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On ShadowNET, Lore is the term used to describe all in-setting information - from characters, locations, historical events, items, attitudes, to more specific things like the why of magic, Dunkelzahn’s maiden name, or exactly how AnarchyBomb the pre-teen investigator with a blog managed to uncover the conspiracy of the unused pumping station. Everything and anything that gives context and clarity to the setting can be considered Lore. The sourcebooks for Shadowrun 5th edition contain some of this information but a considerable quantity has been created for the ShadowNET living setting (or been grandfathered in from previous editions of Shadowrun).

In general, this information can be found on the Shadownet.run wiki and should be tagged as the type of content that it is. Sometimes this information is archived in other ways. Generally, anything which is publicly available on the Shadownet.run wiki (except for those things tagged ‘Draft’) should be considered to be canon for the ShadowNET living setting.

You can contribute to this body of knowledge in a few ways. The easiest is by simply creating content. This content can be in any form - as long as it is set in the Shadowrun universe, it has a place in ShadowNET’s continuously growing collection of Lore. If it is appropriately tagged (as the type of content that it is) and placed on the Shadownet.run wiki, you will also earn 3 GMP for creating it, up to a limit of 9 total GMP per month (so your first 3 pieces of content).

If you’re unsure of how to begin with creating content, you can refer to this Style Guide for some suggestions, tips and tricks for writing, finding images, and formatting your content for best reception.

The Drafting Process and Members of Lore

Lore membership indicates that you are interested in contributing to the curatorship and editing of ShadowNET’s body of content - the lore of ShadowNET. Lore members make themselves available to the public who can request help writing or editing their content, formatting things on the wiki, answering questions about existing lore, or finding images that fit their characters, locations, or other forms of content (which earns those Lore members GMP). They also can collectively vote to flag content as a ‘Draft’, which means that content might need further work (often for spelling or legibility reasons).

Lore members can also have one or more of three badges:

  • Contacts is a badge that indicates knowledge of the Contacts system and allows Lore members to edit, set as Draft, or otherwise interact or assist with player-made Contacts
  • History indicates that a Lore member has especial interest or knowledge of the history of the Shadowrun setting and can answer questions spread across multiple editions of sourcebooks. This badge mostly exists to allow people to ask obscure or detailed questions of those who have made it clear they wish to answer them.

Drafts, and the Drafting Process

When a piece of content is set to be a draft, it needs further work to fit into the ShadowNET body of lore, and this must be for one of the following reasons;

  • Legibility - The content contains significant spelling errors or grammatical errors that severely impede ability for it to be understood, or is extremely confusing/confused to the point that it’s hard to tell what is going on.
  • Spam - The content appears to contain advertising, be copied from some other source, or not set in the Shadowrun world.
  • Length - The content appears to be extremely short, one-line or otherwise contentless.

While content must be curated and edited to form a coherent body of work, utmost care must be taken that the ability to indicate a piece of content is a draft is not done in error, or maliciously. Any content that is set in the Shadowrun world, however unrelated to ShadowNET it may be, is valuable even as window-dressing (yes, even your poetry about the hard grind of mining in the Ngenwe basin - when the chrome gleams through the dust/the slaves grow tired/great machines stand watch/yet we labour by hand/this world is dust/and unfairness - sounds pretty shadowrun to me chummer) or inspiration for players and GMs who are running and playing games on ShadowNET.

After a piece of content is set to be a Draft it will be removed from normal content categories and instead be placed in a special category for drafts. A Lore member (one of the two that voted to set it to Draft) will send a message to that content’s creator with why it was set to Draft and an offer of assistance in getting the piece of content past whatever hurdle caused it to be set to Draft in the first place. Once a piece of content has been set to Draft, it requires two Lore members to agree to change it from Draft and place it back within whichever categories it originally belonged to.

A content creator can ask in Lore for someone to assist them in editing the piece of content, edit it themselves and then ask in Lore for it to be set from Draft, or simply leave it as a Draft. The only proviso is that Drafts are not worth GMP - a piece of content set to be a Draft does not grant the 3 GMP usually granted to any pieces of content placed on the wiki.

GMP and Lore

All ShadowNET members can earn GMP in the following ways;

Tasks for all ShadowNET members Reward Limits
Create a piece of content (of any form), and place it on the wiki 3 GMP 9 GMP per month
Create a piece of content in response to a request on the Content-Requests thread or wiki page 2 GMP Unlimited

Submit your lore content into the Lore Competition for a chance to win 10 GMP for best monthly lore.

People who are members of Lore can earn GMP in the following ways:

Tasks for Lore members Reward Limits
Create a piece of content (of any form), and place it on the wiki 3 GMP 9 GMP per month
Create a piece of content in response to a request 3 GMP Unlimited
Standard Answer to a question asked in the Lore thread on the ShadowNET Discord 1 GMP Unlimited
Lengthy/Researched answer to a complex question asked in the Lore thread on the ShadowNET Discord 2 GMP Unlimited
Edit a piece of content in response to a request of the content creator 3 GMP Unlimited
Vote to approve or disapprove a custom contact 3 GMP Contacts badge required
Create a custom contact in response to a request 3 GMP Contacts badge required
Answer a question tagged History by the asker 2 GMP History badge required

While this system can be gamed, doing so will lose any GMP gained by gaming it, in addition to losing the privilege of gaining GMP from Lore. Earning points is fun, but let’s do so while also creating a rich and interesting setting for people to play games in.

How to use lore categories

Any wiki-page may be given one or more lore tags. Available lore tags can be found here: Category:Lore.

To include one or more lore tags, just insert them at the bottom of the page. If you need a new Lore Category, please contact @Lore on Discord.


You have a wiki-page for a seedy nightclub located in low orbit. You would like to include it as lore. You then find that both "Space" and "Noir" are available as Lore Categories, so you go with those.

The bottom of your nightclub wiki-page should look like this:


Content Ownership and Creator Retcon

Content created by you belongs to you, but by placing it on the ShadowNET wiki you indicate that you are willing to allow ShadowNET players and GMs to use the content - in their backstories, their runs, or in content of their own. While they can inform you of this, they don't have to. However, if something changes your piece of content in a meaningful way (a character dies, an item changes hands, a news article goes viral but then is discredited) the person changing it must inform you, and you have the right to retcon those changes (even if they occur as part of a run). It can suck if you've spent a lot of time building up Roscoe the Troll Weapons Dealer and then he dies after becoming involved with the events of a shadowrun - under those circumstances, you might wish to retcon that and if you do, a different troll weapon dealer dies on that run instead. However, this ability should be used sparingly - it's better that content is used, even if that means it changes in ways you don't expect, than that it is created but never involved in any of the shadowruns and stories that make ShadowNET fun.