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Harbormaster's office
Source at Luna, Luna

Key info

Name of run was Luna, Luna.

Run: Luna, Luna

Run was GM'd by User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar

Part 1: 2018-08-18 - 6 Hours

Part 2: 2018-08-25 - 4.5 Hours

Part 3: 2018-09-01 - 6 Hours

Part 4: 2018-09-15 - 4 Hours

Part 5: 2018-09-22 - 9 Hours

Part 6: 2018-09-29 - 3 Hours

Part 7: 2018-10-6 - 6 Hours



Part 1

Meeting in VR on a conference call with S, the group agreed to take a job to conduct investigations at an off-world facility for 50.000Y per runner if successful. S was less that happy to employ Smogg again, but enjoyed the attitude of the Source and Arlington. After accepting and some packing, the team went to the moon to investigate the Luna Arcology Coriolis. A joint project between Wuxing Inc., Renraku and a number of minor corporations. The team was introduced to key personel and briefed on a series of accidents of increasing severity over the last half year. The team has taken over the harbor master's office as main base of operation and removed any surveillance from the room in order to maintain secrecy about their findings. The team has sufficient authentication and authority to conduct investigations and interviews on the facility and soon started to snoop around. As source was looking into wide spread resonance trails throughout the station, he was almost rammed by a puppeteered drone, though unable to point out the actual technomancer. The host itself seemed clean, likely since it was reformatted some 10 days ago. Smogg suspect involvement of Adam Bell, and has alerted to team to this along with a brief outline of past events concerning his trail of murder. The team conducted some talks, but the main impression was a lot of people, worried that they would be blamed for the accidents but without any real clues as to the source of the accidents. Arlington is shadowing Renola in advance of Smogg getting ready to analyze her dreams.

Part 2

Source and Smogg continued the investigation. They organized a map of the archology with all known incidents looking for patterns. The minor events took place within a timespan in the past following a pattern of targeting location in some alphabetical order. The tree major accidents happened later and did not follow this logic. The team proceeded to Agrypnotics to check for more detailed resonance analysis. A drone was investigated, but had no trace of resonance. A terminal was heavily tainted, and as Source did some in debth analysis he was attacked by a resonance entity that he managed to fight. Something bigger approached but Smogg pulled the connection. With a bit more analysis it became apparent that the incidents flowed along a spiral resonance pattern with the major events in the center... interesting.

Smogg contacted Renola Forszetina to monitor her dreams, but it turned out she had been admitted to the medical section. The team barged in and managed get time with Renola. Smogg plugged into her brain and recorded parts of her dream, but as he tried to save her from her nightmare, he was pulled into a nightmare loop of his own. Source had better fortune and courage and his own dive into the dreams lead to a head on confrontation with the resonance beast that seemed to be the heart of the problem. In a deadly struggle, in a nightmarish place in the resonance, of this monster's design, he managed to scare the monster. Smogg, Source and Renola eventually woke from a nightmare that had been close to killing them.

Part 3

Smogg and Source searched her room. Judging from her secret stash she was either a terrorist or a shadowrunner, and a paranoid one at that. There was no hard evidence linking her to the various sabotage on the station, yet plenty of links... A background as part of the mining wars. She had details on how to cause a reactor meltdown linking her to the near meltdown of the archology reactor. She had programs to alter telemetric data that match up with the altered data that caused the shuttle impact into the residential module. She had explosives, guns, ammo, schematics and even an unauthorized and armed space shuttle in a secret mini hangar. Red Moon Mercs arrived that the Archology, hired by Renraku. Duncan, our Wuxing employer needed a quick solution. Smogg and Source handed him Renola. He even doubled their pay. Renraku was not convinced, and Smogg moved quickly to seal off crime scenes and secure Renola. Of course, the Renraku team would want to double check everything. Source headed off to track down resonance trails.

