Measure of a Man

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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

Horizon needed help retrieving a self-escaped asset, an AI-infused drone featuring highly prototype Realistic Features and a suite of infiltration and combat features that had escaped carrying another prototype, a dog, into the Aztechnology Pyramid. Discretion was absolutely mandatory about the project, hence a condition of accepting the job was allowing for memory editing afterwards.

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

A highly equipped and trained infiltration drone, a lovable drone doggo, and Aztechnology Corp Sec

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

After a failed hack on the elevator systems, security was alerted to the team, leading to a tense fight in the garage that featured Kephra dropping to SnS at first, but led to victory via elephant

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)



4Wire, Kephra, Arlington, Tiny

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



Double paid ware was available as a run reward, excluding deltaware. 4Wire altered the icon of the personelle file in the Azzy Pyramid host, but now does not remember doing it.