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Player Rules

Welcome! We’re so glad to have you here! ShadowNET is a living community that builds on player actions. Consequently, The Golden Rule and The Silver Rule are our major guiding principles. We hope you understand and play along. In addition you should assume optional rules are not in use unless otherwise stated.

Got a Problem? No Problem!

We want everyone here to feel welcome and heard. If you have any issues with another Player, a Game Master, a member of the Council or of the Senate, please let another member of government  know immediately. We will work with you to resolve the issue promptly and satisfactorily.

Player Accounts, or The Highlander Rule

Players are encouraged to make multiple characters; however, all characters owned by the same player must be held underneath the same reddit account.

Priority and Sum-To-Ten

When creating a character for submission on ShadowNET you can use either Priority or Sum-To-Ten as a method to create the character. Karma builds and Life Modules are not supported at this time.

Character Slots

Every player has five character slots to begin with

You may purchase additional character slots, the first three cost 25/50/75 GMP respectively, while the forth onward cost 100 GMP. These may be upgraded to Prime at a later date.

Prime slots enable you to use Primegen for a character, and cost 100+(50 x No. Prime Slots) GMP. 100, 150, 200, etc. When you wish to purchase a prime (or normal) slot, ping Rules Head and Chargen Head in the Gear Acquisition channel as if you were purchasing a quality. The prime slot remains even if you retire the character

You may resubmit a character created in standard character creation into a prime character slot, if you have one available

Read The Rules!

It is expected for you to have read and have on hand all relevant material for your character.

Fit The ‘Net

Shadowrun characters on the ‘Net must fit in the base Shadowrun Fifth Edition. Only the Chargen head may deny on any grounds, but may also deny on the suggestion of other chargen members. The Chargen head must give a clear reason upon request, and the player may bring it up to Senate. Active Characters Each player may have a maximum of five Active Characters at any time. An Active Character is any character approved by the Character Team. Dead and retired characters do not count towards this limit.

Achievement Unlocked!

Once you have completed five runs (played in, or having GMed) you will unlock access to Metasapients,Shifters, Changelings (Type III only) Drakes, and Infected Characters. All Infected characters will be sterile (they cannot infect other characters)

Looking For Work?

As a player on ShadowNET, you will have access to Job Posts (games) put up by Game Masters on the /r/ShadowNET subreddit. Players can dive even deeper into their characters through Private Sessions arranged with Game Masters. Private runs can take the form of (but are not limited to) Favors for a Friend, Character Exploration,  or Initiations/Submersions.  

The Great Karma Exchange Program!

Are you saving up for some sweet cyberware, but keep getting hamstrung by these pesky feel-good runs? Are you trying to bump up that awesome skill of yours, but can’t seem to get work on anything but wetwork with little karma rewards? Fret not! Here at ShadowNET, you can choose to Work for the Man (convert karma rewards into nuyen rewards) or Work for the People (convert nuyen rewards into karma rewards). Each point of karma is worth two-thousand nuyen. Note: these conversions are capped at 5 karma/10,000 nuyen. You can not exchange karma or nuyen not earned on the run.

Renaming Gear

On your character sheet, you are not allowed to rename gear and other aspects of the sheet, such as martial arts and qualities.


If the GM explicitly states that it is fine to loot, then looting is allowed. Otherwise, looted items do not stay with you after the run. If the GM says no once, you must respect their decision and not ask more.

Upgrading Gear and Cyberware/Bioware

Let’s face it: that Rigger Command Console you bought at Character Generation isn’t quite what you wanted. But what’s a runner to do in this fierce economy? Upgrade! That’s what! Much like how one can upgrade a weapon focus by rolling for availability and paying the difference in price, any item with a rating (cameras, jammers, weapon foci, etc.) can be “upgraded” by rolling for availability (null availability can skip this step) and paying the difference in price. Cyberdecks, commlinks, and RCCs can also be upgraded this way.

Cyber Suites

Upgrading within the Specific lines: SpinRad Systems, Evo, and Trans-Erika, can be done for only the difference in cost between the packages. The other Lines are not upgradeable, because of the nature of the differences in the packages. They are the same manufacturer but drastically different contents.


You can Upgrade the SpinRad Systems: Just a Little Edge, to the SpinRad Systems: Peak Performance, with the Proper Availability check(14R), and the Difference in cost(70,000 Nuyen, 1.5 Essence).

Upgrading grades

Between grades of Ware the cost is the difference between the two Grades.

Restricted Gear, Deltaware, And Other Stuff You Can’t Have

Any gear or equipment that falls into the following categories will require a specific run, approved by the GM division, in order to acquire. You cannot acquire these pieces on the black market, and thus do cannot roll dice and make a negotiation check in order to obtain them.

Categories are as follows, and are subject to change:

  • Any cyberware, bioware, or other equipment listed as Deltaware or Gammaware.
  • Hardened Mil-Spec Armor (Light, Medium, and Heavy.)
  • Any gear with an availability rating of 20 or higher that is not part of the Upgrade Rules. The gear does not have to be upgrades, it simply has to be eligible for upgrading under the upgrade rules - for example, you can acquire a piece of ‘ware that is betaware and availability 22F, even if you did not buy the alphaware version.
  • Any foci with an availability rating of 20 or higher, even though they are part of the Upgrade Rules.

Banned Things

Illegal Things


We use core rules. Please track yourself in real time, we are keeping track on the GM side as back up.

  • Hurlg
    • Additional Toxin Resistance dice allow one to consume Hurlg without disorientation, regardless of source, as long as they would be applicable against the Hurlg.
  • Wud’aku
    • Spirits, being sapient entities, can, at GM discretion, have social checks made against them. This drug would assist you with said checks, since you would have higher charisma.

It does not allow you to bind more spirits

So You Wanna Be The Best?

Training is hard work, and takes a great deal of time; however, with a little help from the right folk, learning can be fun (and take less time)! Below is a list of our training rules:

Improving a Single Skill Without a Trainer

Rank Training Time Nuyen Cost
1-4 (New Rating) x Days Free
5-8 (New Rating) x Weeks Free
9-13* (New Rating) x 2 Weeks Free

Improving a Single Skill, With a Trainer

Rank Training Time Nuyen Cost
5-8 1 Week (New Rating) x 500¥
9-13* 1 Month (New Rating) x 1000¥

Improving a Group Skill Without a Trainer

Rank Training Time Nuyen Cost
1-4 (New Rating) x 2 Days Free
5-8 (New Rating) x Weeks Free
9-13* (New Rating) x 2 Weeks Free

Improving a Group Skill With a Trainer

Rank Training Time Nuyen Cost
5-8 2 Weeks (New Rating) x 1000¥
9-13* 2 Months (New Rating) x 2000¥

Please note that player characters with the instruction skill do not count as teachers

Improving a knowledge Skill

Knowledge skill trainers cost half the normal price. Example: Mary Sue wants to know even more about Star Trek Fanfiction. Her cost to increase that knowledge skill from rank 3 to rank 4 is: 4 x 250¥, so she will pay a total of 1000¥ nuyen.


Attributes can be raised at a rate of 1 point per week, regardless of base level. The exception to this is Edge, which takes no time at all.