Part 4

Smogg checked on the communication spire. Turned out a massive amount of data was being transmitted constantly without being logged. Bluie confirmed the numbers. Nothing pertaining to the data transfers were registered in the host either. Suspicious. Data was routed to various locations, one in particular to a tv in in Rio de Janeiro? Not a lot of potential sources for the data in the station: Spiders, Central control, The host... that was about it and the host could be rules out. Source took a dive into the resonant data trails, taking him into some deep caverns. He ambushed a resonant entity and damaged it. A manlike persona reached out and cried for help. Source put it out of its misery. Source uncovered strange patterns on his persona pertaining to various meanings and he dived into sim sense dreams that seemed more complete than the factions from Renola. More disturbingly it seems Renola might have been the daughter of Adam Bell. That is the Adam Bell and his wife just before they were assaulted by this strange resonance entity. Upon meeting up it became clear that the data transmissions related to or contained the symbols infecting Sources persona. A discovery that begs for more questions. The team went to sleep only to be awoken 4 hours later by sounds of alarm. The achology was under attack. There was fire in the hangar, one ship missing, one crashed, one on fire. Dead mercs. Turned out all the drones on the station had started to kill off everyone. Maybe the Renraku initiative to deploy hundreds of battled hardened red horizon mercs had just saved our lives. For now. The host was battle zone. Security, Wuxing and Renraku spiders, programs and ICE were fighting off an invasion of resonance entities. The team moved back to the grid and source saved part of habitation by spiking out of control drones. The team put on space suits, and reached habitation where the survivors were instructed not to trust any automated systems and to barricade up and await the crisis to be resolved. Smogg and Sourced moved on towards the reactor module.

Part 5

Murder Chicken robots are still on the loose. The Team makes it to the reactor core where they find Duncan and Renola (with a murder chicken) in a stand off. Source destroys the Murder Chicken and Renola is subdued. The team talk to Renola and starts to gain some degree of trust. She gives information on the base but she does not trust Duncan. Duncan leaves for the VIP shuttles for safety reasons, and leaves a guard Wu to watch over the team. The team investigates the out of control murder chicken network. It is compromised. Source first, later Smogg and Renola all engage in Resonance stuff. The team dives into the Xenoxapient AI controlling the bots. Pretty much trapped and mind scanned, they do gain a lot of information. The AI is scanning people and their minds, in particular Technomancers, replicating them and experimenting with them. "Ed" and Anna Bell are both freed from the xenoxapient AI. Out again, the team trace a suspicious cable to the sub surface levels of the Archology. Here they find an entrance to a long abandoned laboratory section. Only the processing and storage section of the lab is still running. Without power. Xeno moss seems to be keeping the whole system alive and similar forming the foundation of the xenonetwork where the AI lives. The team prepares to destroy the moss. Source takes a sample. Wu goes to contact Duncan.

Part 6

Team soak the moss and set it ablaze. Smogg, Source and Renola all takes samples. Wu returns and try put out fire. We search other terminals. All data is garbage. Duncan arrives. He gets upset when he learns that the moss is destroyed, revealing his intentions to bring Mei Chaofeng down. Apparently he was behind her being captured. There is a showdown between Duncan and Smogg. In the end Smogg surrenders his sample to cut a deal for his life. They all leave by the lift. Things get strange, the world breaks down. Eventually they all wake up to realize they had been part of some simulation. Mercs are waking up too, no matrix entities are trying to take over (right now). Duncan goes offline on the grid with his guards. Likely heading to the basement level. Team contact Renraku looking for new allies. They are greeted at gun point. It's becoming a thing...

Part 7

Source and Smogg with 30 guns pointed in their direction makes their case to Colonel Itil Yun, offering to switch their contract to him. He accepts this and the party moves towards the basement. With caution the party enters the abandoned section with proper mil tactics. The party encounter a wounded person, Smogg suggest to get information, and the mercs apprehend him. Source and Smogg investigate him, he is in shock. Without much information from Wu other than terror from something, Source dig into his head to retrieve a data vault. An imagelink recording is obtained and played for the team on a projector. It shows Duncan and his team walking into a section full of crystal and loosing their grip of reality starting to fight each other. With this knowledge the team realize the scope of the danger. Itil agree with Smogg to pull back and call for reinforcement. Meanwhile the mercenary squad along with source deals with a murder chicken gone rogue and several of the insane wuxing sec attacking. Itil orders the section shut. Mercs retreat, Source refuse and enters intro the darkness. Smogg locks down the area leaving Source to face whatever horror lurks in the darkness of the matrix. Luna corp court arrives but quickly leave as Renraku and Wuxing warships arrive. Smogg is greeted by Mei Chaofeng. Source confronts the entity in the facility. Source gets to experience simulated death a thousand times over, but refuse to fear death. The entity and source discuss for a while, the entity creates a AI version of source and shares its plan to "save" all people from death by uploading their minds to the matrix. The real source and the AI source engage in a lengthy discussion.

