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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

The J in question was a Horizon Exec who was filming a new trid show called "So you think you can beat a shadowrunner"

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

The runners went up against two teams of well trained opposition, the first was larger but less effectively equipped, the second was smaller but more specialised.

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

Once the team was sure that everything had been taken care of they were ambushed by two large trucks with mounted guns. On top of that the fact that the run was *not* actually an extraction from a hot zone, and instead a trick to broadcast the battle for money.

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)



Serpent, Gun Hand, Wraith

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



Local Fame was given at gen price to everyone. One Public Awareness was awarded to everyone. Gun Hand earned One Trick Pony: Longarms In Melee Combat quality for gen price.