Martial Arts and Specializations

Along with the standard rules for martial arts and specializations, ShadowNET also allows characters to work with their trainers to reduce this training time to one week. This training also costs 500¥.


you get a 1 downtime day after each run, as you rest, recover, rebuild your gear, etc.. Training timers are not affected. If it takes a real-world Month is required for a thing, it takes a real-world Month. If you managed 15 runs in a month somehow, you’d get a ton of downtime activity days, but that won’t give you 15 real-time days of timers. These run synced downtimes are strictly tied to downtime activities. During these downtime days (24 hours) you can perform any action (Binding and Registering Included) These 24 hours are “work hours” no need to track sleep/life. Please make all of these roles on the GMs table when possible, else use the Gear Acquisition channel.


Clarifications: After passage, this was later toned down to only apply to karma purchases with timers(either before or after the purchase). Rent will never need to be paid more than once per month. If you backdate a purchase to a month, everything good or bad related to that purchase is also backdated to that date instead of the date you made the change, including this rule. Rent does not have to be paid in a month where timers tick down, only in a month where a purchase was backdated to.

For example, if you ran on month 1 day 15, didn't run on months 2-5, and then decided on month 6 to backdate two initiations. Month 1 day 15 you initiate, but rent was already paid for that month. Month 2 day 15 you initiate again, and backdate paying rent on that month despite not running. Month 3-5 you do not pay rent, despite the initiation timer ticking down into Month 3, because no purchases or runs happened. Month 6 you also do not pay rent unless you take a run during that month, because the purchases were backdated to previous rents. If you then decide to backdate a infected power to Month 2, you do not need to pay rent a second time because rent has already been paid for that month.

Positive and Negative Qualities

Purchasing new positive qualities and buying off negative qualities after character generation requires a posting in the Greater Rolling Thread detailing what character you would like to alter, and what qualities you wish to purchase/buy off. Please include a link to the sheet of the character in question. Before any changes may be made, you must have the posted approval of either the Rules Review or Character Review Head, and must fulfill any conditions they require before committing the changes. Both of these parties have veto rights over the other, and should both be entirely absent for a span of more than 1 (one) week, the power expands to all members of Council. GMs retain authority to hand out negative qualities under the oversight of GM Division, and they can get approval to hand out positive qualities as run rewards by simply asking the Rules or Character Review Heads, either before or after the fact.

PVP Rules

GM’s have the ability to deny or approve  PVP at their discretion. If a player wants to engage in PVP they may petition the GM In addition occasional runs may be marked as PVP runs, for example Hunger Games.

Initiations and Submersions

Given that initiations and submersions are mile markers in a character’s life, it is highly encouraged that players try to schedule in a Private Session with a Game Master; however, we fully realize that this is not always feasible. Awakened and Emerged characters have a few options when contemplating their Initiations and Submersions. Players may Initiate or Submerging their characters through a Personal Run with a Game Master. This counts as an ordeal and may apply the appropriate Karma Cost Reduction. Additionally, players may Initiate or Submerge in a group as long as it fits both with character story and motivation. Group Initiations/Submersions may also apply the appropriate Karma Cost Reduction.         Lastly, players are always able to initiate or submerge their awakened/emerged characters by simply paying the full karma cost for the initiation/submersion, and making the roll as normal. All Characters must wait at least one month before Initiating again.


Not all qualities were built equally. While we work to stay as close to the original source material produced by Catalyst, certain alterations must be made in order for our format to function. Underneath “Banned Things” is a list of altered and banned qualities during character generation. You may take Negative Metagenic Qualities without taking the SURGE quality.

Current Alterations

Addiction: Certain substances are better represented on ShadowNET using the Dependent quality rather than addiction. Such substances include (but are not limited to): alcohol, cigarettes, Hot Sim, Long Haul, Coffee. This is not an exhaustive list. All potential issues will be addressed during the Character Generation phase, this includes the dry addict quality.

ShadowNET addiction rules

Addiction tests

RAW rules for handling addiction tests are to be ignored instead use the following:

When a character takes a drug, that character immediately makes an appropriate addiction test. The threshold is set this way:

11-Addiction Rating = maximum reduction of threshold Number of weeks since you last took the drug = -1 per week (maximum 11-AR as mentioned above)

Example: I use Kamikaze for the first time. 11-AR is 2. I can get a maximum of -2 to the threshold, if I don't use kamikaze for at least two weeks. This is my first hit, there is no reference point of a 'prior dose'. So I immediately roll WILL+BOD (as it is a physiological addiction), with a threshold of 3. If I take another dose three weeks later, I immediately roll WILL+BOD (threshold 1; it's been three weeks, which would normally be -3 to the threshold. But Kamikaze is addictive as heck, so I can only reduce it by -2 from 2 weeks (the result of 11-AR comparison).

Example 2: I use Psyche. The first check is WILL+LOGIC (psychological addiction), threshold 2. Psyche is less addictive, and starts with a lower threshold. 2 weeks of abstinence lowers the threshold to 0 for the next check. If I only wait a day for the third dose, my third check is back to threshold 2. If I take the fourth dose a month later, I would get -4 to the threshold (but with the threshold being 2, I hit 0 well before that).

Example 3: First dose of Novacoke, check is both physiological and psychologically addictive, so I roll WILL + ((BOD+LOG)/2) (Average BOD and LOGIC, then add WILL. Don't forget to round up if needed). BOD 3, LOG 4, WILL 5, would mean rolling 9 dice, threshold 3 for the first check. Waiting three weeks before the next dose would lower the threshold for the check to 0 (and the AR of novacoke allows for up to 4 weeks of reduction, for up to -4 to the threshold).

Note: Even if the check would drop a threshold below 1, you still MUST ROLL (if only to check for glitches or critical glitches).

Drug use for those with frail attributes is not recommended.

Addiction test pools

Psychological: WILL+LOG Physiological: WILL+BOD Both tests required, perform a single: WILL+((BOD+LOG)/2)

(Note: yes, average of BODY and LOGIC)

Failing the test causes the character to gain a Mild Addiction to the substance. If you already have an Addiction to the substance, failing the test means the addiction progresses one level.

No addiction may progress more then once in an active month. If a player/GM forgets about the required check, that roll can be made in the #gear-acquisition channel as long as it's labeled and verified by the GM and Rules department.

Gradual Release Glands

If a character has a gradual release gland they make the appropriate addiction test(s) a minimum of once at the beginning of each run. GMs running longer runs may opt to have an additional check per additional in-game day (a run that takes a week in game would mean 1 test at the beginning of the run and up to 6 extra tests for the additional days). This fixed interval can be seen as a byproduct of the chemistry and properties of the gland, even if the drug would normally introduce a check every few minutes or hours if taken again directly after each dose expires.

Lifestyle Location

ShadowNET involves Seattle runners, therefore all runners need their Primary Lifestyle (the one you gain mechanical benefits from, and start the run from) within Seattle.

Attribute Minimums

Characters can only have 1 attribute at a permanently augmented rating of 1 at character generation and only with good reason such as physical or mental impairment in that attribute. Modifying an attribute of 1 to be higher than 1 through augments (such as muscle toner augmenting an AGI of 1 to 2) is acceptable.

Mentor Spirits

All mentor spirits from previous editions are legal to be chosen with the case by case approval of the Chargen head. Note that any mentor spirit from a previous edition that contradicts 5e RAW is banned.