Investigation Findings

  • Accidents started half a year ago
  • Many accidents show inconsistency
    • Loose bolts despite witness accounts of quality work
    • Salt shaker was poisoned but no recordings on someone adding the poison
    • Station Telemetic data was wrong, but no log of anyone altering it
  • Recent Accidents were more serious
    • Crash of shuttle into habitational section
    • Near reactor meltdown
    • Security system flagged all personel as hostile
  • Looking for Resonance
    • Engineering and Manufacturing Bays - Resonance
    • Docking Bay - Clean
    • Agriponics - Resonance
    • Habitation - Clean
    • Central Command - Resonance
      • Mainframe - Clean
    • Construction Zones - Some Resonance
  • FAQ on host
    • Turned out with footage of merc closing in on metro station - Resonance tainted
  • Review the dreams of Renola.
  • Look for a physical source of the resonance
  • What was it trying to destroy in habitation?


  • Eliotry Duncan
    • Provided extensive information on base and accidents
    • Can provided further upgraded host access if needed
  • Bluie
    • AI is confident it did everything right
    • Believes "Magic" to be involved
    • Does not want to be blamed
  • Renola Forszetina
    • Did not think she is a Technomancer
    • Has weird dreams
    • Base is overengineered. Too much redundancy, even for this type of facility.
    • Does not want to be blamed
  • Timmy's Mom
    • Potential corrupt spider information (Might just be wrong)
  • Resonance Entity
    • Signature with multiple different signatures.
    • Traps Technomancers?
    • Uses fear
    • Has resonance signatures throughout much of the archology.

Investigation Points

  • Check staff for Resonance
  • Investigate Renraku personel
  • Investigate spiders
    • Investigate the corrupt spider
  • Look for more clues in the host
  • Find Renola's missing chip
  • Who is Renola really working for
  • Who is Renola
    • What is the Jupiter link?
  • Nearby Space Facilities - Any similar problems there?:
    • Forces Town
      • Blue - Investigate drug
    • 115-I (MTC Ice mining)
    • LORAP
  • Do our own check of cameras from incident recordings
  • Check fingerprints on terminals vs staff
  • What is the source of the emerging resonance at the facility.
    • Some kind of resonance bridge or well?
    • Sprite invasion?
    • Was something smuggled to the facility
      • Device full of confused sprites?
      • Resonance creatures on the loose? Rats?
    • Look for hidden personas.
      • Some resonance personas must be roaming the grid
  • Check for patterns in the accident
    • Time, Area, Power, Events
  • Why was the Archology constructed with secondary modules before spire?

Smogg's predictions for Adam Bell

  • Adam Bell will try get root level access on host
    • Whoever hold that access level is in danger
  • Adam Bell may try sabotage environmental systems and flush air.
    • Keep oxygen masks at the ready
    • Monitor the environmental system of hampering
    • Monitor control of airlocks
  • Might try contaminate drinking water
  • Might try kill people with drones

Important People

  • "S" (The Johnson)
  • Mei Chaofeng
  • Eliotry Duncan - Wuxing (Primary contact)
  • Chao Yen Sin - Wuxing Sec. Chief (Under Duncan)
  • Wu - Very loyal but unfortunate Wuxing Security Guard
  • Itil Yun - Renraku Sec. Chief
  • Melia Yun - Renraku 2nd in command
  • Renola Forszetina - Contractor Representetive (Latent Technomancer)
    • Dreams of resonant entity
    • Shadowrunner or Terrorist
    • Has data on how to cause reactor meltdown
    • Has digital tools to alter telemetric data
    • Her equipment suggest she is a paranoid terrorist
    • She is trying to escape or avoid something... likely the resonant entity.
  • Bluie - Facility AI
  • Ed - AI in trouble?
  • Adam Bell - Prime Suspect
    • Wife: Patricia Bell
    • Daughter: Anne Bell
  • Timmy - Kid (Father died shuttle crash / Habitation accident)
  • Hye Nguyen

Matrix Hosts

  • Rating 6
    • Recently Formatted
  • Decker Security
    • Consortium Spiders
    • Several Wuxing and Renraku Spiders
    • Bluie the AI
  • Sculpting
    • Light beam in the middle
    • Clouds above (data)
  • Mystery
    • 20s Guncam video from subway station - Resonance
    • Message from Ed?


