Into the Hornets Nest

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The team responded to the distress beacon that was being transmitted to them from the Redmond barrens. Upon arriving they found themselves in front of a run down apartment block, the only sign of life being three individuals who were cornered around a fire barrel. The team went to approach them for questioning but it was obvious something was not right. Two of the men huddled around the barrel were silent and standoffish, while the third person was wearing a hoodie - facing the wall, rocking back and forth. After the two people huddled around the barrel were of no help to answering the groups questions, Wraith went to question the man rocking in the corner. However, Wraith's arm was grabbed firmly by one of the men by the barrel. Wraith, deciding that he wasn't going to let go, shot him in the head. Shockingly, the bullet bounced straight off of the man's forehead. Combat with the two men around the barrel soon revealed that these two men were perfect hosts for Insect spirits, they manifested mandibles and wings and promptly engaged the team in combat. After one of the spirits were killed, the second one promptly flew out into the courtyard to a higher floor in the building. Once combat had ended the team look at the man who was rocking in the corner, only to reveal he was a hybrid insect spirit. The hybrid was promptly put out of its misery. After fighting through an ambush set up by the surviving perfect insect host as well as through several floor of workers and warrior Hornets, the team finally made it to the top floor, rescuing several people from being infested along the way - including the girl who sent out the distress beacon - as well as killing anyone who had a severe reaction to insect repellent. Upon making it to the top floor, the team came face to face with the shaman responsible for creating this hive as well as several surviving worker drones. The team shot at the shaman, but he had cast a barrier to protect himself. Realising he had to take drastic measures to save his hive, the Shaman did a spirit merger with a Queen Hornet Spirit. This resulted in the Shaman's body combusting, causing the Queen to emerge on the material plane in her true form.

The team fought a long and bloody battle against the Queen and her remaining drones, however Crash eventually got the advantage with his Anthrodrone, wounding her. Sensing that she was in grave danger, and out of a sense to preserve her hive, the Queen took off to the sky to flee and rebuild elsewhere. However, Crash's second Anthrodrone that was guarding his meat form outside promptly shot off her wing in mid air, resulting in the Queen to tumble down to the ground and be killed instantly. The Queen's body laid dead in crater, and promptly disintegrated into ash.

After the survivors were rounded up and the building burnt down, the runners were paid by the incredibly thankful girl for rescuing her and the survivors of her group. Although she didn't have too much nuyen on hand, she had several resources and contact to provide to the runners as an alternative payment.


Wraith, Lamplight, Ironsides, Crash

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