Infinite Ammo

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Key info

Name of run was Infinite Ammo

Run: Infinite Ammo

Run was GM'd by Pope (/u/AfroNin)

Part 1: 2017-10-01

Part 2: 2017-10-08

Run Description

Part 1

The team was hired by Herr Brackhaus to retrieve important data from a Aztechnology office in very corporate district of Downtown Seattle. The data was located on sublevel 2 of the building, so no easy access. However Herr Brackhaus provided the team with an experimental Ares laster cutter that would be able to penetrate the walls. A good degree of legwork was then done and information was gathered.

  • The Aztechnology office dealt with bio and nanotech, but the location was their administrative building.
  • The Aztechnology office had a solid host, however it only covered the building as deep as sublevel 1.
  • A one minute drilling operation would reach sublevel 2 from a parking house
  • The drilling time could be minimized significantly by drilling through a Wuxing office corner.
  • The parking house had less security and less expensive secure host.
  • A public EVO building was also near the target location.
  • No sewer access was possible due to the constrained underground environment.

Catspaw then entered the Aztechnology office with Smogg on host support, while Garo, Jawbreaker and Gunmetal Black prepared for breaching the wall at the parking celler. Using an elevator shaft, Catspaw got access to sublevel 2, which was faraday caged. Catspaw sealed entrance and sealed many sleeping guards in the chambers. Team tunneled through the wall. Breach!

Part 2

Went like this: WATCH

Initial guards were taken down quickly, though there was a fair amount of grenade hot-potato game going on. We set up to breach the vault itself and found the briefcase guarded by two guardian spirits of sorts. Grabbing the briefcase filled Smogg with a strange sensation of... wrong.... At this point we were also assaulted by an Aztechnology High Threat Response Team. With guardians attacking from the vault and AzTeam attacking from the corridor, Smogg was stuck in the cut tunnel from where I bricked the AzSpider and some of their weapons. Garo and Jawbreaker were pro combatants and soon took out all threats, allowing us to make our escape quickly with the classified briefcase.

The Plan


  1. Catspaw infiltrate to elevator
  2. Cut through elevevator floor get into level -2 and signal on wall
  3. Team cut a small hole into level -2 for cable access
  4. Catspaw hook cable up to host
  5. Smogg enters the host through resonance fun from Catpaw
  6. Smogg turns off wall sensors
  7. Team tunnels through wall
  8. Engage security
  9. Use lase on vault to grab data storage
  10. Escape from garage by Car


  • Downtown, Seattle
    • Aztechnology Building
    • Wuxing Building (Semi Public)
    • EVO building (Public)
    • Parking Building (Public)



Other Important People

  • Herr Brackhaus

MTC Hosts of Interest

  • Aztechnology Public Host R6
  • Aztechnology Secure Host R7
  • Parking Garage host R3
    • Has a cam that needs hacking


{{#display_map: 47.600570, -122.336557 ~Aztechnology Building|width=400|height=400 }}

Run Result

  • Garo fought HTR with a taser.
  • Smogg stole Aztech-accounting files and traded them to a Wuxing-affiliated Data Broker.
  • Lore impact: A treasured, strongly hidden item locked away in a secret bunker has been taken by Herr Brackhaus for purposes that will be revealed further. He made the runners use a stolen experimental Ares laser, supplanting some more evidence to make it seem like this was an Ares-based hit. Whether Aztech takes the bait or not is up in the air.
  • Run hooks: Revenge! Have Aztech hire runners to steal some highly secret item that they are aware of but haven't moved on yet.

Rewards and Expenses

Karma: 8

Payment: 24000¥ (20K ->> 40K 'ware)

Contact: 5/1 Herr Brackhaus (Limited Stats, We'll Call You) or chip


  • Smogg
    • 8 Karma
    • 4000Y (tax -400Y)
    • SkillJack(1)
    • Skillwire(1)
    • New Contact: Herr Brackhaus 5/1
    • Mei Shaofeng: +1 Chip
  • Garo
    • 14k nuyen
    • 13 karma
    • Chip with Brackhaus

Drug Use

  • Smogg used
    • Hot-VR
    • Loco Speedball (Red Mesc + Phyche)

Misc Data Entry