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The Kogoshi-Kai called a meeting of the syndicates a team of runners were there.

The Gianelli's, Yellow Lotus, Vory, Finnigans and Kogoshi-Kai discussed the coming war, an alliance was formed between the Lotus, Vory, Nelli's and KK.

The Finnigans abstained instead intending to remain neutral.

The KK suggested hiring a team to deal with the SG, the Gianelli's as a sign of good faith offered to pay for the Job and Yellow lotus decided to offer manpower and equipment.

The team decided to go after the Wakagashira who was downtown in the Cherry Tree Apartment building.

Kephra went in disguised as a business man that had met with the Wakagashira (The Johnson for "Burn the Fields", "Salt the Earth" and "Cut off the Head") to do their initial legwork.

The team set the whole job up to look like it came from the Shateigashira disappearing the second lieutenants favourite hostess at the hostess bar he frequents.

The team organised to sneak through the building under magical means, move through the kitchens into the personal elevator/dumbwaiter of the First lieutenant that lead right into his Safe room.

Mega Byte tripped the silent alarm sending the First Lieutenant to his Safe room.

The team killed him, cut a hole through the side of the building and flew away on a pair of Dust Offs.


Daku, Hakari, Kephra, Mega Byte, Slingz, Shi

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Gear up to av 20 at half cost.

Half price Kogoshi-Kai contacts.

Can take Made man at gen price (Kogoshi-Kai).

a favour with the Kogoshi-Kai.

The Wakagashira of the Shotogumi-Zumi is dead and is being replaced by a member of the Kogoshi-Kai

The Gianelli's, Yellow Lotus, Vory and Kogoshi-Kai have all ceased fire on one another.

The Finnigans remain neutral they do not intend to hit anyone.