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The team are asked to meet the J in a Downtown bar called the “Leaky tap” and ask for the Johnson party. Once there all in the bar and ask the bartender for the Johnson party, he will direct them to one of the backrooms.

In the back room, they see that there J is a dark skinned elven women wearing the classic Argentum and Berwick suit.

She informs them that she is willing to pay them 20k to retrieve a item from a bank in Bellvue. There is some back and forth and the team eventually agree that 20k is reasonable and that there in.

The J then tells them that she wants them to steal safety deposit box #80 from Matthew-Maxwell bank. They have to make it look like it was just a general robbery and not that it was targeted. She also told them that under no circumstance can they look inside the box.

So, Rhys looked up the bank. Looking up the banks history and that there security is provided by a company called “Simple solutions”. He then entered the public facing part of the host and talked to the agent about their security, not much information is found.

Escravo goes in the bank proper and askes the teller if she can have a look at the security before renting a safety deposit box. They show here through the bank and she records the whole thing.

They spend the night prepping and planning. The next night, they enter the building next door to the bank and decisively take out a squatter. Tamp uses explosive foam to punch thought the wall and into the banks bathroom.

Through a combination of matrix and physical force the guards were overwhelmed and surrendered. Tamp blasted through the vault door and Rhys opened up the safty deposit boxes. They make off with 40 boxes and the target box.

They give it to the J and get payed.


Tamp, cargo, Rhys, Escravo

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

15 GMP for the GM