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GM'd By

User:Awesomo Moustachio




A panic filled message blares over the Comms...

"HELP!!! HELP!!! ... There's... there... are... there are these... THINGS! They, uh, they came... and they killed Bobby! They just ripped him open!"

"Please! Anyone! You have to come! There are innocent people nearby. They have no idea... you have to help them! Help ME! I know someone who can pay... just get your butts over here!"

The runners are only sent a GPS co=ordinate and a picture of a car, their supposed employer. Upon arriving, they find the century old Russian car, and its occupant, the chain smoking Olesya.

Olesya says she is willing to pay them to kill these weird creatures. She has no idea where they came from, but it would probably be best if they're taken out. To do so, Olesya is willing to loan them some equipment, especially if they bring back footage of said equipment being used. The runners arm up, and head off... where danger unknown awaits...


Icarus, Solomon, Eliza, Promethea

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note