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This refers to information one would gain by searching the matrix. May be specific to a grid but this is generally left unspecified.

Information Knowable By Matrix Search

HitsAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracyReferenceDate
1Organized ChaosNeo-anarchist group detonated multiple bombs across the downtown Seattle area, in an apparent, violent protest. Luckily, no one was injured. Their intentions are unclearHorizon News Network20Damaging The Goods2017-06-18
4Steinhowser PlazaExplosion at the Steinhowser Plaza, downtown. The source of explosion is apparently due to the sabotage of an expensive mega centrifuge on one of the floors owned by Suzume systems, a reagent manufacturing companyHorizon News Network100Damaging The Goods2017-06-18
4GearsHeard that Gears guy took out a bit of his frustration on a SK corp kid, and the son of a big exec to boot. SK might have half an eye open on that fragger after this.Shadow Community90Deep In The Oceans Blue
2JotunRan into Jotun at Blackout the other day. I swear, that Dwarf practically reeks of Bluefin Tuna these days. Although he certainly seems full...Shadow Community100Deep In The Oceans Blue
1Assault BunnyTook the killing blow on a fragging DragonHNN100Final Countdown2017-07-02
4FirewatchThere was a training exercise that was successfulKnight Errant30Let It Rain2017-05-23
8FirewatchLost 4x Ares Thunderstrucks during a failed operationAres100Let It Rain2017-05-23
6Rex CarnFilm footage of Rex being thrown into a vat of acid by a disguised IndieIron Chef100The Devil's Right Hand2017-05-04
3Vigil(Referring to his disguised persona) He seems to be an amazing security guard!Inside Security100The Great Escape2016-12-04
6Skull IslandMana disbursement is messed up based on studying the effects of Mana StaticShiki100The Lost World2017-05-12
5Skull IslandIsland is full of para critter dinosaurs, one of these critters has "flappy parts" on its face that hypnotize you into attacking your own teammates. Seriously don't stare at the flappy partsJawbreaker100The Lost World2017-05-12