Magic Sucks

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Runners are hired to fuck up a Metaplane.


Ruiner, Ayame, Sturgeon, Manabolt

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Runner Cara; AKA Big Sis, leader of the Kinky Sisters Go Gang; AKA Jessica Delgado, Seattle famous Combat Biker working with the Draco Foundation, hires a number of runners with the goal of destroying the Metaplane known as The Ghost Bank.

The job, really, was to get her to the large spirit that controlled the Metaplane. Theory was that it was what held the Metaplane together. Kill it on it's home turf, and the Metaplane goes with it.

Runners get in through a Gateway opened by a spirit belonging to the 'Johnson'.

Metaplanar bullshit happens.

Jessica dies. So does the big spirit. Metaplane starts crumbling. Runners get out. Get paid by Draco Foundation. Go home.