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Team is hired by an EVO J representing CrashCart to steal a large volume of DocWagon Medical records


Sigma, Goldie(Anthony), Pereo, Spokane

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

At the end of the run Sigma sabatoged the paydata while the team was on their way to exchange it for their payment. Mustachio informed me of her plans almost as soon as the details of the job were revealed, so i had plenty of time to brace for it. As a result of her actions the J did not pay the team and Sigma earned the 'Wanted' quality for EVO in the amount of 25,000 nuyen and 2 points of notoriety. Sigma liquidated some paydata she had stashed away in order to make sure the rest of her team was paid the original amount so they didn't walk away empty handed.


Spokane arrives 15 minutes early on his scorpion

Goldie arrives 15 minutes early on her Mirage

Sigma arrives 15 minutes early via public transport

Pereo arrives 15 minutes early via public transport


lots of called contacts

physical recon on the physical data storage site


spokane, goldie, and pereo posed as a surprise corporate inspection team needing to update the firmware on their data vault

meanwhile, Sigma slipped into the host and got ready to grab the master file after her and goldie removed the r9 databomb

the in-team did their part, convincing the techs they were legit and palming an industrial data-storage drive out of the faucility while Sigma lifted the master file

the r9 host gave her a little trouble, but she managed to get out without being found

on the way to hand off the data Sigma sabotaged with by erasing identifying markers

the J refused to pay the team, Sigma payed them out of her own assets instead