It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly

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The Top, Ares Space, Mars Orbit

Key info

Name of run was It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly.

Reddit Link: It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly

Setting: Spacewar

Run was GM'd by User:Rejakor


  • Part 1: 2018-12-01 4 Hours
  • Part 2: 2018-12-08 7 Hours
  • Part 3: 2018-12-15 5 Hours
  • Part 4: 2018-12-29 4 Hours
  • Part 5: 2019-01-05 5 Hours
  • Part 6: 2019-01-12 4 Hours
  • Part 7: 2019-01-26 3 Hours
  • Part 8: 2019-02-02 5 Hours
  • Part 9: 2019-02-16 3 Hours
  • Part 10: 2019-02-23 6 Hours
  • Part 11: 2019-03-01 2.5 Hours
  • Part 12: 2019-03-23 4 Hours
  • Part 13: 2019-04-07 3 Hours
  • Part 14: 2019-05-05 6 Hours
  • Part 15: 2019-06-09 4.5 Hours
  • Part 16: 2019-06-16 3 Hours
  • Part 17: 2019-06-30 4.5 Hours
  • Next Episode: 2019-07-07 at 16:00 UTC - Sunday



Part 1

A grey day. The team met up a the Blue Moon to meet with Xe Wia Shou, a Johnson who did his best to pretend that we were old friends. He seemed worried that automated surveillance might pick up on key phrases, so we played along. At the meet was Relic, Trainwreck and Smogg. The job was to attend a conference at Mars and sort out some diplomacy. Aggressive negotiations?.

The team accepted and were given a data chip with details. With chip in hand the team went a concert with a lot of noise. DJ Knife-ear was playing. It was a trash place, but it worked. More details about the job. The team was actually to work with "The Resistance" on Mars in order to blow up the Ares command space station! With pay in the millions. The runners were given fake SINs from Papertrail Security Consultants, and Ares subsidiary used when employing deniable assets. The cover was an Ares contract for security and anti-terrorism on the space station.

Trainwreck contacts the Mafia, and gets the team set up with Red Horizon SINs on very short notice. The plan is to have a backup identity on Mars. The cost for this, is a hit on Mars. Some guy needs to die. In addition Trainwreck also get the deck and tools needed to pass off as the team decker.

Smogg Does some digital checks on Papertrail Security Consultants, manifests and related SINs. Everything seems to be in order, both at the port and the shuttle. Best guess is that it will all check out. One problem through. The fake Papertrail Security Consultants SINs have been attached with the wrong licenses. This may be a problem at the check-in. It will certainly be something we need to work around at Mars.

Also Smogg invited Ed along to Mars. Ed had always dreamed of visiting Mars, so this was a huge thing for him. He went to hang out in Smogg's cyberdeck.

Part 2

The team passed through security. Some illegal items were smuggled through, but with a bit of tampering and a lot of concealment, the team was able to smuggle in some weapons and drugs. Aboard the AMMS Alberto, the team were each installed in business class cabins. The ship featured massive concealed surveillance so the team tried to act natural and blend in. Smogg got the team invited to dinner with Lynette and Jim. Sylvester (AKA Smogg) got to befriend them and talked a good deal about hunting and concerts. Relic engaged a suspicious individual spying on the table. He turned out to be a humanis fanatic. Relic got him to mind his own business though.

Weeks went by until a night where the nightly assassins came for the team, planning to kill Smogg first. Trainwreck was awoken by a persona in an old spacesuit and alerted to the ambush. Trainwreck engaged the assassins on the corridor outside the cabins, and a violent fight began. Relic soon woke up and joined in. Despite one of the assassins being heavely augmented featuring a build in SMG with explosive rounds, Relic and Trainwreck managed to take out the nightly assailants. Smogg finally woke up and appeared in the doorway wearing his pyjamas, hat and soft slippers to discover the hallway covered in blood, bits of flesh, lots of metal parts, a whole lot of bullet holes and a single fist hole in the wall.

