Godfather Part 1

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Runngers got hired by Vinny "White" Gianelli to abduct the bride of Vito "Blackie" Ciarniello on the day of the wedding reception.

To publicly show that Vito cant even hold on to hiw own wife and to use the new prestige to rise in the Gianelli family.

The runners legworked and got ahold of the information that it would be held at the APN(Assosciation Para Nobilis) Headquarters since Firele the bride to be was a founding member and this was a move from the Ciarniello family to add the APN´s street muscle to the family.

They got the blue prints, physically and magically scouted the Headquarters out and signed up as "recruits" to get a somewhat free access to the place to be able to place Neurostun canisters around the ballroom and then hid in a stable before making their move.

The mobsters in the wedding room got knocked out, and they swooped in and swept the bride of her feet, car chase ensued which the shadowrunners defly avoided and they handed the bride over to Vinny and recieved their payment.


Paradise, Smogg, Havok, Jackdaw

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