you didn't outright killed one another. Or do, but let us prepare a run that's about a feud between characters with the fight being the climax of the game - and to the victor the honours.

House rules

I do my best to respect the NET's RAW mandate. That being said, there are a few things that I do differently.

  • You can always use the X card. If I forgot to add the card to the table poke me in public or DMs. I will also warn about content before hand, especially in vantablack runs.
  • Devices can be chain slaved on the matrix - thus a decker can for example slave another runner's commlink, and all that runner's devices slaved to the commlink are considered slaved to the deck as well. The slave/master relationship only works one level, so runners are still encouraged to have a good commlink to protect their gear. However, this means the matrix operator will be alerted of attacks (when necessary) and can act on the devices' owners stead as owner.