Ghost Hunt

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Run Name

Ghost Hunt

Run Link



Run Type


Run Threat



Ironsides, Blue, Relic, Glitter Smash, Kephra

RVP Breakdown

40 RVP to 80,000 nuyen pay 5 RVP to 5 karma reward

45 RVP Total

Negative Consequnces

1 PA given to entire team for use of Way Out Extractions

Reason for Full AAR

Advanced Run

Metaplots Involved


Short Run Summary

After weeks of silence on the attack, which saw reports of explosions from inside the Langley compound preceding a heated helicopter chase across the Beltway, the UCAS Central Intelligence Agency has released a statement detailing the incident with the internal investigation's closure.

According to testimony, several low level janitorial staff members each had their residences invaded in the early evening, where upon they were restrained and their identification documents stolen. Information on these employees was likely obtained via database breach; CIA Info-Sec was alerted to the triggering of a Matrix security device several hours earlier, but were not able to foresee an upcoming event with limited data. Upon entry to the headquarters, a combination of Matrix security penetration and human error resulted in the attackers being able to bypass the comprehensive scanner suite for the building, allowing for the entry of weaponry and tools to the facility ^1. Once secure in the facility, the attackers attempted to access the elevator shaft unseen via the use of high-powered magical concealment. However, this did not prove successful, as the combination of cutting edge surveillance devices and a staff member trained in perceptive techniques was able to alert security to the intrusion. However, the response was not enacted in time to prevent the attackers from destructively entering the elevator shaft and beginning to ascend towards their top floor target. An attempt was made to subdue them via dispersal of tranquilizer gas, however this proved unsuccessful as all targets reached the executive suite of the building. Several security personnel attempted to make a final stand via utilization of special armaments, but were overpowered by the attackers utilization of military grade weaponry, augmentation, and magics. Once successful, the attackers gained brute force access to the office of Assistant Director Natalie Brennan where their actions are unknown, as both the office is not monitored for security reasons and after exiting the room, the attackers proceeded to magically ignite the entire floor of the building as an apparent diversion while they made their way to the rooftop^2. A high-threat response team from Anaconda-Bolling AFB was dispatched in an effort to finally neutralize the attackers, but before significant action could be taken, a hostile VTOL team operating under radar counter-measures entered the airspace and forced the Bolling team to withdraw before collecting the attackers and deploying extensive physical and digital chaff in order to flee to CAS airspace, where jurisdictional negotiations were unable to be resolved before the total disappearance of the hostiles.

In the aftermath of these events, Congress has fast tracked a bill enhancing the security of all government workers, providing for security measures at home, as well as providing funding to rebuild the destroyed sections of the headquarters. At a House Homeland Security Committee hearing held to discuss measures, Director Robert Henninger commented "We are committed to recovering from this tragic act of terror even stronger and more determined than before. While we may never know the motivations of these attackers, the motivations of the CIA should be clear to all: To protect the United Canadian and American States' interests and security from all threats through the intelligence gathering and operations of our agents. And we intend to get right back to business in memory of our fallen colleagues."

Plot Hooks for Other GMs

[In progress, to be described at a further metaplot page]

Special Non-Standard Rewards