Runners may burn off Public Awareness using Street Cred at a rate of 4 street cred for every public awareness. GMs may determine an appropriate knowledge skill (such as News) for a character to know to runner. The threshold to recognize the runner is 10-PA or notoriety.

  • Uses for Karma and Street Cred, from Better Than Bad
    • Except for favors, contact and faction uses in this section are not in use. This may be changed at a later date.
    • Exchanging for favors requires GM fiat on if the contact is willing to do the favor. You do not expend karma or streetcred if they refuse.
    • Using street cred/karma for the Influence skill group is allowed.
    • Street cred/karma may be used to reduce the cost of a lifestyle. This cost reduction lasts until the lifestyle is burned or you stop paying for it. The street cred/karma cost is dependent on the difference between one month of each lifestyle, and works even for permanent lifestyle purchases. Advanced lifestyle rules cannot be used with this cost reduction(subject to change at a later date).

Contacts are people too!

Contact Rules

The Cream Of The Crop: NET Contacts

NET Contacts, listed here, are contacts that go above and beyond the abilities of standard contacts, as shown in the NET Contact Rules. They have special abilities, can do more things, and are available to everyone on the NET. They can be purchased with GMP, Karma, or Nuyen(but not CUP, though CUP can be used to raise Loyalty after purchasing the contact). Their Connection can be raised by Public Runs(after consulting with Lore), and anyone who owns the Contact benefits from it. And, should the contact die or be retired, anyone not directly responsible for that(eg, on the run that led to their death) gets a replacement contact. If you have an idea for a new NET Contact, you can submit it here.

Meta Rules


Any character can, at any time, re-submit their character sheet. The process goes as follows: First, they submit a character sheet, as if it were a new character, with a log of the proposed changes to their sheet (Note that if the character is essentially a new character, or the changes are extensive enough that a list would be too long to reasonably make, that this is not required). Next, they must post links to their original character submission. Finally, after approval of the character sheet, the player is then allowed to grant the character rewards from one run the character has been on previously.

Upgrade Rules

  • The upgrade rules do not apply to vehicles or drones themselves,, but may apply to some vehicle or drone Modifications (As stated in linked upgrade rules, any modification that has ratings, such as realistic features, amphibious, pilot enhancement, or nano maintenance system.) The upgrade rules are located <here> under Upgrading Gear and Cyber/Bioware
  • When upgrading Cyberlimbs you roll the against the highest availability currently in the limb.

Game Master Points (GMP)

  • GMP is not taxed.
  • Karma gained from GMP does not count towards Career Karma, and does not give Street Cred.

Greater Rolling Thread

  • General
    • You can burn edge in the Greater Rolling Thread.
  • Teamwork Tests
    • You can teamwork tests in the Greater Rolling thread
    • You cannot teamwork tests with other players.

When teamworking an extended test, teamwork should be rolled between each interval. (GM's may wish to take just the one roll for all the extended tests, however, to save time.) The teamworker must be present for all the time the test is being worked on.

    • You may have your Ally Spirit assist you in your teamwork tests.
    • You can only teamwork in the rolling thread with things listed on your sheet (Such as spirits, or drones.)


  • General
    • For the purposes of wielding heavy weapons, only the arms are averaged into strength.
    • For the purposes of surgery recovery time, you may still participate on runs, but do not receive the benefits/drawbacks until after the recovery time is finished.
    • You may have an essence hole at gen if you choose.
    • Custom Implanted cyberguns have the same detection resistant properties as regular cyberguns.
    • There is not cost for implanting previously purchased augmentations


