Of Sinners and Saints

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They were hired by "Glitch, Herald Of The Spider", a strange man who spoke in weird metaphor, and who's real voice was obscured for most of the meet by snippets of audio clips. Kephra led Whiskey and Cenote in a Calling Ritual to summon a Spirit Of Nature. It proceeded to berate him for past life choices, and demanded his Name in order to serve. Zwei and Talos assaulted the Host of the Reactor, finding it devoid of all devices save for the doors, and an AI named "Hypatia" (Which research suggested was an early emergence AI). Hypatia was cut off from all of her equipment, and as such was blind and helpless.

The actual assault on the Reactor went smoothly, with a Juggernaut and a Doberman being the only plant security casualties, and the Toxic Cabal (led by Uriel, the mage from "Anarchy Is Surprisingly Well Organized") was wiped from existence. Upon Uriel's death the ritual was completed, and a rift brought the group (save Talos) into a 'demiplane' where they did battle with an Avatar Of Doom. They were paid by Shiawase to secure their silence. Most recieved Glitched as a contact, with a few getting Hypatia.

In the Run recruitment post and during parts of the Run itself, the Runners recieved messages that suggested the Johnson had an intemant knowledge of each of their pasts. Giving cryptic phrases that lead Cenote to believe a being was trying to invade.

Whiskey received this message: "I am the braying of lost hounds in the static, let me in. I am the onomatopoeia of the End of Days, let me in. I have Seen many signs of the approaching End. I didn't see you. Marco! (Polo?) Mass hysteria is fast approaching, cats and dogs are already living together. Witness the Atomic Shadow of Seattle."

Talos received this message: "I am the lurker in the depths of the Trench, let me in. I am the Beta and the Psi, let me in. Can it? Would it? Should it? Will it? At least your children are safe in Cape Town, aren't they? Witness the end time parable."

Cenote received this message: "I am the riptide lurking beneath the waves, let me in. I am the angel placed before the trumpet, let me in. The sea, She talks endlessly. She is not alone. Some things are just in the blood. You are well suited to washing away the future. Try not to wash yours away. Witness the sounding of the first trumpet. "

Zwei received this message: "I am the angered shadow of Feuerschwinge, let me in. I am the bellhop to heaven, let me in. Uphill, both ways, in the snow, in the SOX, is nothing compared to what's at the end of the radium railway. But you'll See. Oh yes, you'll see. Witness the child abandoned to rot and a half-life of decay. " (Zwei asked the Johnson if he were the shade of Feurschwinge, his response was "You cannot be the shade of a thing that is not dead")

Kephra received this message: "I am the yowling of Phantom Cats in the dead of night, let me in. I am the false Shepard tending to a flock of lies, let me in. Do this. brushing at head gesture You have something applied to your forehead. Purity? No. Not you. Not yet. Behind you, maybe. When it comes to the matters of that which doesn't exist, the Fool knows best. Witness the Folly of good intentions."


Kephra, Whiskey, Cenote, Talos, Zwei

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Things of Note

Cenote got a cool rock from the corpse of Doom's Avatar. Counted as an Ordeal for initiations.