Glitz and Glamour

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4 Full Limb Replacement Runners are hired to blend in to a Cyberware convention hosted by Horizon and are tasked with securing a prototype cyber arm from under Horizons nose.


Pheonix, Iapetus, Assult Bunny, Zwei

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

All 4 characters left their signatures at the scene of the crime, The scene of the crime included a message to Horizon "You Just got Loffwaffled" a video depicting a young man making obscene gestures to the crowd while wearing a Lofywr mask.

This made Local LA news really hurting Horizons image for a while until another scapegoat could be found.

The team was also responsible for saving face of an Saeder-Krupp display which went haywire.

Discount on cyberware up to availability 20 including Delta.

Assault Bunny picked up Cyber Singularity Seeker at Gen Prices.

Pheonix can pick up Fame National or Fame Local for LA at Gen Price subject to rulings on how the Fame quality interacts with Seattle and LA (Will update when a verdict has been reached).