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Sigma and Kephra having done the legwork for this run in "Retracing his Footsteps" fills in the rest of the runner team as to what is going on.

The team moves together to the south part of the Ork Underground beneath Pullyulup where a group of gangers calling themselves Chaotic Justice wait's for them guarding the area.

Kephra notes that they are all under the effect of a Mindnet spell and that two of them are awakened and perceiving both of the two are astrally perceiving are attacked and them and the rest of the Gang back off.

They arrive at the epicenter of the negative BGC to a cave opening, following the cave southwest while sigma plants explosives, Kephra becomes aware that he has traveled this way before that the paths seem reminiscent of the path taken down the river stix.

As they follow the path Sigma plants explosives Kephra points out a few key locations to bomb after realizing he remembers this tunnel structure.

They all arrive at the end of the tunnels at a dark downwards facing tunnel arriving on the other side into a nest filled with insects a queen hanging from the roof locked in conflict with the adjudicator a F12 spirit of Law.

The team clears a path for Gilgamesh with explosives, AoE spells and Spirit powers, Kephra reveals to Gilgamesh the Spirits true name as Gilgamesh strikes.

As his blade connects with the insect queen both Gilgamesh and the Queen dissapear in a flash of light.

Once the queen dissapears the rest of the Ants frenzy, Kephra shows off his astral form and uses himself as bait guiding around the ball of ants as his team blasts them with spells and explosives, Sigma lays a trap a R16 Explosive, Kephra leads the weakened mob towards the trap which detonates taking most of them with it the rest are finished off with power balls.

Meanwhile on the other side Gilgamesh is locked in combat with the Queen who is attempting to take him in alive to inhabit his body Gilgamesh burned edge to resist the Queens Magic catching the queen off guard he dived down her throat stabbing her true form before bisecting the Queen.

The Queen dies and as she dies she quotes a poem.

"There's a storm a coming He tosses and turns in a fitful slumber, dreaming of a chaotic future Dreams real enough to shape the world around him Red eyes in the water, sailor's foreboding. Red eyes in the fog, sailor's forewarning"

The insect dies, the metaplane with it the crew is returned to the real world the insects magical lodge from Kephra's vision has returned and the team sets about destroying it to the best of their abilities with explosives and magic.


Sigma, Kephra, Whiskey, Overseer, Gilgamesh

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Gilgamesh forewent payment instead awakening his F4 power foci to F6 with User:Awesome_Moustachio's permission and gaining 6 karma.

Gilgamesh Burned 1 point of edge to smackdown a Control Thoughts Resistance test.