Part 3

There is time for some quick investigation before security arrives. Smogg cuts open the "Dave"s cyberskull, and download all his files. Smogg furthermore discover that Dave has an implanted cranial bomb. Smogg disarms it to the best of his knowledge. The team is arrested and goes through interrogation. While waiting Smogg goes through daves files at discover him to have several layes of undercover identities. Information that is used during the interrogation to put him in bad light and clear the team. The team is released but from here things goes pretty fast. An EMP bomb explodes. During the transport of the dead Dave, he wakes up and attacks the team, glowing eyes and crazy. Dave is quite powerful and leaves a resonance signature level 8. He hacks Relic's arm though skinlink and she has to chop it off. Runners and Security combine effort and eventually take down Dave again. As Smogg warns about an incoming spaceship, the sound of a spaceship docking to the AMMS Alberto can be heard.

Part 4

It turns out Alberto is about to be boarded by Ares Special Forces. Smogg intercepts communication. They are looking to lock down an Nano Augmentive Virus (NAV) outbreak. On second though, the pull back to blow up Alberto. Team decide to eject the corpse of the cyberzombie. There is a bit of struggle with chief of security but the body is ejected. In space it comes to life AGAIN and engage special forces. The team tries to arm up and assist remotely keeping the pressure on "Dave", the zombie. Negotiations with the Ares cutter fails, and the team adjust plans. Using a stealth suit Smogg will space-sneak to the cutter and disable sensors so Trainwreck and Relic can make it over. Smogg, realize he wont be able to stealth with his runner gear, so he pass the bag to the team to bring with them. A nerve wrecking plan unfolds involving sneaking through space, hacking sensors, disrupting both engines and later a laser turret. The team is finally together on the cutter and using manual overrides, Trainwreck and Relic moves into the ship and quickly overpowers the crew. What a mess. Smogg fills in Relic and Trainwreck on past encounters with Adam Bell. Relic seems to be infested. Now what?

Part 5

After the initial stages of securing the Syntambioco and it's crew, the team called back Incursion 1 and had him taken prisoner. This was followed by the team launching nukes at the AMMS Alberto, destroying the ship and the cyberzombie. A drastic measure that no one enjoyed taking. It did however tie up loose ends and help limit the scope to resolve.

Smogg with the help of Ed, Relic and the sprites Rocco and Coldspell managed to subdue the Syntambioco AI. Unfortunately it was too crippled for Smogg to gain control over it, and Ed was not comfortable retrieving it's code by eating it. Smogg ended up eating the dead AI. It was a somewhat disturbing experience. Meanwhile everyone else seemed to have flashback relating to being eaten by ghouls.

While Smogg started working on getting control of the host itself, Relic stealthed into the locked room where the resonance stream came from. Here she found a female human in cryo stasis. Relic went ahead and activated the wake-up procedure and did her best to help the lady recover. The subject seemed confused and distressed learning the current date. She soon insisted on meeting the rest of the group.

Part 6

The team gets to meet Dr. Grey. The frozen lady. She was frozen down some time around 2055. Back then her daughter was deadly sick, and Dr. Grey expected her to be dead. Naturally she really want's to get on the Matrix to check, but so far the team has prevented this in order not to compromise the ship. The team secured the crew. The marine was restrained and lock up in a closet size compartment. The rest of the crew were gradually persuaded to assist keeping the ship flying, the pilot the most eager to help, hoping to secure her escape. On a side note Ed has been really unhappy due to his dead friend AI, and is spending a good deal of time listening to heavy metal in Smogg's cyberdeck. Smogg got in touch with Renola Forszetina and secured very well designed flight plans to navigate to a mining facility near Mars. Following the flighplan, working the ship's systems and keeping the crew committed, the team managed to make a cloaked escape with the Ares Military ship and reach the Martian mining station. Disembarking the ship, the team meets and strange looking man. It seems the team will need to do some important negotiation.

