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"Be good or I'll shoot you dead."
Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Physical Adept
Essence 6.0
Primary Role Gunslinger Adept
Secondary Role Sniper
Player A Salty Grape

Basic Info

Gunslinger Adept, making sure that he shoots and asks questions first.


Corp born Marcus didn't strive for much in his life. He was mainly a drone for most of his young life, complacent to simply follow suit within Ares. He would always hear tales of Firewatch, heroes that landed on the storm front against the bug threat in Chicago, and join their ranks. Slowly learning the History of the world gave him insight on the tales of the wild west where he would learn about the cowboys taming the wild west and keeping the citizens safe. He kept watching these trideos day after day, learning as much as he could from the legends until one day when he was 16 it all came to him. The legends of the west spoke to him, and empowered him to find the path of the cowboy. What that meant he wasn't sure but he went on training, in his agility and dexterity, focusing in on the legends of old until he mastered as best he could the techniques of the west.

Once it came time to pick his career path he decided to go forward he decided to join Knight Errant's Firewatch so that he could join the side of the law and "Make the World a Safer Place". During his time there he learned some of the basics but not all was as it seemed. Many of his fellow recruits that were also awakened were called in for "Voluntary Reassignment" apparently they went on the fast track to join Firewatch, yet it was the last Mark had heard of them. Then at the start of his second year in the program he was Volunteered to join the program, when he entered the sterile halls of an Ares R&D laboratory, he found his fate was to be part of the tests done to combat the bug menace. It took him some effort and the help of a man he only remembers as Andrew. He quickly left the facility and left to Seattle to lay low. He was told by Andrew that he would get in touch as soon as he knew how to halt the project.

Even if it has been some time since he's been contacted Mark has not lost hope, and thus he runs the shadows waiting for the call to fight the bug menace inside Ares, and in the meantime he's glad to be able to prove himself as the fastest gun in the West.

Significant Qualities

  • Ready (Adrenaline Surge / Perfect Time)
  • Aim (Ambidextrous / Hawk Eye)
  • Fire (Driven / Distinctive Style)


1. Destroy the bug menace that lurks within Ares, making priority to helping the people he considers family but he isn't picky. Bugs are bugs.

2. Become the fastest gun in the west, and set the example for "The Cowboy Way".

3. Find out what happened to Andrew, and figure out what his plan is/was.

Appearance and Style

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions



NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Marcus JamesRealCorporate FullAres


DateNameWorked With
18 August 2017Faulkner's FuryFather Steel
24 August 2017 01:00:00Put Off the Evil HourTitan
Father Steel
16 September 2018Feeding FrenzyMark
7 October 2018Creeping Shadows: The braying of hounds in the sandsMark
Exile 2
12 October 2018The good ol U C A of SMark
14 October 2018Speed RunningMark