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This Johnson has an eye for vengeance over stolen good. Pretty private one but their money's tangible enough. You in?


Go Go, MK Six, Stickshift, Tercel

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

The Johnson contacts the runners and gives very limited information. A shipment of his was stolen by an anarchist group, the Free Angels of Steel, something fitting a cargo container and transported by truck. He wants the team to recover the goods and assures them the truck used to moved them was stolen as well, so they don't need to worry about what's inside - just that they have to bring it back. He also offers extra payment for murdering *every* one of the person they'd find associated. He informs them he wants his goods back in two days' time for a "private event" and damaged or lost goods will incur a payment penalty. Despite the lack of clear information, the runners accept and agree to meet in a no-tell motel not too far away from the target site to plan their attack.

They do extensive legwork once there. Their target site is an isolated hangar-like building in Puyallup. Drone surveillance reveals the truck is indeed there, with its trailer partly inside, there's human and drone patrols outside and turrets guarding the front door. By pushing their luck the Fly-Spy enters the building where the truck sticks out, revealing more armoured and armed people inside, and a subterranean level. Downstairs what appears to be a doctor is checking up a child. The drone takes a picture of the charts and leaves, and Stickshift sends the information to her street doc. On the matrix, the decker identifies 18 soldiers of sort, through their biomonitors and guns, all slaved to a small host. He also identifies a separate, hard wired network inside the place downstairs, and finds a data cache showing the Angels had someone on the inside to pull their heist. He gets caught trying to GI/GO the monitors and stops there. On the astral there are mana barriers protecting the building and a watcher roaming on the outside. Finally GoGo walks in under guise of being a prostitute, and learns from the anarchists' mage that the cargo contained people. At that time information comes back from Stickshift's street doc, revealing the charts were preliminary checkups of 16 people, including 4 children, prior to surgery to remove CAST augments from them.

The runners come to the conclusion they were hired to steal mind slaves back for an individual of poor tastes. They argue among themselves on whether or not they should pursue with the job, doubly so since GoGo has a prime opportunity to take out the enemy mage. They end up deciding on not partaking in human trafficking and instead help the little people. They call the Angels' doctor and ask him to arrange a meet with someone with authority. They explain the situation and offer their help, and are offered weapons and armours in compensation. The plan is then to remove all the CAST augments and give the truck back with just the ware. They call up their street docs to help with the surgeries and manage to have all patients de-augmented in the limited time frame.

Meeting back with the J, they casually imply the run took a long time because of the higher than anticipated resistance. When the container is checked by a goon, MK_Six casts an influence spell to convince him the contents are in order, and they walk away without a worry.

Since the players managed to trick the Johnson into believing they did their job, the players were allowed to choose between the original 25k / 3 karma or the optional 20k in weapons and armor / 16 karma reward.