Part 7

The episode flesh out a bit more investigation that was done on route to the mining facility. Smogg spends his time reliving the memories of Diamond, the dead AI. This reveals how Ares trains their AIs, details of the intelligence work Diamond did on Earth and in space and later how Diamond is parired up with the captain as they are accepted into the Black Chamber. The team has many missions and tasks, primarily in space, and at some point, maybe ten years ago or so, they witness what is likely the first successful nanovirus infection conducted by Black Chamber onto an elf and the intention to take the research further. Smogg is somewhat coping with the experience, but has taken some damage to his personality expressed in Neg. Qualities. Trainwreck and primarily Relic spend time with Dr. Grey. It turns out she does not know Adam Bell, but she did know another Bell who was a fellow researcher. Dr. Grey is offered to be dropped off somewhere safe or come along for the missions. She has a strong desire to learn more and she choose to come along. Her resonance flares seemed to have calmed down to a minimum. Most likely because Relic has been a good supportive friend.

Part 8

Smogg and Trainwreck agreed to kill all crew. Smogg watch the pilot and the techie. Trainwreck killed the marine and two Ares-loyal crew. However the Marines combat suit came online and attacked Trainwreck. While fighting, Smogg sneaked up and dataspiked it. The pilot and the techie, used this as a window to escape the ship and disappear into the crowd. The team exited as anarchists: Sticks, Frost, Terror Byte and Chainsaw Gill. They met an Asian guy taking them to see Zettai. In a seedy joint, they met in a sealed room with Zettai or Renola Forszetina. There was some negotiations, with Renola having the upper hand. She wanted all information recovered and she wanted any Ares NAV experiments destroyed. There was not full trust, and therefore she insisted on coming along to Mars. The team spent two days in a bolthole, where Dr. Grey discovered that she had been infected when Smogg generously let her view her cells through his microscopic lenses. This almost put in into full NAV overdrive, but Relic managed to calm her down. Relic also got a really nice new arm constructed by Renola. Some replacement runner gear was provided The team took off toward Mars.

Part 9

The team is heading to Mars with Renola. Some preparations are made for disguises, and Renola's people supply the team with various gear. Tension in the air is thick, and the unspoken levels of trust drops to a new unspoken low. Despite of this Smogg and Renola does manage to cut a deal with her giving important help on how to contact the Martian resistance in return for all intel discovered regarding the NAV. Renola also provides a good deal of information on the political situation on Mars, and more interesting reveals that Ares Mars and Ares Space are stepping up hostilities towards each other. With all kinds of rival factions just waiting for the right moment to exploit any weaknesses, it seems Mars a bomb that is about to go off. The party launch into 4 pods and travel to the surface. Relic's pod goes off course, so the team will need to regroup later.

Part 10

Team got reunited at Dies/Mining Town D13 and stayed with a family for the night. Next morning a train for the bubbles. Fake ID was secured for Dr. Grey through a Mafia forger. At the Bubble, the team started the wetwork mission. A doctor was identified as having done surgery on the target, and the team tracked him down and got access to the data. A small package of paydata from the servers were secured as well. The target had turned female and married a mafia Capo. Trainwreck started looking into scaling the dome for a sniper position. Sounds pretty bold!

Part 11

Team arrive in crater city. Mr. Draves, head of city security, meets them at the station. Team is taken to a safehouse and Mr. Draves is at full disposal. Team request intel on all research facilities and further learn of three "Q-Facilities" in the city, seemingly run by Black Chamber. Data is received, but Draves has a change of mind. Team escapes before Draves return, and seek out Umir in a bar. Within the backroom, guns are drawn as an infected sense Dr. Grey and suspect the team from being from Black Chamber.

Part 12

After an initial standoff at gun point, the team had managed to convince Umir that they were friends and that Dr. Grey was not actually a Black Chamber agent.The team got to talk to Umir’s “Daughter” that he had rescued in the past and the team learned a bit more about Ares and their work with NAV. Black Chamber had experimented deeply with NAV. It seems the NAV over time had gained more or less control of the Black Chamber. Solar marines are immune to NAV and used by black chamber to keep the NAV infected in check. It seems to some degree the Solar marines still act to maintaining a status quo. Ares as an organization is likely still in a position to shut down the black chamber and eliminate the NAV, but is not ready or willing to do so. Meanwhile the resistance has gone from wishing the NAV destroyed to maintaining a status quo out of fear of war and conflict within Ares. The actions of the team have now triggered Ares fleet mobilizing for war, and thus EVO and national fleets as well. The situation is tense.