  • Greyware
    • Ware has to have a listed wireless bonus and/or be capable of being obvious in order to qualify. Bone lacing is an example of cyberware which does not qualify.
    • Internal routers cannot bypass the loss of wireless bonus.
    • The maximum magic loss due to the special effect of greyware is temporary. Current magic loss, and maximum magic loss due to essence loss is permanent.
  • Cosmetic Surgery
    • flat 10k
  • Augmentation Bundles
    • Allowed, don't make your own
  • Ares' Getting Network
    • the rating of the mapsoft is detail, as such the limit is per rating.
  • R4-6 vision and audio enhancements are available only as implants, not in equipment that takes visual/audio modifications
  • Autovoice
    • Hacked version can allow you to mask your voice and impersonate others, but it does not give any bonus to the roll to do so.
  • Smart Articulation
    • body does not add to soak, works for grappling
  • Finger Grenade
    • detches sadly
  • Cybergun
    • Still requires a simple action to ready
    • May only receive stock mods, suppressor, and/or Laser Sight as modifications
    • you may implant a gun you already own, but this will remove all incompatible mods, as well as need an AV roll
  • Cybergills
    • you may breathe air or water with them
  • Steamers
    • Fluff fluids yes perfumes, coloured liquids, vape juice, etc.
    • Can be used to self-administer inhalation vector drugs. the drug Dissipates too quickly to use on others.
  • Datajack+
    • Living personas can use this if they’re capable of being a master or slave of a PAN (see One with the Matrix).
    • Does not come with preloaded programs.
    • Still gives noise reduction like a datajack.
    • Follows normal rules for changing programs.
    • Upgrading to the Datajack Plus is covered by upgrade rules
    • Datajack+ can function with an RCC, and run autosofts.
    • Datajack+ cannot run Swarm
    • Datajack Plus can stack to a max of 2.
  • Antenna Grill
    • Requires implanted cyberdeck/commlink or a living persona,
    • can only be taken by characters with tusks (Orks, Trolls, people with implanted tusks, etc.)
  • Horn Compartment
    • In order to take this option one must have a horn
  • EARRs
    • Penalties apply to all non-matrix actions
    • Adept Centering can apply to Dice Pool penalties
    • please note this does not allow you to walk around while in VR, that is the function of the Evo Sublime deck. This allows you to use matrix initiative while in the real world.
  • Cranial Shield
    • Cannot be turned off
      • Note to GMs: The forceful implantation of this device will for the time being require Rules and GM head approval.
  • Modular Connectors
    • If a nartaki replaces two of his arms with these, it removes the freaks modifier. Note that it is still odd to have two extra shoulders
    • both the cyberlimb and the modular connector need to be the same grade
  • Cyberspur
    • You may take plasteel/ceramic components on Spurs
  • Casemods
    • Are purely cosmetic and have no required cost
  • chameleon processor
    • Skin toner with a chameleon processor functions as ruthenium polymer coating rating 4
    • Colors hair/fur as well as skin
  • Cyberweapon Weapon Launcher
    • The Weapon Launcher cyberweapon will use taser ranges, barring future errata
  • Critter Cyberware
    • Critter cyberware cannot be used by metasapients.
    • Chameleon Pelt is not compatible with Armor
  • Damper
    • gives +2 for damage resistance tests on attacks from the Ares Screech Rifle
  • Datajacks
    • You can stack the Noise Reduction bonus from multiple Datajacks
  • Fiberoptic hair
    • Fiberoptic hair can change color dynamically, but it cannot make itself invisible
  • Smartskin
    • You may benefit from all three modes from Smart skin at one time (impact plates, unarmed damage, armor)
  • Internal Router
    • An internal router does function with external gear (Eg Smartguns)
    • Internal Routers will provide access to all of the wireless bonus' where the mechanical effects do not require access to an outside network. For example, while the smartlink dicepool bonus thematically represents access to weather data and extra processing power, the mechanical effect of +2 dice to shoot your weapon does not require wireless to exist, and thus this effect functions. Other examples of functioning bonuses include most dicepool bonuses from cyberware, perception bonuses from vision and hearing devices, and bonuses to how small an action it takes to utilize a device, such as upgrading the time it takes to extend a baton or seal a chemsuit. However, an internal router will not allows you to make commcalls to people you are not directly connected to, make matrix searches, utilize skillsoft networks, or anything else that has a mechanical effect that requires access to an outside network, as these mechanical effects cannot possibly exist without access to outside data. Due to the breadth of wireless bonus' in the game, making an extensive list of what does and does not work is not feasible, but consider the default answer to be yes, unless the actual effect of the bonus explicitly would require wireless access to another device to exist.
  • Ocular Drone
    • GM fiat for if the -3 applies to non-visual based actions
  • Skillwires
    • The -5 penalty to initiative lasts as long as you have a skillsoft loaded
  • Math SPU
    • Math SPU’s bonus does not apply to Encoding and Decrypting
  • Skimmers/Skates
    • The -2 physical limit penalty from Skimmers (or -1 penalty from skates) can be offset for jumping and running by the bonus for Hydraulic Jacks.
  • Skin Toner
    • colors hair/fur as well as skin
    • Armour accessories don't count as worn armor for the purposes of skin toner, within reason. A ballistic mask or similar small piece of armour won't interfere enough to break the effect, but a ballistic shield or cloak will.
    • Striking Skin pigmentation and skin toner are compatible, since skin toner is not a' bioware skin augmentation', and both can apply their mechanics at the same time.
    • Skin Toner will apply to cyberlimbs, including the effects of a Chameleon Processor. It is not, however, sufficient to make one's obvious limbs be not-obvious. They just can be flesh-colored.
    • Skin toner with a chameleon processor functions as ruthenium polymer coating rating 4 (p86, R&G), including the rules for coverage (In this case, how much skin is exposed.) Additionally, if you're wearing very little (Clothing can't have an armor rating, but can have underwear for modesty reasons.), it also functions as a chameleon suit. (p437, CRB) including wireless bonus.
  • Cyber Digitigrade Legs
    • As of 3-27-2017 It has not been determined how Cyber Digitigrade legs and Satyr Legs interact if at all.
  • Cyberfins
    • Cyberfins and the power-swimming adept power stack additively.
    • They have no special interactions with the webbed digits bioware
  • Cyberfingers
    • The Cyberfinger Injector can be used to apply DMSO’d contact toxins, but it must be used on an immobilized (subdued, or similar) or unaware target.
  • Cybereyes
    • Cybereyes can be combined with tetrachromatic vision.
  • Cyberears
    • Turning off cyberears applies the same benefit for auditory attacks as select sound filter does
  • Cyberhands
    • Cyber hands do not average into attributes. They only come into play in grip tests.
  • Cyberfeet
    • Are not compatible with Celerity
    • Do not affect movement rate
    • Only apply to foot specific actions
  • Hydraulic Jacks
    • Hydraulic jacks will take the rating of the pair of the legs to be their effective rating, rather than the combined rating of the two (So rating 4 in each leg would reduce falling by 8 meters, rather than 16, for example.)
  • Smuggling Compartment
    • Can hold -1 or lower concealability modifiers. If broken down it can hold 0. For extra clarification see <here>
    • You cannot combine multiple into one container
    • If a technomancer has a smuggling compartment and Skinlink, they are considered to be direct connected to things in the compartment
    • Roughly 50 or less datachips can fit in a smuggling compartment
  • Large Smuggling Compartment
    • A large smuggling compartment can store concealability +1 or lower. If broken down, it can store concealability +2 or lower. For extra clarification see <here>
    • You cannot combine multiple into one container
  • Cyberarm Slide
    • A cyberarm slide can store a taser, a hold-out pistol, or a light pistol. It can store nothing else. For extra clarification see <here>
  • Cyber Holster
    • A cyber holster can store items with a concealability of 0 or lower. For extra clarification see <here>
  • Partial Cyberlimbs
    • Partial Cyberlimbs average half of their stats with meat stats.
    • Customization and enhancement flows "down" limbs. So if you have a modular lower arm, it can use the enhancements and customizations of the upper arm above it (or it's own instead, though you can't add them together or split them)
    • Customization can be upgraded per the upgrade rules
    • If you have a modular partial cyberlimb, and dynamic handprints, you may give the arm to someone else to give them access to the dynamic handprint system
  • Full Cyberlimbs
    • You cannot gain more than 2 cyberarms without the Shiva Arms metagenic quality
    • Use the average of limbs + torso for full body actions
    • Cyberlimbs are subject to the augmented maximum only in relation to their own customized attributes. When providing averages, augmented maximum does not affect the average, though it will affect the sources for the averages.
    • Movement uses the average of both your leg’s Attributes
    • Encumbrance use the Average strength of a character including all limbs and the Torso.
    • Cyberlimbs may contain any item that costs capacity and is generally installed into armor.
    • You can get cyberlimb optimization for any non-magical, resonance, or matrix skill.
    • Customization and enhancement flows "down" limbs. So if you have a modular lower arm, it can use the enhancements and customizations of the upper arm above it (or it's own instead, though you can't add them together or split them)
    • Customization can be upgraded per the upgrade rules. This requires paying the difference and making an availability roll.
    • Qualities or abilities based on the natural shape of limbs or the body are kept with cyberlimbs (such as satyr legs), unless it explicitly states it does not. Those based on the natural composition of limbs are not kept with cyberlimbs, such as setae.
  • Smuggling Compartments
    • actually detecting things in an augment smuggling compartment would require a full body patdown or imaging tools
  • Active Hardwires
    • Compatible with Reflex Recorder as long as they are for different skills
  • Implant Medic
    • requires a hard nanohive
    • Affects anything connected to the augment, if you have modular connector
    • Cost is affected by grade as well as any modifications you apply to the augment
  • Nanohives
    • you may only change the nanite type in a hard nanohive
    • It takes roughly half an hour and a trip to the doctors to reprogram a hard nanohive
    • Cannot reprogram a hard nanohive to be an implant medic
  • liminal body centaur
    • comes with 4 cyberlegs, and total has 80 capacity
    • Requires 4 skimmers, total speed triples


