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Gender Female
Race Changeling Fox Woman (Human)
Aura Type Mage
Essence 6
Primary Role Summoner and Alchemist
Secondary Role Astral Overwatch
Character Sheet [Mom]
Player User:Anfears01

Basic Info

Yuki is something I like to call a remote mage. Her whole concept is that she supports the steam through the use of spirit powers, astral overwatch, and alchemical preparation. She will most likely never go to the meet physically and will manifest when need to activate preps or use leadership on teammates.


Mom refuses to summon any spirit higher than her magic raiting unless it is dire circumstances. This is a self imposed force cap on myself as well as a narrative hook that adds to her character


Yuki laid in her old rickety bed with her son Riku snuggled up on her chest sound asleep. Yuki held an old weathered diary and pen in her hands writing line after line of text in its musty pages. She had been writing her life story down over the past couple of days in preparation for the very real possibility that she or her son get captured. Whenever she wasn't finding food or medicine for her son, or feeding and playing with him, she would try to write a little bit. The tale currently spanned several pages and Yuki was intent on finishing it tonight. She wrote with vigor for several hours before finally putting the final period on the tale. She flipped to the beginning of the book to proofread the work before she could consider it finished. The tale read like this all in Japanese. "Hello! If you find this journal then it is very likely that my son and I are either dead or captured. I write this so people can hopefully help us in the event that we need it and if not at least you will know who we were. So let me tell you my story: My name is Yuki Chisato and I am a 25-year-old fox woman who has been forced out of her country with her 8-year-old son Riku. We are what's known as changelings, people who have been affected by magical energy and have taken on animalistic traits. My son and I are both covered in white fur up to our necks and both have fox tails and ears along with red eyes. Changelings are not natural by any means and it was this transformation that we both undertook that would lead us to where we are today.

It all started many years ago before my son was even born or I was the way I was. I grew up in a small town close to Sendai. It was a traditional little town. The buildings were modern, but not much else was. We had a couple general stores and a school but most of the town was taken up by large rice fields and a rather large shrine dedicated to Amaterasu. My upbringing wasn't different from most girls, I went to school like everyone else, hung out with friends, and had a family that loved me. There was one key difference between most girls and me though... I was a shrine maiden.

My family had come from a long line of caretakers for the shrine and of course, that meant I had to continue the tradition like all those before me; at least until I was old enough to make my own choices. So when I wasn't in school or sneaking away to hang with friends I was at the shrine sweeping, mopping, and polishing statues. It really wasn't bad work. I got an allowance for it each week, and the shrine wasn't a bad place at all to get one's homework done. As the years went on I actually sorta grew to love the old place. It has this sorta calming aura that just made you feel safe being there and town shrine maidens got a lot of respect because they were seen as holy. I think it was around sixteen I decided that I wanted to stay in the old town as a maiden; something about it just seemed right and of course that pleased my parents to no end. It was around this time as well that a particular young lad about my age started to come to the shrine. This boys name was Reo, Reo Chisato, my future husband. I had seen him around school sometimes. He had moved to our town just around my 15th birthday, but from what I saw he didn't really talk much. That was until he came to the shrine... he said he started coming to do his homework, but in reality as I would find out he had a huge crush on me! For two years he would make subtle moves at the shrine and at school: volunteering to help me with my work, eating lunch with me, leaving me little gifts on holidays and eventually confessing his love for me. Over those two years, I had grown to feel the same for him, so I reciprocated his declaration. It wouldn't be long after that we would get married straight out of high school at the very shrine we had met, and not long after I was pregnant with our son Riku. We soon found a small house to raise a family in and it was at this point I was the happiest I had ever been! We had so many dreams for our lives together; dreams that I so badly wished could have come true. Sadly though this was right about the time it happened.

I was performing a traditional ceremony for the cherry blossom festival we held each year. It was supposed to be simple. We would do the ceremonial dance and then I, as head shrine maiden, would go into the shrines main building, where the shrine god was said to live and pray for all of the townspeople. The dance went fine but when I went into the main chamber and started to pray, what I now know as a "mana line" activated right under me changing me and my unborn son into what most people refer to as "Changelings". It was quite the shock as you could imagine, suddenly standing in a new body like that. It hit me hard. I didn't understand why this had happened to me and what I could do. My husband was there to support me through and never once stopped loving me. Plus many of the townspeople, with the old 5th world way of thinking, saw my transformation as a blessing from the gods for my devotion and came many times to provide help and aid. But even in a small town such as mine people had trouble keeping secrets. word of my transformation had spread through the neighboring towns and soon reached the ears of the cooperation known as Horizon. About a month after I transformed on a dark rainy night the door to my house was kicked in and flooded with a team of soldiers who snatched me right out of my bed. My husband tried to fight; so did many of the townspeople who were woken up by the ruckus, but for all there troubles they got a gel round to the head and knocked out as I was loaded on a truck and sped out the village.