Trefoil arrowheads burnished to a white gleam slide past on fast orbital burns, the faint blue ripples of their ion drives scoring the drifting particulate dust produced by the churning orbital smelteries of Mars. Behind them, the nucleii to their buzzing electrons lurk, the glowering heavy-set forms of Ares warships, Centurions, Decurions, Atvaters, Cormorels, the glossed white of their exteriors less beautiful than on their darting smaller cousins and offset by the black of weapons modules, sensor grids and viewports. In contrast, the ships loosely assembled across the equatorial border seem to care little for showmanship. Matt-black and almost rubbery exteriors, varying shapes, configurations, and designs, scattered across the starfield like a handful of corn. Less boldly cutting across space than insinuating their way across it, but no less deadly than their more straightforward cousins

Neither side pulls at the leash, makes showy passes to incite their enemies or manoeuvres in preparation for battle - but any observer can still feel the anticipation rolling from both sides in waves - for the Ares captains, a chance at immortal glory that their cultural history values above nearly all other things - for the EVO symbiote-pilots, a chance to do what they were bred to do, built to do, and want to do -the only thing that will let them feel truly alive.

Above Mars tonight, the void of space is alive with the promise of War.

Part 13

Preperations. The team prepares how to infiltrate "The Top". Ares orbital command. Several CEO targets were identified and the team went for Smogg to assume identity of Maven Rime. An Anti Fraud CEO with high clearance and host access. Calling in Umir for upgrades, granted Smogg a an array of cyberware infiltration upgrades. Meanwhile the rest of the team planned on how to hit the target and spend some time in a lab with Dr. Grey, learning more of the NAV properties. In particular it became clear how much power Dr. Grey as a first generation infected had over more recent version of the infected. Dr. Grey also demanded commitment to even destroy her if the situation demanded it in order to stop the NAV. Finally the team moved into position to hit the Molven Rime detail.

Part 14

The team hits the Maven Rime convoy, got her isolated and soon Smogg replaced her using his impersonation augmentations. The real Rime Brain was stored in a box. The team now entered The Top. Smogg posing as Counterpenetration Executive Director Maven Rime. Relic and Trainwreck as Ares Special Ops under her command. The team gained control of Maven's counter penetration division. Information about the Q projects were now available, exposing a much more extensive scope under the control of CEO Hawthorne. Using the brain and the division, the team identified a likely blank spot on the Top, as a potential project Q lab. Reactor data further confirming high power consumption. Smogg negotiated high level override codes in exchange for Maven's chance to reconstruct herself. Team is ready to form a plan for investigating the Q Lab.

Part 15

The team gain access to a Black Ops site on the Top. The site is linked to Emelia Margret Hawthorne. The facility consists of a massive chamber busy with augmented workers, who seems to work within a NAV network, following a hive mind scheme. The facility is full of large black egg-like constructs. The Black Eggs, seems to be Ares attempt to weaponize the NAV. With the help of Dr. Grey’s strong NAV signature, the team convince the overseer to hand over project data.

Smogg downloaded the data and copied a lower quality set for the team to browse through. Dream data contained the source dreams of the nightmares that had haunted Renola. We found evidence of the Project’s attempt to weaponize NAV, and contingency plans to prevent a catastrophic event.

While it was clear from that data that war would be undesirable, it would seem something had changed since, since Ares now seemed to be pushing for war. Many lists of infected and compatibility was found. Specifically, Hawthorne was the one with the highest compatibility score. The scope of the project is daunting, with it’s goal to infect 100% of the metahuman population. The team made it back out of the lab to analyze the data. The really short conclusion. Everything is going to hell in six hours. It seems black chamber has lost control.