  • Cultured Bioware
    • you cannot sell Cultured Bioware at all
  • Biosculpting
    • use this table for costs
      • Minor - 275 nuyen
      • Moderate - 1,250 Nuyen
      • Sever - 0.25 Ess 8 Avail 2,000 Nuyen
      • Sever-Extensive - 0.5 Ess 12 Avail 10,000 Nuyen
    • Ping the current Rules head on Discord to see if certain things are within the bounds of biosculpting
    • Lamia and similar are unable to be achieved with biosculpting currently
  • Vocal Expansion
    • Can only be betaware or higher grade.
  • Biofiber Pocket
    • Foci can be detected in Biofiber Pockets using Divination Magic.  
  • Nephritic Screen
    • This Augmentation cannot reduce a drug below one unit of duration. (IE: 10 x 1d6 minutes can only be reduced to 10 minutes)
  • Chemical Gland
    • you can poison a weapon with a spit chemical gland
    • You do not not suffer a drugs crash until the effects wear off - with gradual release, they do not wear off, so you do not suffer crash effects unless the gland is removed.
    • You still have to roll for addiction like normal when using a gradual release chemical gland
    • If the Gland is removed, the crash is considered to be equal to one dose of the drug previously in effect.
    • It takes different drugs in Chemical Glands to trigger drug interactions
    • The full price for a Chemical Gland, including the drugs, is modified by the grade of the ‘ware.
    • Whenever you take another drug, in addition to the ones already in your system, roll (number of drugs - 1)d6, for drug interaction purposes.
    • Permitted drugs/toxins are:
      • Drugs:
        • Betel
        • Bliss
        • G3
        • Hemosynth (Note: has no effect as currently we do not use the 'Care Under Fire' rules from B&B)
        • Hurlg
        • Nightwatch
        • Novacoke
        • Soothsayer
        • Snuff
        • Woad
      • Toxins:
        • Aconite
        • Atropine
        • Chloroform
        • Gamma-scopaline
        • Picrotoxin
        • Tear gas
        • Tetrodotoxin
      • No magical compounds, awakened drugs, or BTLs.
    • Drugs from a chemical gland are still drugs and not augmentations for purposes of compatibility
  • Mnemonic Enhancer
    • The Mnemonic Enhancer does not raise language based limits.
  • Skin Pocket
    • Can hold -1 or lower concealability modifiers. If broken down it can hold 0. For extra clarification see <here>
  • Spider Silk Gland
    • The spider silk gland can be considered to reasonably hold your own weight, and that of your equipment. More than this is up to the GM to determine, depending on the situation.
    • you may use it to rappel
    • Its attacks have a 20m range.
    • These glands replenish over time, one use per hour.
    • While it taking 5 turns to untangle yourself from spidersilk, regardless of other factors, is silly, it's not worth a house rule to fix, but GM's are free to call for other tests to free yourself, such as escape artist, or strength + body to tear it.
    • you may put this in a tail, though remember your tail is most likely weaker than the rest of your body
  • Striking Calluses
    • Striking Callus' do not apply their unarmed damage bonus to cyberweapons or bioweapons such as spurs, or bone spikes.
    • They also do not increase the unarmed damage of cyberlimbs themselves
    • They do not use the natural weapons spec for unarmed
  • Prehensile Tail (Bioware)
    • This works the same as the Surge Functional Prehensile tail (Pg115 Run Faster)
    • Can take bioweapons such as a stinger or sprayer
    • you may have it be multiple tails, but they must work together to be prehensile
  • Bone Spike
    • Cannot be made into a Weapon Foci
  • Troll Reduction
    • Troll reduction also doesn't make you look fully human. What it does is make your uggo troll features like facial dermal deposits go away.
  • Bone Density
    • The bonus body applies for Fatigue tests


Whilst undergoing Gene Therapy you can go on runs with no penalty

To detect Geneware, use standard cyber scanner rules with a gene tech only scanner (rare)

  • Adapsin
    • When using both biocompatibility & Adapsin. Biocompatibility applies after the multiplier, then Adapsin affects the final cost.
  • Dareadrenaline
    • The Thrillseeker quality from Dareadrenaline cannot be bought off
  • Myostatin Inhibitor
    • Is not compatible with Celerity
  • Narco
    • Does not affect BTL’s
    • When using Long Haul, narco reduces the amount of time spent asleep after both the first and second doses, in addition to reducing the amount of stun taken. For purposes of determining downtime, roll the 8d6 as normal then halve results
  • Magnesense
    • Cyberware containing metal is detected
    • GM fiat for perception threshold
  • Hyperthymesia
    • prevents glitches from turning into critical glitches on memory tests, when combined with qualities such as Decaying Dissonance



  • Drain and Fade
    • Do not count as damage resistance tests, for purposes of modifiers
  • Condition Monitor
    • you fall unconscious if either condition monitor (physical or stun) is filled, pain editor does not keep you functioning if you are bleeding out
  • Elemental Damage
    • Cold
      • Cold damage does not take into account the spell's AP for the elemental effect.
  • One Handing Two Handed Weapons
      • A character wielding a large firearm with only one hand will suffer a –2 dice pool modifier to ranged attacks (–1 for trolls).
  • Leadership
    • Rally rounds down when being used to determine initiative gain.
    • The Inspire and Rally actions can be used over the matrix, in cold/hot VR, or over a voice call, but are not matrix actions, so they don't take noise modifiers, or receive the hot-sim bonus. If you cannot connect due to noise, then no test can be made.
  • Multiple Attacks Action
    • General
      • You may not hit the same target twice, except where explicitly permitted. Splitting dice with a multiattack applies a penalty equal to (bullets fired at target - 1), so if you simple full auto split dice at two people, three bullets at each, each takes a -2. Or, if you complex full auto at two people, 5 bullets at each, each takes a -4. You can split up the bullets in any method/grouping you choose. Recoil applies as normal, every bullet fired being one point.
      • if firing with two different weapons at two targets, both can be forced to take the full penalty. Be aware of the recoil this would generate
    • Magic
      • The number of targets you can hit(spells that can be cast simultaneously) is limited by your Magic Rating.
      • All instances of drain are rolled separately.
      • When casting a spell at multiple targets using the Multiple attacks action these are when modifiers are added to the Dicepools
        • Before: Edge.
        • After: Foci, spec, mentor effect and background count.
  • Multiple Explosions
    • Each successive explosion has its damaged halved and added to the highest damage explosion until explosions are no longer adding damage. Each successive explosion also adds -1 to the AP until there is no longer damage being added.
    • When both stun and physical damage are inflicted you resolve the effects separately.
    • Lengthy explanation here
  • Unarmed Combat
    • Unless knucks/similar unarmed weapon has toxins or is a weapon focus, use better of augmented Unarmed Combat, or the weapon itself, for damage (fluffing the use of the weapon). If it does have toxins/is a weapon foci, use the weapon’s damage
  • Shooting Into Melee
    • The Example for "Shooting Into Melee" from SR5 190 is encouraged to be used by GMs for a glitch or even a crit glitch but not is not a standard rule.
  • Toxins
    • You can apply a toxin to a blade and reholster it, yes this is terrible for the weapon, no that isn’t reflected in mechanics. Poisoning a blade is a ready weapon action

Called Shots

  • General
    • If you split the dicepool to attack multiple targets, it applies to all targets
    • You cannot use multiple called shots in the same initiative pass.
    • Called shots cannot be stacked upon one another by spending multiple free actions.
    • Using a called shot does not break Aim.
    • Finishing move is the closest to a called shot to remove a limb
  • Bullseye Double-tap/Burst
    • When performing this action the base unmodified AP of the weapon is multiplied and then the additional AP from the APDS rounds are added after.
  • Vitals
    • Called shot Vitals does not automatically stop Regeneration
  • Brain Blaster
    • This action does not give the defender a defense penalty. It instead gives the attack +2 DV.
  • Hit Em Where It Counts
    • Can be used with injection vector weapons (stingers, injection arrows, throwing syringes, etc)
  • Shield Walk
    • Can be used with one shield only.
  • Zanshin
    • Social Manuever
      • Opposed test is Judge Intentions vs. Composure, not Judge Intentions vs. Judge Intentions.

