Itil Yun

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Itil Yun.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Player User:Rejakor

Key Info

GM: User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar

Connection: 4 Ex-Colonel Renraku Special Forces

  • limited stats
  • all for one
  • own agenda (Find My Daughter)

Affiliation:: Renraku


Itin Yun. A broken man turned to alcoholism and with his Corporate SIN revoked, Itil Yun has one overarching mission in life - find his daughter, Melia Yun. His pride and all the reasons that let her walk into the nanite swarm - corporate loyalty, her desire to be treated as any other subordinate, pride, the sealed orders he had just read - none of it seems to be worth drek anymore. All he knows is that Source and Smogg - 'John Wayne' and 'Jack Yang' of 'Baylin Solutions' are the only leads he has left. A war veteran, Colonel Yun's - ex-Colonel now - skills are wildly unsuited to investigation, especially of strange matrix phenomena, so he is unlikely to get anywhere on his own. The only thing working for him is that his skills - with a laser rifle, a tank, a jetfighter, or commanding mercenaries - might be something he can barter into information.

Special: Itil Yun is effectively a Prime Street Samurai in terms of his skills, although his 'ware is a generation out of date. He will not do favours for any reason except to support his own agenda - information that might lead to his daughter. For that, he will risk his life, lie, steal, cheat, and do whatever is necessary up to and including breaking into secure facilities and attacking armoured convoys. He counts as a 8/1 Arms Dealer due to his ability to get his hands on guns and ammo but he's not going to buy things for anyone unless again, they pay with real info about his daughter - otherwise, he'll be more likely to use the guns on them.

In terms of CUP to buy him: He counts as a 4/1 legwork contact AND a 8/1 arms dealer, and both must be bought separately


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