Part 16

The team space walk toward the reactor located black ops site. War breaks out between Russian ship, Ares and EVO 3-way battle. Russians seems to know something about the threat to humanity. The team disagree on next step. Trust deteriorates quickly.

The team reach the black ops facility. It seems to be in a weird state with puppet guards and lots of traps. Two augmented workers are eliminated. Team makes it to the core of the research site where the daedelus ship is located. Smogg access a terminal half way down towards the main research work area.

Plan is uncertain. Paranoia rules.

Part 17

Team reach the research module from the Daedelus. Inside is Dr. Grey's frozen daughter. She wish her to be free. Smogg starts slow defrosting. The sams investigate a victim downstairs. Former researcher who captured Dr. Grey in the past, apparently with SK affiliation.

Dr Grey is taken over by some other mind and attacks Smogg with a wench. After a quick skinlink, he is aware that the alien mind wish to be free right now. Dr. Grey accelerates the defrosting. Trainwreck shoots of her hand. Relic executes her. Smogg primes a nuke under the facility for 1 hour, and awaites the defrosting. Relic moves out. Trainwreck trains gun at Smogg and the girl. Smogg interface with the girl once the ice clear a patch of skin. There is no real intelligence inside, instead it's most like a host awaiting primary program. (no longer available since Grey is dead). Smogg suggest bringing the girl and make money. Trainwreck blasts her brains open. Time to get out.

Mission Objectives

Main Objective

Sub Objectives

  • Contact Martian Resistance
  • Survival of Marianne Grey
  • Investigate Q Facilities 1, 2 and 3

Completed Objectives

  • Avoid getting nuked aboard the AMMS Alberto
  • Get to Mars Orbit using the AMSS Syntambioco
  • Obtain passage to Mars surface
  • Obtain 2 runner kits and a new cyberarm for Relic
  • Assassinate Mafia Target

Abandoned Objectives

  • Save MMS Alberto
  • Perform Anti-Terrorism Security for Ares


  • Who was behind the assassination attempt at AMMS Alberto?
  • What is Black Chamber?
  • What is the game between Ares Mars and Ares Space?

Important People

  • Xe Wia Shou
    • Our Johnson
  • Doctor Marianne Grey
    • The Frozen Lady since 2055
    • Missing daughter. Likely dead
    • Doctor of Microbiology
  • Ed
    • Depressed AI

Power Players

  • Renola Forszetina
    • Space Terrorist, Technomancer
  • Umir Confretti
    • Hangout: Rusty Whaler
    • Mars Resistance
  • Emelia Margret Hawthorne
  • Mr Draves
    • "All Hail The New Flesh"
    • Black Chamber
    • Head of Crater City Security


  • Lots of sand
  • M13 Mining Town "Dies"
  • The Bubble

Cassidy Station

"I heard you were looking for Zettai"

  • Central authority: The Cassidies Mining Council (CMC)
  • Haven for wasters, dregs, smugglers, pirates, and the like

AMSS Syntambioco

  • Patrol Cutter
  • Weapons
    • 8 Fusion Space-to-Space Missiles
    • 8 Turret-Mounted Gamma Lasers
    • 10 Twin-Linked Vulcan rotator cannons


  • Jake Bechtol - Commander (Dead)
  • Glenda "Dizzy" Zik - Pilot
  • Temme "Temme" Veach - Fusion Specialist
  • Charled "chuck" Tae Sin - Sensors (Dead)
  • Julia England - Weapons (Dead)
  • SOLAR Marines (Dead)
  • Dr. Grey, the frozen lady.