Martial Arts

  • Clinch
    • Defensive interrupts apply to the defense against Clinch.
  • Counterstrike
    • Defensive interrupts do not affect Counterstrike.
    • Reach does not affected Counterstrike.
    • A tie results in a glancing blow for both sides, meaning nothing happens unless somebody is doing something with touch attacks that function on a tie.
    • Cannot Counterstrike a vehicle
  • Iaijutsu
    • Iaijutsu shall be assumed to allow one to - with a successful Quick Draw test - attack with a melee weapon as a simple action
  • Riposte
    • Defensive interrupts do not affect Riposte.
    • Reach does not affected Riposte.
    • Cannot Riposte a vehicle
    • A tie results in a glancing blow for both sides, meaning nothing happens unless somebody is doing something with touch attacks that function on a tie.
  • Two Weapon Fighting
    • Shields are compatible with two weapon fighting
  • Called Shot Pin
    • AP modifies the targets armor and Net hits on your attack test modify your DV for determining if you pin a target---
  • Sweep
    • Damage from elemental body/aura is still converted to stun
  • Close Quarter Firearms: Pistol
    • Works with Machine pistols if you use them with the pistols skill and as single shot

Normal Actions

  • Teamwork tests
    • Teamwork tests add to pools before they’re split.
  • Suppressive Fire
    • In order to use Suppressive Fire, a firearm must be in the Full Auto fire mode, or must have an explicit statement saying it is permitted to use the Suppressive Fire action.
    • Suppression does not apply to defense tests.
  • Brain Blaster
  • Causes no defense penalty
  • Aimed burst
    • Causes no defense penalty

Interrupt Actions

  • General
    • In order to perform an interrupt action you must have equal to or more than the listed cost of the action. (IE: you need 10 initiative or greater still on the clock to use full defense)
  • Sacrifice Throw
    • Sacrifice throw will work just like the standard throw person, in that it can be performed with a simple action while in a clinch, or subduing combat, or as a -10 initiative interrupt action after a successful block.


  • General
    • Drugs do not affect cyberlimbs.
    • You may not use drugs offensively as they do not have a listed power rating.
    • Drugs can lower your stats so far as to render you nonfunctional.
  • K-10
    • retire if you go permanent berserk
  • nopaint
    • biomonitor doesn’t get around the test
  • Oneiro
    • you still need the ritual to understand
  • Accelerator
    • Platelet factories reduce the bleed damage caused by accelerator.
    • Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garments do not affect the bleed damage of Accelerator.
    • Accelerator's penalty to damage resistance tests affects drain tests that include Body.
    • The threshold for the first aid test to stop bleeding is 3, otherwise follow the rules for bleeding from called shots on Pg.114 & 117 of Run and Gun
  • Better Than Life Chips
    • BTL chips do trigger drug interactions
    • BTL Chips do cause overdoses
    • You can have 2 BTL chips slotted simultaneously.
    • This triggers drug interaction rolls and overdoses as usual.
    • BTLs do not affect cyberlimbs.
  • Deepweed
    • Addiction Rating 4, Threshold 2.
  • Immunity to Toxins
    • The “Immunity to Toxins” power is considered Hardened armor equal to the essence of the creature multiplied by two. Drugs are considered ineffective on any creature with this power.
  • Neostigmine
    • Functions when taken preemptively assuming the duration is still in effect
    • Neostigmine will trigger drug interaction rules, but typically not cause drug overdose as the effect of it is unique.
    • do not reduce the amount of time Nerve Strike immobilizes you for, as that is not the status effect of Paralyzed but instead similar to the effects of having an attribute reduced to 0 from the decrease attribute spell
    • For the purpose of addiction the Drug Rating will be 2 and the Threshold will be 1.
  • Antidote Patch
    • Only one Antidote patch applies per antidote test.
    • Antidote patches work on any toxin resistance test.
  • Laes/Laesal Wine/Lael
    • triggers drug interaction as normal
  • Blight
    • Removing access to the manascape has a number of effects. Astral projecting mages will die if injected with blight(as they no longer have access to the magic sustaining their form). Drakes turn back to metahuman form with no abilities, as shifting is a magical power. Shifters are stuck in current form until the duration ends. Dual natured beings lose dual natured temporarily if possible(certain creatures cannot lose their astral form due to being their natural state) as well as the use of magical abilities, along with a -4 penalty to all actions. Continued exposure to Blight for dual-natured longer than 24 hours has effects determined by the GM up to and including death.
    • DMSO Blight does not disconnect the target from the manascape, it instead forces a drain test. By default the drain test is body + willpower, but those capable of casting spells may use their traditions drain defense test instead. Chemical Protection and Immunity to Toxins may also add dice to this test. While spirits are normally immune to toxins, pathogens, and diseases, they are not immune to DMSO Blight.
    • Blight is considered an awakened drug for the purposes of chemical glands, and is not a valid choice for them.
    • Melee weapons and capsule rounds dosed with DMSO Blight will ignore Immunity to Normal Weapons.
  • Trance
    • Paralysis penalties only apply in the physical world
  • Red Mescaline
    • The disorient effect only lasts for the first ten minutes
  • Odansetron
    • Functions when taken preemptively assuming the duration is still in effect
    • Ondansetron will trigger drug interaction rules, but typically not cause drug overdose as the effect of it is unique.

For the purpose of addiction the Drug Rating will be 2. Threshold of 1.

  • Snuff
    • Intended to give HPT 1, and as such ODs when mixing with Kamikaze
  • Wud’aku
    • When dealing with spirits this drug will give you +2 for using charisma based skills (Negotiation, intimidation, etc)
    • Wud’aku does not let you bind more spirits.
  • Zero
    • Administering Zero for the purpose of drug mixing requires a medicine shop or facility to perform, and hits can be bought, if deemed appropriate by the GM.

It should be noted that when applied in this manner, Zero simply negates the penalty from mixing itself with other drugs. It does not negate the penalty from other drugs mixing. Meaning, if I take psyche, cram, and have Zero administered by a trained doctor in a clinical setting, I still take drug interaction from psyche and cram, but not from all three together.

  • Toxins
    • Injecting a toxin will apply injection or contact vectors. Inhalation and Ingestion have no overlap whatsoever, and an Injection vector will have no effect if merely in contact.

A gas mask will provide no protection against Inhalation/Contact vectors, unless something is preventing the toxin from contacting the skin. In essence, a toxin always works against the least-protected applicable route.


