Hunting the Hunter

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Xiang's old place of residence is seeing a bunch of chinese goons, snooping around. She suspects it's related to her getting involved with the local Triads. It's nice that Laoshi, a guy she helped escape the syndicate earlier, gave her some data that could help uncover the operations of whoever in the triads is stirring trouble.

Xiang investigates several places that have apparently been used in making new wared up enforcers. She even stumbles into an in-process moving of some clinic. And decides to lift the commlink of the guy in charge to learn more about what's going on. Not without a hitch, but the assassin manages to get her grabby mitts on the comm and make her escape.

With the help of her contacts, the Kowloon escapee cracks the comm and learns a thing or two about what's going on. She decides to go visit the place where all the equipment is being moved to, only to find that there's an ambush waiting for her. She wasn't exactly very subtle in her commlink stealing.

There's a cyberzombie locked in many boxes, a bunch of guys with scary guns, and the main culprit behind all the recent moving and shaking. Xiang doesn't think twice about the suspiciously locked crate, and opens it, letting the cyberzombie run free. Thankfully, she manages to avoid it and the gunfire long enough to reach Yao, the man who set this all up and has the magical trinket that lets him control the crazy cyber monstrosity.

Yao promptly gets stabbed in the chest, right through the trinket, and Xiang makes a narrow escape through a hail of bullets, leaving the Triads and the KE first responders to deal with the abomination of magic and technology.

Knight Errant suffered some causalities (including some HTR professionals), a few nearby warehouses were damaged and one building destroyed. But at least things went back to the status quo.



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Was an ordeal.