  • The Moon
    • Coriolis
    • Fawcett's Town (free town/trade hub)
    • 115A-I (ice mining)
    • Lo Rep (MCT town)


Run Result

  • Xeno
    • Adam Bell was not involved, but the xenosapient sure used similar methods.
    • Some of the xeno hive was transferred to earth.
  • Duncan's Faction
    • Duncan was killed (or copied into the xeno hive mind)
    • Wu and security detail all died/copied
  • Wuxing Inc.
    • Mei Chaofeng survives and is greatly pleased with the outcome
    • Chaofeng is made aware of xenosapient AI transmissions to Earth
    • Wuxing Inc. continues with xeno research
  • Renraku
  • Independant
    • Renola Forszetina escape in shuttle but seek out Smogg for guidance in the resonance.
    • Resonant childen are taken into custody.
    • Ed is fine!

Rewards and Expenses

Duration: 38.5 Hours

Karma Per Runner

Karma: 40,

Pay Per Runner

  • Payment: 400000¥
  • Source: Additionally from Renraku: 100000¥
  • 46800¥ in traceable bonded credsticks - these cannot be used to buy lifestyle items, items linked to SINs, or items from shadows vendors, without it potentially being traced or used to track you. If you do any of that, you must let me know. What they can safely be used for is to bribe people (although it will be worth roughly half to shadows people), to buy items that don't require a SIN verification to buy (mostly non-restricted items), to pay petty cash expenses and the like (cabs so on) that aren't covered by lifestyle, and/or to pay for things with a SIN you expect to burn in the near future. This money can be laundered, but doing so will cost roughly 50% of it, unless you are a made man - in which case it will cost a measly 20%

Rewards and Misc


  • Free Submersion: Predictive Analytics - The xeno code integrates into your persona, and you feel faster, stronger, tougher, and in all ways improved. This, is amazing. It doesn't quite feel like it's you, but it does feel great. Like a personal AI is taking your intentions and making them real before you even quite know to express them
  • Encrypted Licenses
    • Technomancer
    • High Level Wuxing Clearance
  • A rating 5 fake SIN made out as Jack Yang of Baylin Solutions (a fairly obvious front if anyone looks into it)
  • XenoCode Persona
  • Contacts:
  • Qualities:
    • Better On The Net (Firewall, Data Processing)
    • Brilliant Heuristics - Smarter. Better. Faster. Stronger. Alien.
    • Indomitable (Mental 2, Social 1, Physical 1) - Evacuate? At our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.
    • Erased - All traces of illegal activity connected to Chen Ming's Wuxing SIN are erased by a Wuxing matrix ops team, escalating to minor physical actions if necessary, by order of Executive Chaofeng. If (somehow) Smogg loses his connection to Mei Chaofeng, this quality also goes away.
    • Rank III (Wuxing Megacorporation) - Chen Ming holds credentials in Wuxing as a Senior Security Specialist (Grade 3) (Matrix), seconded to Mei Chaofeng's personal security detail. These details are not available to casual search - a special reference code and password are required, but if provided (and Smogg knows these details), they unlock his personnel dossier to show he is a loyal son of the company and in favour with those high up the food chain. If Smogg loses his connection to Mei Chaofeng, this quality goes away
    • Perceptive (10 Karma) - There is something under the network, hidden below the obvious, inside the guts of the digital machine.
  • Betaware access + 50% discount through Wuxing clinics (up to total of run payout, as normal):
    • Synaptic Booster (2->3)
    • Cybereyes (4) (Alpha -> Beta)
    • Cyberears (2->4) (Standard -> Beta)
      • Audio Analyzer
      • Select Sound Filter (1)
      • Spatial Recognizer
      • Balance Augmenter
    • Skillwires (2->6) (Standard -> Beta)
    • Skilljack (2->6) (Standard -> Beta)
    • Sony CIY-720 (Cyberware)