  • General
    • Neither using Push the Limit nor Second Chance will alter whether or not a roll is a glitch. If it's a glitch, the extra dice will not make it not-a glitch. If it's not a glitch, it won't become one, even if all the extra dice roll as 1s.
  • Smack down
    • Edge can be burned to Smackdown a damage resistance roll, but you receive only four hits, as it does not have a threshold and is not opposed.
    • Fatigue can be Smackdown similarly to a damage resistance roll, scoring only four hits
  • Not dead yet
    • Burning edge to invoke Not dead yet ensures PC survival until the end of the scene. As a rule, burning edge to invoke Not Dead Yet should ensure that one survives the scene, assuming they do not make an effort to re-enter the scene. It also should ensure they survive the run; if the runner takes it as a hard exit from the run, they should survive the run, as well, though it does not protect them from consequences such as not getting paid, notoriety, and ticking off their employer. However, none of these consequences should be equivalent to a "rocks fall, you die", even if it requires twisting the plot - a faked death, or something along those lines.
  • Pushing the Limit
    • Using this after a roll has already been made will not negate a glitch or cause a glitch.
  • Second Chance
    • This will not negate a glitch or cause a glitch.
  • Multiple uses of edge on a single action
    • You may not use more than one edge on a single action for any reason. If an action involves multiple dice-rolls, such as summoning a spirit requiring you to both roll to summon the spirit and soak drain, this limit applies globally, to all the rolls. Ex: you may not use edge to break the limit on summoning a spirit and then use edge to re-roll the drain-resistance test.
  • Run for your Life
    • You’re allowed to use this for all AoE attacks. Note for mana area spells, you must pass a numinous perception test to detect the spell is being cast. This would not give the area of the spell, so you may run directly into the spell. Or run when there is no area spell cast. Physical spells are obvious enough to not need numinous first
  • Companions
    • Sprites, Animals under your control, and Spirits cannot use their own edge. A PC may use their own edge to assist them



  • Devices
    • Assume any device without a clear means to determine it's physical boxes has 8 boxes of physical damage and is immune to stun damage (though electric damage would deal physical against anything a GM deemed sufficiently electronic.)
  • miniwelder
    • does not have AP when cutting through a barrier
  • Maglock
    • CRB 359 lists locks by type. The rewire option is under keypad locks, so no other lock can be opened this way


  • Handloaded Rounds
    • The availability when hand-loading rounds yourself is 4R for materials - notably, the extra gunpowder or more potent bullet-bits or whatever handwavium you're stuffing in there - and the cost of these materials is 10% of the round's cost.
    • The availability when purchasing them from a third party is equal to the availability of the base round +4 (maintaining whatever Restricted/Forbidden status it may have had before), and the cost is 135% of the base round.
    • Microgrenades, as well as all firearm and heavy weapon ammo are legal.
  • Looper Rounds
    • do not trigger if thrown at a camera
    • Hitting one cybereye or cyberears effects both cybereyes or cyberears.
  • Grey Goo armor eater
    • Max rating is 12, only applies one damage code per attack
  • Maker Magazine
    • You can only make rounds that are in the rulebooks.
      • Rounds that can be made are in Page 433 of the CRB and Page 55 of R&G, with the exception of tracker round’s, taser dart’s and assault cannon ammunition.
    • Rounds made in the maker Magazine may not be hand loaded.
      • May not use rounds made of Exotic Materials
        • Examples of exotic materials include: Depleted Uranium, wood, precious metals, etc.
    • Capsule and Injection rounds are not created with a chemical payload.
      • You may insert payloads into rounds made this way.
  • Maker Missiles
    • May only use Missles from 435 CRB
  • Fuzzy Rounds
    • Suppressive fire only adds suppression modifier, not noise.
    • If you are hit by a round in suppressive fire, you are affected by the base noise level of the round.
  • E0-E0 Rounds
    • Standard rounds only come in Holdout/Light/Heavy pistol, Machine Gun and SMG sizes.
    • Rifle rounds only come in Sporting/Sniper Rifles sizes.
    • Matrix damage as the weapons DV
    • Small rounds deal no physical damage.
    • Rifle/AR: four less damage than listed damage as matrix and deal physical as well,
    • For NPC attackers GM decides which grid the bullet is fired on.
    • For NPC defenders GM decides which grid the defender is on.
    • Note: This weapon does not do biofeedback damage.
  • Arrowlink
    • Remaining cable is spooled inside the arrow.
    • This Arrow gives direct connection to anything it is shot into.
      • Note to GMs: in most cases a standard -4 called shot penalty can be used for “Called Shot Device”
    • As there's no rating listed for the device, use it as a head from Run & Gun. Add them as accessories to standard arrows/bolts. If you already bought them for use with arrows, you'll need to add them to an arrow with a rating as rating determines range for bows.


  • Availability and pricing
  • Racoon
    • Racoons will cost 250Ny with an availability of “-”
    • Mundane Racoons, and Libertines(Techno-Raccoons) both get a full +6 to animal handling checks. Bandits are very different physically and as a result only receive the effect of a closely related species. (+3)
  • Red Panda
    • Red pandas will have the same pricing and availability as racoons.
  • Fox
    • Raccoons may be refluffed as Foxes
  • Animals at chargen
    • At Chargen's discretion, for example if your unedged animal handling is 6 those wolves never would obey you long enough for training, and thus your PC can be denied based on those merits.
    • Animals bought at character generation will come with a number of tricks equal to your ranks (not dice) in animal handling, subject to all other limitations as usual.
    • the Skill Improvement training does count as a trick for these purposes, and does require you to possess the relevant skill (And animal handling) at the appropriate ranks, and any animals are still limited as previously stated in total tricks.
  • Domestication
    • You cannot buy a domesticated version of a normally undomesticated animal

There are no upkeep costs involved in them,

  • Training
    • All animals will be able to learn Log x 2 tricks, with domesticated animals gaining an additional trick per point of logic for a total of Log x 3 tricks.
    • Training will have an interval of one week, instead of two weeks, and the animal may be used while training (though it does not learn the trick until the end of the training period.)
    • The trainer may perform all other normal downtime activities while training, but may only train one animal at a time. No group classes, sorry.
    • All parties will purchase hits on training, including Asserting Your Dominance, and thresholds operate as normal.
    • All training, including calculations for hits and thresholds, must be noted in the Gear Acquisitions Channel at the start, and include an end-date. Your sheet and all information on the animal being trained must be linked in this post.
    • Improved Ability (the adept power) will not apply for the limitation of how high a skill can be taught via Skill Improvement.
    • Threshold and dice modifiers listed for training do not apply to the roll to command an animal.
    • No one is able to train your animals for you, except Companion, which may be taught by any contact that relates to animals in any way, without a test, to any mundane animal (even exotic ones).
      • This costs nothing and takes no time. Paracritters and other non-mundane animals do not benefit from this clause in any way, though a contact may come out to change this.
  • Animals post-gen
    • Animals bought post-gen generally will come with no tricks.
    • Animals listed as "Common Mundane" may have the Companion trick provided for free upon purchase.
      • This counts against the critter's trick limit as usual.

With the exception of the Migaloo, all technocritters are available for player characters. However only as run rewards.

  • Animals are capable of taking all augmentations.
    • All mundane critters become cyberpsychotic with more than 5 points of essence loss from augmentations.
    • All paracritters and technocritters become cyberpsychotic with more than 3 points of essence loss from augmentations, or upon burning their magic/resonance score to 0, whichever comes first.
      • Critters are only subject to CI3D at GM discretion when giving rewards, or at player's choice. There is no gain for this decision
      • Critters will be subject to CTLE-X when any STIRRUP system exceeding 4 points of essence cost is implanted. Critter disadvantages otherwise function as listed.
      • The Chameleon Pelt critter 'ware will have an availability of 12F.
  • Advancement
    • You may not spend karma to improve your animal's skills or attributes. They do not have their own karma to spend on anything. **Awakened animals may not utilize any adept, magician, or other abilities except where explicitly stated.
  • Volleying Porcupine
    • may not make use of "Dirty" quills.

