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 Completed on
A Way Out27 October 2017
Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog20 July 2017 09:00:00
All Men Must Serve7 October 2017
All the President's Men18 February 2019
Apex Champions16 March 2019
Crescendo7 November 2017
Deep In The Oceans Blue11 March 2017 07:00:00
Dig Down26 August 2017
Faulkner's Fury18 August 2017
Final Countdown2 July 2017 08:00:00
Ghost Hunt12 January 2019
God Game Black12 May 2017 23:30:00
Götterdämmerung22 October 2018
Jabberwocky14 September 2017
Mariposa5 March 2018
Measure of a Man12 August 2018
Nazi Punks Fuck Off!30 April 2017 00:00:00
Night of the Black Stars30 September 2017
Only The Penitent Men Shall Pass5 September 2017
Operation Ramiel10 February 2018
Raising The Steaks5 June 2017 06:48:00
Runner on Fire4 February 2018
Seattle Municipal Code - Section 2224 May 2017 11:00:00
Sic Parvis Magna30 May 2018
Teenage Wasteland17 May 2017 03:30:00
Temperature16 July 2017 06:30:00
The Germanic Job16 January 2019
The Ties That Bind29 April 2017 17:00:00



The following spells and substances are considered banned at my table:

  • Movement
  • Numb Edit: Allowed again because I realized they're just liquid PEditors.
  • Petrify
  • Turn to Goo

Table "Houserules"

  • Diving and Freefall are dumb. So I won't notice if you roll Swimming or Gymnastics instead *wink wink*
  • (Provisional) Marks generated by a Sleaze action are silent by nature and cannot be auto-perceived. The way to find them is to either gain a mark on the icon that placed them or directly notice them via a Matrix Perception with a threshold equal to the hits on the action that placed the mark(s).
  • Catalyst doesn't understand how the EM spectrum works; hence, (Improved) Invisibility does not protect against Thermographic detection

Rule 0: Don't Break the Game

The main objective of my table is to tell a cool story via challenging the players. And I'm a bit protective of that. So there are two scenarios that I clamp down on quickly: 1. Going excessively off-topic on the run (see Derailing below). I don't mind smelling the bushes on the runs, but Shadowrun is predicated a bit on most runners being *professional* criminals (this does not imply everyone has Consummate Professional obviously). 2. Mechanical abuse: This is going to be a matter of discretion, but essentially since I intend for most of my runs to be challenging, if you respond by breaking out a "One weird trick GMs hate!" to deal with a situation, particularly one that might be more of a rules interaction trick than a logical maneuver. Either way, I reserve the right to ask "Please don't".

Declining The Meet

When picking, I will do my best to read prospective picks for backstory and personality conflicts, either skipping over or PMing you for further details. However, in the event of a conflict, I ask that you keep deliberations on it short. Either explain to the J “No Deal”, and I can find a replacement for you, or take it on as part of your line of work. Unless you PM me and I agree that it would be a good addition to the run, purposeful sabotage (not arguing, actual antagonistic actions) of your team because of these conflicts is a good way to have your reputation in the Shadows suffer severely.


Thwarting, defined as taking conscious actions to work against the completion of the job as desired by the other members of the team, is allowed if you talk it over with me via PM, as detailed above. However if I decline to go that path, you are free to request your character leave; you will still receive Karma.

Derailing, defined as taking actions to shift the run completely away from the original scenario for a significant portion of time, is strongly discouraged, and I will send F20 Train Spirits after you to get you back to the plot. Or well, perhaps KE Detective Vimes will swing by for a chat. An important clarification is that taking a reasonable path off the mission with the team's agreement is not considered derailing.


My runs span the color spectrum from vantablack to neon pink. But one thing is consistent: They’re all trenchcoat. Highly exotic metatypes are rare, hunted, and sometimes maligned. Questionable actions can be noticed and added to the alert score, whether it be dressing wrong for the area or asking strange questions. But if it exists in lore (and it’s not one of the Catalyst™ blunders), it can appear at my table, yet taken seriously. If you want a takeaway from this: Unless you get the sense from the run posting that this is a lighter hearted run, I usually don’t pick more ‘snowflake’ characters or any with a higher potential to take the run into left field. Due to the difficulty in balancing encounters against larger characters that I am not familiar with, or those with an extensive 'bag of tricks,' I tend not to pick characters over around 250 karma


I view failure like I do in Breath of the Wild or say Dark Souls: It’s OK to fail, or start to feel like it, because that makes victory all the sweeter. My opposition acts rationally to your actions, and if that means you’re running with the objective and your teammate over your shoulder to finish the run, it’s A-OK with me. I think an earned victory gives you so many more stories to tell in the Discord than a cake walk. But I do promise to never be actually antagonistic. I sincerely want all my runs to succeed; the costs you pay for it is up to you. As such, I’m very hesitant to actually outright kill characters, instead preferring to award Negative Qualities. This does include situations of activating Not Dead Yet when harm has still reasonably been inflicted; all qualities are on a case by case basis of course.