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Gender Male
Race Elf, Tir Tairngire
Aura Type Chaotic
Essence 2 or 3
Primary Role Face
Secondary Role Rallymancer
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:King_Blotto

Summary for GMs

Basic Info

Likes nice things, and also "not-nice" things. Constantly struggles against the chaos and pride inside him. Outside of combat, he does the talking. When the shooting starts, he reminds his teammates how excellent they are and how they can accomplish anything. He's a little weak, but really hard to hit...


House of Cards meets The Fugitive



Blythian "Billy" Corymir was the chief-of-staff for Max Darrow, the main lobbyist for Telestrian Industries in the CAS. He was a master of white-collar management, coordinating all of Darrow's 50+ employees every minute of every day. In addition to this, he would regularly handle Darrow's dirty work. The people around Atlanta gave him the nickname "Grease" because he was both slick and slippery.

This all came to a head one day when Darrow's offices were bombed, killing both his boss and all his co-workers. Whoever did it set up evidence to indicate that Grease had killed everybody in a suicide attack. He escaped Atlanta and made his way to Seattle, partly out of necessity, but mostly to begin his own investigation into who framed him and killed his friends.

Figuratively, he's a dead man starting over with a new life as a runner.

Significant Qualities/Powers/Abilities

Elf Paragon: 12 Charisma, 11 Ranks in Leadership, First Impression, Native Fluency in Sperethiel

Social Chameleon: Facial Sculpt, Keratin Control, Genewipe, Linguistics

Ticking Time Bomb: Alpha Junkie, 2 Edge, "Did You Just Call Me Dumb?"

Mini-Tank: Pain Editor, Double Elastin, Platelet Factories

Party All The Time: Dependent (Nuisance, Hurlg), NARCO, Nephretic Screens (R3), Novacoke Gland, Impassive

Well Rounded: Common Sense, Perfect Time, Jack-Of-All-Trades

Littlefinger Up For The Haters: Mentor Spirit (Chaos), Tradition (Chaos), Too Pretty To Hit


Doing improbable shit


Rise to the top of this chaotic world

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: ??
  • Astral form/sig: ??
  • Matrix persona: ??
  • Styles and symbols known for: ??



6/3 Fixer, Seattle (Puyallup)

Powers: Smooth Talking (Underworld)

Knowledges: Johnsons, Shadow Community

Male Caucasian Human, Early 50s: Smocaine doesn’t know the time or place of his birth. His earliest memories come from growing up in an orphanage in the Sweetwater neighborhood of the Jacksonville-sprawl. He grew up hard, and was constantly bullied by the ork and troll children who made up the majority of the orphanage’s population. When he was old enough to fend for himself, he ran away and began hustling all around the CAS. Spent over a decade in prison, and made many connections in small rural gangs scattered around the CAS. He grew into the role of a middleman between the different gangs, establishing supply-lines and negotiating territorial disputes. Eventually, something drove him out of the CAS and he made his way to Seattle. He has settled into the same role as a fixer in the Puyallup area, as it is the most backwoods part of the sprawl.

Legwork Contacts

D'Ronda Marquez
Dronda M.png
6/6 Bartender, Atlanta (Downtown)

Powers: Extra Skill, Expert Legwork, Bolthole (Downtown, Atlanta)

Knowledges: Atlanta, New Orleans, CAS, Wine, Cigars, Shiawase Corporation

Female Latina Dwarf, Late 20s: D’Ronda was born to two wage-slaves working for Shiawase Petrochemical in New Orleans. Her parents were able to afford private school and she eventually ended up going to school at Tulane University. She was unable to find any course of study that interested her, and after a few years she dropped out without telling her parents. To make ends meet, she started work as a bartender in the French Quarter. She met a local politician named Jamie Graves while working, and quickly became his assistant/mistress. Jamie would later be elected to the CAS senate in Atlanta, and D’Ronda followed him there. After only a single team in office, Jamie lost his re-election bid to a populist candidate. D’Ronda went back to bartending at this point, and she was able to find a job at a high-end wine bar named “The Lame Duck”. The establishment is frequented by politicians, journalists, and business interests from all over the CAS.

Winston Pryce
Winston P.jpg
6/5 Police Auditor, Seattle (Downtown)

Powers: Incorruptible Authority, Internal Affairs, Long Arm of the Law, Good Cop/Bad Cop

Knowledges: Ares Corporation, Security Companies, Police Rumors, Police Procedures, Lawyers

Male Afro-Caucasian Elf, Late 30s: Winston was born in a Redmond housing project. His mother was a small-time ganger, and he never knew his father. When he was 11, his mother was killed during a raid by a rival gang. As an orphan, he had to fend for himself until he was eventually arrested by a KE patrol while trespassing on Ares property. While spending time in an Ares juvenile prison, his caseworker recognized that his psychological profile was a good fit for police work. When he completed his sentence at age 14, he was offered the opportunity to enroll in a vocational program for young KE candidates. He excelled at administrative work, and eventually became an employee for KE. He lives strictly in accordance with the law, and looks down on all criminals.

Joe Simms
Joe Simms.png
6/5 Port Authority Bureaucrat, Portland (North Docks)

Powers: Corrupt Authority, Quick Processing, Dispatcher, Inside Man (Docks)

Knowledges: Container Ships, Maritime Community, Maritime Law, Smugglers, Immigration & Customs

Male Caucasian Elf, Mid 50s: Description

Jiro "Toast" Akagi
Jiro A.jpg
6/6 Bartender, Portland (St. Johns)

Powers: Extra Skill, Expert Legwork, Bolthole (St. Johns, Portland)

Knowledges: Portland, Tir Tairngire, Hurlg, Policlubs, Trog-Rock, Goblinized Community

Male Japanese Ork, Early 20s: Description

Jenny Weil
Jenny W.png
6/5 Con Artist, Seattle (Renton)

Powers: Special Work Area (Disguise), Special Work Area (Forgery), Expert Legwork

Knowledges: Government Documents, Business Documents, Uniforms, Underworld Fashion, Professional Dress-Codes

Female Caucasian Human, Early 30s: Description

Bobbi Cloud
Bobbi C.jpg
6/5 Tribal Bureaucrat, Seattle (Council Island)

Powers: Extra Skill, Expert Legwork, Enemy of my Enemy (Alamos 20,000)

Knowledges: Spokane, Vancouver, Bellingham, NAN Community, Salish Traditions, Tribal Law

Female Amerindian Human, Early 40s: Description

NET Contacts

Decon Hayes 2/1 Driver, Seattle (Downtown)

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Fandango 2/2 Cleaner, Seattle (Downtown)

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Wee Angus 3/2 Coyote, ???

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Lo-Jak 4/2 barrens Lord, Seattle (Redmond)

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Contact Upgrade Point Summary

Automatic Stuff



DateNameWorked With
20 July 2017 09:00:00Ain't Nothing But A Hound DogStickshift
28 May 2017 04:00:00Black and WhiteAngel
Jack Wire
11 March 2017 07:00:00Deep In The Oceans BlueAlibi
28 July 2017Fixer UpperXiang
5 September 2017Only The Penitent Men Shall PassDoc
5 June 2017 06:48:00Raising The SteaksTiny
17 May 2017 03:30:00Teenage WastelandBoone
Jack Wire

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ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracyReference
1Shadow CommunityGreaseSmooth as butter. Has some weird hobbies.Jack Wire100Black and White
3Shadow CommunityGreaseBit of an asshole, but damn is he good at his job!Angel30Black and White


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