  • AMSS Syntambioco Host R9
    • Firewall 11
    • AI managed
    • Active Defenses
  • Diamond (AI) (Dead)

AMSS Alberto


  • Cabins
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Restricted Areas


  • AI
    • AI Identifying with the ship
    • Is romantic with Ed !?
  • James Olevar
    • Captain of Security
    • Deserves a cigar
  • Aaron Rodgers AKA "Dave"
    • Ares Internal Security (counterpenetration)
    • Technoterrorist
    • Cranial Bomb Implant
    • Notes
      • Operation Juliet
      • UCAS Girlfriend?
      • Jade Mission (Kill the runners)


  • MMS Alberto Host R8
    • Multiple IC Running


Run Result

  • TBD

Rewards and Expenses

Duration: 0 Hours

Karma Per Runner

  • Session 5: 15 Karma
  • Session 9: 15 Karma

Total Karma: 30

Pay Per Runner


Individual Rewards and Misc


  • Gear
    • Misc..


  • Gear
    • Misc..


  • Skills
    • +2 Disguise (Street/Criminal)
    • +2 Etiquette (Criminal)
    • +3 Impersonation (Anarchists)
    • +1 Con (Seduction as Female)
    • +5 German
    • +5 French
  • Gear
    • Voice Warper R6
    • Theatrical Kit
    • Space Cocaine (2kg)
    • C-Squared R4
    • Machine Pistol Ammo: 400 APDS (UK)
    • Sub Machine Gun Ammo: 400 APDS (UK)
  • Betaware Infiltrator Suite
    • Breasts 2.0
    • False Face
    • Voice Modulator (6)
    • Skin Toner
    • Dynamic Handprints (6)
    • Retinal Duplication (6)

Drug Use

  • Smogg
    • HotSIM
    • Novacoke
    • Skillwire
    • Psyche

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
4Shadow CommunityAdam BellI think you'll find that I have the power to enforce my demandsAdam Bell100




WITNESS! - The five fold path

How could ephemeral beings such as us accept such a permanence? ~the day is not today~

The Gods' chagrin will be revealed when the mortals act and overthrow the titans in a homegrown Götterdämmerung, and how glorious  a balefire it will make ~this event is one of many that we have seen and will see~

Sweetlings, have you ever experienced a crossroad with their decision trees and tricksy pacts? The devils who live in the cracks  of words will tempt you, and you will need to tempt them back ~for you have the most succulent fruit of all; free will~

Has your wife left with the dog and truck like an [country western song]? Or does that only happen in the movies. Let us fill  your husk visage with our wisdom ~it flows so sweet, taste and see~

Is it time to move on, oh sweetling ours? Come, we will usher you onto the next world like the ferrymen chiron, though our smile  will be much less skeletal. ~the radiance of the nextlife awaits~

A gleaming city

 A gleaming city sprawls far 'neath the sky.
 All eggs in one basket, ignoring luck.
 For those outside, distant dream on high
 A nation without papers. Just like you. 
 See, even the poor have over their heads
 plasecrete and glass: save your lives every day.
 Vast tunnels and rooms for lost feet to tread
 give us strongholds immune to the man. 
 Small price to pay, just costing nature's fields.
 But fields have no use when they can't bear fruit.
 And skies with air you can't breathe serve no point! 
 Its safe walls keep the wars at arms length too,
 while inside violence hides its fascade.
 Cloaked freedom, false flag waved to rally the crowd;
 still choice is held blessed even when it's not true. 
 A hive, with people and all of their stuff
 still sings of home when the work year is done.
 Magnificent construction. Protect it.
 Streets 'neath a dome never face toxic snow.

I have the power

 "I think you'll find that,
 I have the power to enforce my demands"
 Those were great words you spat
 All across mighty virtual lands!
 Adam, when you were crossed in the Amazon.
 You never lacked respect at the base
 Still you went on rampage like a Gigamon
 To settle with murder just in case.
 Up in space you had great authority
 And there is no doubt that people would listen
 Yet you killed with your nanite majority
 There is no need to put subjects in prison.
 To runners "Destroy the station" you demand
 It is not your fault you don't have a body
 Now the wrong installation is toast at their hand
 Certainly it was not you being sloppy.
 I do feel sad that you abandoned your lover,
 and I am sorry we lost your ring of power.
 Mighty Bell it is "very odd" that none follows order
 When you are such a handsome nano hoarder

Misc Data Entry