To say the least, I was absolutely terrified, they drove me to what I can only assume was Sendai the closest town with an airport. The packed me on to a waiting plane and within minutes we were in the air. I spent 12 long horrifying hours with a gun pointed to my head as the plane sped towards its destination of Seattle. As the plane came to a halt on the tarmac and the loading door opened I panicked. I prayed to all the gods I knew I begged and I pleaded with them to anyone to save me and my son and to my surprise, they answered. I felt a great surge of energy that left me weak as a massive nine-tailed fox this size of a truck appeared before the men. It rent them asunder with its awesome power turning many of the men into a fine red mist that splattered the black asphalt. I bundled up in a corner of the plane horrified by the creature. It approached me and slashed the shackles binding me. I stared up at the massive being which stared at me and in my head, I heard it speak "Run child!". I was in no mood to disobey the fox's order and ran for my life confused and horrified; into the night.

That is how I ended up in this city of sin and pain. Ripped from my life and my home into a world I didn't know or understand. The next several years were spent in a state of confusion and desperation. My son was born having the same traits as me and I spent most of my time trying to find enough food to feed him and myself. I picked up English along the way meeting serval other homeless Japanese who knew the language and started to get a grasp on the city. I also learned that the fox that saved me was not a fluke accident. It was something called a spirit or "kami" and I learned I had gone through something called an "Awakening" Which gave me the ability to summon them; along with a whole host of other abilities that I would learn to control over the years as I had time. Now we get to the present time of this tail. I have been in Seattle for eight years now, I know the city like the back of my hand and have carved out a little spot to call my own. It's not great but its quiet and no one tends to bother us much. My son, for the most part, is growing well and is wonderfully curious and bright as a star in the night. Unfortunately, he has become ill with as far as I know an incurable disease. It happened when he was 6 and I have been stealing medicine for him whenever I can track it down. The disease leaves him weak and makes it so he can't stand or walk very often. It pains me to no end to see him this way and I am doing everything I can. But I feel like I am getting nowhere fast and his life is on the line. I put out my feelers around town and got a call from another changeling called Murakami. She is this thing called a fixer and she says my skills could be used to do things called Shadowrun. She says that if I can do jobs for her she will pay me a good chunk of nuyen for each one and help me work on finding a way to cure my son. Honestly, I see no other option at this point and the thought of having enough money to at least get out of the shit hole we live in now is a nice thought. So we come back to the whole reason I am writing this. If I or my son get into trouble because of what I am about to do then I hope this book helps. This is a wild risk but it's my last resort. I simply hope it turns out well for my son and I." Yuki finished reading her tale fairly satisfied with it. she tucked it under her mattress and wrapped her arms fully around her son gently stroking his hair. The sun started to shine through one of the windows in the abandoned train station they called home and as it did Yuki slowly started to drift to sleep...

Significant Qualities


1.Being a fox isn't all bad I am awful cuddly: Changeling )

2.My spirits are my children and they all help there mama: Dedicated Conjurer

3.I will protect those I love no matter what!: Mentor Spirit (Bear)

4.You wouldn't hit your mother would you?: Too pretty to hit

5.Having a tail is pretty handy: Prehensile Tail

6.I know I have a Juice box in her somewhere: Marsupial Pouch

7.I can hear and smell you!: Vomeronasal organ & Keen Eared

8.Come snuggle with me~: Animal Pelage (Insulating Pelt)


1.I glow in the dark.: Bioluminescence

2.My son is my priority: Dependant (Demanding)

3.I will cure him!: Driven

4.The day makes me sleepy: Nocturnal

5.Hurting others only leads to more pain!: Pacifist 1

6.Spirits can be Scary: Phobia (Spirits higher than her magic rating)

7....Bastards!: Records on File Horizon

8. I feel my home: Symbiosis


To cure her son of his Chronic Illness and one day make it back home to Japan

Appearance and Style

Yuki is a 5 foot 5-inch tall Japanese fox woman. She has a slim physique with a moderate size bust and round curves. She has a soft coat of fur that covers her entire body and stops at her neck. The fur is a bright white color that fades into black at her hands and feet. A long tail about a meter and a half protrudes from her back with the same white fur ending in a black tip. Her face and neck are the only parts of her body where her skin is exposed and she sports a pale complexion. She had an angular face common similar to that of an elf but not as pointy with large soft red eyes and long flowing blonde-white hair. Atop her head is two very large fox ears that are the same color as her hair. For clothes, in public, she tends to wear full coverage things such as long sleeve shirts of sweaters along with jeans or sweatpants and some sneakers, and when she is not in public she tends to not wear more than just some shorts since her fur covers most everything on its own.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
19 August 9 JLCherry Blossoms and DecayMom
9 May 2018Party CrashersFox
13 May 2018A Study in Yellow: Dreams of a Golden CityKephra
19 August 2018ExplorationSvipul
9 November 2018Virology101: A Rejection of HumanityRuiner
Spirit Warden