Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

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Key info

Name of run was Nazi Punks Fuck Off!.

Run was GM'd by LeonardoDeQuirm

Run completed on date 2017-04-30 00:00 UTC

The runners are hired by a group of ork and troll anti-fascists to enact a major terrorism plot against a Humanis/Hand of Five/Neighborhood Watch convention, due to their impudence in holding it in a major ork populated neighborhood. The runners follow through, using Spirits, Gas, and Fire to cause the deaths of many members, rattling the orgs slightly.


Greater Tacoma Convention Center 47.248692, -122.438988

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
3Shadow CommunityHumanisThere are a few orks who actively support Humanis scum. Brothers, its time to weed these traitors outJawbreaker80



Karma: 2

Nuyen: 28000

Other Important People


{{#display_map: 47.248692, -122.438988 ~Greater Tacoma Convention Center~So much racist blood to clean out of the carpets here...|width=400|height=400 }}

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