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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

Take AL-IC's consciousness to the Resonance Realms. Guard her. Guide her. While we shuck her brain from her body in the real world.

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

The Resonance Realms. AL-IC's personality. The Dissonance Realm of M_AL-IC. Losing yourself in the great beyond. Getting lost between Realms. Losing your guide because you didn't think the toy dumptruck WAS a guide. Being so successful you puch a hole in virtual reality and let the Null shine through. Convincing AL-IC that she doesn't want to be dissonant and move in with herself. Convince AL-IC that the Null make terrible roommates. Not having the 'babysitters' decide to stay in the cozy synesthesia 'calming' realm forever and give up their bodies too.

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

What went right?

AL-IC insulted the Free Sprite that provided the initial Rift, so it didn't tell her what to expect, where their 'guide' was, or where they should head towards.

When entering the Crooked House, they landed in a sandbox, with a half-buried yellow dumptruck. They talked. The truck's headlights lit up. They wandered off, leaving the guide (dumptruck) behind. Randomly selecting Escheresque paths by intuition and resonance, they moved into the Realm of dead code.

Where the proceeded to piss off a caretaker. Convinced the caretaker to awaken the dead code of Deus on/in/under a hill nearby. Smite the caretaker to ash and puppet the dead code to go back to sleep. Then they explored the Monuments to Deus tomb, and graves with their names on them opened up.And AL-IC jumped in hers. Which collapsed on her. Before she could suffocate, 1c4ru5 dug her out. They did not all jump into their own graves.

They moved from there through the conduits Realm at random, because they had no guide. Luck was not with them, they came out in a Dissonant Realm of cruelty, malice, and AL-IC's shadow. Which was what she could have been as a Dissonant Technomancer. They also got to fight a dark double of Source, though 1c4ru5 killed him handily.

AL-IC turned on the group, because the Dissonant her was much cooler. In the end, Source caused a rift between Dissonance and the Null homeland (or somewhere containing at least one Null), by burning Edge to compel the Dissonant AL-IC to devastate herself withh her strongest attack. With the burned edge, that resulted in a pre-edged Level 24 resonance spike. The combination of sheer dissonant damage and fade tore a hole open to Somewhere Else.

AL-IC stuck her head in, resulting in her burning Edge to prevent being dissassembled atom by atom into an alien fractal Realm. The group pulled her out, pulling out attached to her, a Null. The Null tried to take AL-IC back, the party hurt it and prevented this. It retreated without its prey. The Rift in the upstairs of the Frat House of M-AL-ICe remains open for the time being.

Their guide finally found them, and took them to a place of synesthesia, calm, and enlightnenment. After their guide turned into candy and ate itself, AL-IC decided to stay a while, and enjoy All The Senses. The team, seeing her happy, left her to the realm and returned.

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)

Began at Hard. Escalated to Semi-prime through a combination of factors, then maxed out when AL-IC helped the threat try to kill the party, and then should have escalated again when they blew a hole in reality and had the Null come out. I opted to have it retreat, instead of escalating to Prime.


Source, 1c4ru5, AL-IC

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



Augmentations up to A 18F available at 50%. Counts as Submersion Task. Alice receives 5 karma, ~35 RVP in augmentations and qualities, and Retires (mind in the Resonance Realm Kernel Panic, body deceased after having limbs removed, brain decanted and reinserted, and life support being turned off).