  • Free Submersions: 2 (Predictive Analytics echo 1 and the Man Machine Rigger Interface echo 1) - The xeno code mediates your interactions both with the meat and machines interchangeably, providing a superior infrastructure for cognition (understanding) and interaction (doing stuff) with both. This comes, however, at a cost
  • Qualities: Deathshock - A person or sentient/sapient entity dying in real time within your perception (visual line of sight, directly overheard, witnessed through a camera, player discretion as to what counts) without you extracting a detailed and comprehensive neural map beforehand (a long, laborious, laboratory process usually, although obviously a lot easier for matrix entities) causes part of your persona immense distress, manifesting in distracting emotional surges, overlaid graphics on your AR, and other mental and matrix oddities as the xenoware in your persona malfunctions and/or expresses its distress. This results in a -2 to all tests until the death shock ceases, which takes around an hour - additional death shock overlaps in duration with initial death shock, and the penalty likewise overlap
    • Scorched (SR5 Core) - This applies, additionally, to matrix damage inflicted by Xenosapient AIs. The physical symptoms are up to the player to choose and portray. Biohacking has its dangers, and being plugged into something your body was never intended to be plugged into is one of them.
    • Social Stress (SR5 Core) - Source gains a type of Social Stress from his experiences inside the virtual realities of the xeno-network. The trigger of this stress attack and the symptoms are up to the player to choose and portray.
    • Natural Hacker (Matrix Perception, Control Device, Hack On The Fly, Subvert Infrastructure) (KC) - The devices just make so much sense now. Unlocking them is like opening a door you've walked through a thousand times. And human faces now sometimes look like the devices used to - blank plastic and chrome.
    • Antipathy (CF) - Sometimes you can't hear what people are saying. They're saying things, but it's just noises on the wind, not real words at all. Other times, they're smiling, or frowning, or laughing... you're not sure which. When the xenocode in your persona gets in the way of your brain's interpretation of interpersonal communication, you make mistakes. Maybe not big ones, but bit by bit, it all adds up.
    • Honest Face (Cutting Aces) - Three times in one run.
    • Faraday Himself (DT) - Your persona constantly blasts information into and out of the matrix, a whirlpool of data requests and file sends with enough volume to choke the local network, like a walking spam cloud. As long as you are wirelessly active, it does this, and you have little to no control over it.
    • Dependent (Demanding) (SR5) - Melia Yun reappeared. In Seattle. At your house. Standing in the backyard with sixteen kilograms of C-8 explosive RFID-tagged and chemically marked as belonging to the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (UCAS). That took some cleaning up. She's not really her - she's.. well it's hard to say, really. But whatever or whoever she is, it's an entity at manic right-angles to the rest of the world who seems relatively unstoppable by GOD. Real world naivety combined with absolute power is a horrifying combination, and you are the only voice that she is seemingly going to listen to. It takes time out of your day, and sanity out of your mind, to keep this situation from going critical. This quality is automatically bought off if you engineer the death of Melia Yun.
    • Vehicle Empathy (RF) - The machines understand you. They like you. The more you stop being you, the more they want to become one with you.
    • Big Regret (RF) - Days later, when you woke up, you found out that some of the children on the station had begun to show signs of the resonance. They, and their families, never arrived at Forces Town. They were taken somewhere, and you don't know where, while you were unconscious and unable to stop it - unconscious due to confronting the demon in its own den, rather than looking to the safety of the innocent. This is a major regret for you, although why Source blames himself, and what will ameliorate that regret, is up to the player.
    • Poor Self Control (Compulsive, Single Aspect) (RF) - Getting access to things can be addictive - many technomancers can't be comfortable unless they have a finger in every electronic pie near them. This is not that. Unless Source concentrates, or he's wirelessly offline, his living persona hacks into things. For him. Without thinking about it. It just casually pwns anything nearby (2-3m) and anything he touches (or even brushes past) that has less than device rating 4 or is slaved to a host of rating 3 or less. Concentrating can avoid this, but it is tiring and stressful to do so (Composure based, as normal, with Source's huge composure I think you buy hits and defeat it automatically, meaning this is more flavour than anything else).
    • Bad Vibes - To the average user of the matrix, there's nothing particularly wrong with your persona. To technomancers, it tastes like biting into aluminium foil. The altered persona doesn't feel wrong in the way a dissonant persona would, but nonetheless, like a buzzing in the background, it wears away at camaraderie and goodwill and tempers begin to fray - all on an unconscious, resonant level. Something in your Living Persona is the other - and not the Enemy, just the Other, but that's enough for the lizard brain to classify you as potential foe. You suffer a -2 penalty on all social tests with technomancers, except when you are meeting them for the first time. Over time, this might lead to loyalty degrading from technomancer contacts or worse opinions from npc technomancers (up to the player).
    • Spacer - You went to space (yay).
  • Contacts:
  • A fake SIN (R5) made out to John Wayne of Baylin Solutions ( a fairly obvious front if anyone looks into it).

Drug Use

  • Smogg
    • Hot VR
    • Loco: Red Mesc
    • Loco: Psyche

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
4Shadow CommunityAdam BellHe likes to punch people through their heartSmogg90

Misc Data Entry

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