Purely cosmetic pets, such as cats, lapdogs, and teacup pigs are permitted, within reason. Don't push it. If you have a pet snake it is not giving you free venom, it is sitting in a glass case at home.


  • Ares Firewatch “Bug Stomper”
    • is treated as hardened armour
    • The armour can be used with Chemseal
    • Can also use a “Hardened Mil Spec Helmet” as of RG 66
      • GM head approval needed to get bugstomper armor as part of a reward.
  • Portable Ballistic Emplacement
    • Does not stack with Milspec Armour.
    • Cannot be used as a weapon.
    • Counts as a barrier when deployed and using full cover.
  • Trenchcoat
    • does not stack concealment bonuses from armor
  • Securetech PPP
    • For the purpose of not being able to wear Securetech, armors considered full body armor are: Full Body Armor; Security Armor; MilSpec Armor; Riot Armor; Bunker Armor; and SWAT Armor
  • Sleeping tiger
    • You can add more Ruthenium Polymer Coating to Sleeping Tiger, but you don’t get a discount.
  • Augments
    • cannot be installed in armor
  • Bates-Brown tactical combat boots
    • do not count towards encumbrance
  • Zoe Second Skin
    • you can count as uncovered for purposes of certain augments or abilities, by making the second skin see-through
  • Hardened armor
    • multiple sources do not stack, only the highest hardened armour rating applies.
    • The combined suit and helmet hardened armour rating may be counted as a single rating.
    • Additional hardened armor can be counted as regular armor for stacking purpose.
      • For example: Medium Mil Spec Armour + Helmet counts as 21 hardened armour. For example: 2 points of hardened armor from critter powers would add 2 normal armor above the existing 21 hardened.
        • Note: Granites skin's Bonus Automatic hits still count.
  • Grey Mana Integration
    • R4+ needs armor with the chemseal modification in order to function. The chemical seal does not need to be active to benefit.
    • Masking, Extended Masking, and Flexible Signature cannot conceal the nature of the armor from the astral. Manascape and False Impression can. Assensing the target is not required to reveal the grey mana nature of the item.
    • Functions like the Magic Resistance quality. The rating of Grey Mana Integration, Magic Resistance, and other similar defensive abilities form a dice pool that resist spells. This is added to the defense test of the spell if one exists. If it is an unopposed test(such as a Heal spell or an indirect AOE spell), this dice pool is rolled to reduce the final effect of the spell against the protected target only. For speed of play, these hits simply reduce the DV of Indirect AOE spells on a 1:1 basis if the spell effect is not completely nullified. Magical spells or effects which for some reason do not have a spellcasting or magic-based roll of any kind simply fail to affect the wearer at all(such as Movement against creatures).
    • Any action augmented in some way by adept powers or natural magical abilities(such as a shifted drake) is considered to use the Magic attribute for the sake of dicepool penalties.
    • Spells that the wearer is sustaining is reduced in force and hits by 1 as normal upon donning the armor. The force and hits do not return after removing the armor.
  • Grey Mana Tattoos
    • They use the rules for Grey Mana Armor in almost every way, except they have no effect on beneficial magic. Beneficial magic is considered to be any spell the wearer is aware of and does not consciously resist.
    • While the essence loss is temporary, the loss of current magic points due to essence loss is not.
    • Beneficial magic cast by the wearer of the tattoos are not ignored and suffer the full penalties as per grey mana integration. (If the mage casting the spell is wearing tattoos, the spell is penalized as normal. If the target the beneficial spell is cast on has Grey Mana Tattoos, it is not penalized.)


  • Paint Grenades
    • Cannot be filled with anything other than paint
  • Gas Grenades
    • No FAB grenades. Regular smoke and thermal smoke apply normal visibility penalties(-6) to the Astral, which is distinct from (and does not count as) blocking LOS.
    • You may put Insecticide in Gas Grenades. Insecticide will cost 40 nuyen a dose and has an availability of 4. No meaningful effect on metahumans
  • Grenade Motion Sensors
    • If somebody uses a grenade/rocket on motion sensor trigger, they may fire it directly at somebody using standard ranged attack rules (Weapon skill + agility + modifiers [accuracy] vs. ranged defense.) rather than the normal AoE attack rules of ranged attack with a threshold of 3. If they achieve net hits over the subjects defense, the subject may not run for their lives, as they have been hit with a ranged attack that happens to have an AoE, rather than specifically an AoE attack. On a tie, or miss, the subject can run for their lives as normal, and scatter is rolled by the firer. Others who happen to be in the area of effect may run for their lives as normal.
  • Grenade Timers
    • It is a non-check for someone without Gremlins, Computer Illiterate, Uneducated, or a similar quality to set the timer to run longer - such as a grenade being set to go off in a minute - however, such a thing, at GM discretion, cannot be undone or delayed, causing it to be a narrative-time effect only. One cannot rig a grenade to go off sooner than it otherwise would.
  • Fuzzy Grenade
    • The maximum power is now 10


  • General
    • Mods cannot be modified
  • Ammo Skip System
    • doesn't require a slot
  • Gask Mask
    • Can be combined with a respirator, but you can't use both at once obviously
  • Auto-Injector
    • You can put Stim patches in Auto Injectors
  • Bayonets
    • Retractable Bayonets can also be mounted on pistols
  • Ceramic/Plasteel Parts
    • Purchasing this mod will automatically remove any electronics from the weapon it is applied to.
  • Chemseal
    • Any armor that comes with a helmet can make use of Chemseal.
      • Examples include: FBA, SWAT Armor, Milspec, Security Armor, Urban Explorer (Anything with an integrated/included helmet.)
  • Gyro Mount
    • The Gyro Mount cannot support the weight of MMGs or HMGs meaning that they do not negate the need for 8/10+ strength for MMGs/HMGs respectively.
    • A cyberarm mounted Gyro mount counts as a standard Gyro mount for the purposes of Recoil Compensation. This means that it does not stack with any of the below. You can still have them on your gun, you just can only benefit from any of them, or the Gyro mount, at any one time.
  • Ruthenium Polymer Coating
    • Uses the following modifiers to the perception check to notice the person using RPC, added to the dicepools of the opposition depending on the coverage of the RPC: full +0, almost full +1, half +2
      • Bipod
      • Foregrip
      • Tripod
      • Sling
      • Underbarrel Weight
  • Melee Hardening
    • Firearms with Melee Hardening are not damaged or weakened by Melee use.
  • Smartgun Systems
    • You cannot benefit from the +2 dice wireless bonus using only a datajack.
      • It must be combined with an internal router to provide full access while currently wireless off.
  • Sleaze/Attack Dongles
    • Devices equipped with Sleaze/Attack Dongles are capable of performing Sleaze/Attack Matrix Actions
  • Underbarrel Grenade launcher
    • Airburst link can work
    • An unspecified underbarrel grenade launcher will have the following attributes:
      • Mag, 6(c)
      • RoF, SS
      • Acc, 4
      • 35000 nuyen, availability 10F
  • Environmental Adaptation Modification
    • It does nothing.
  • YNT Softweave
    • A piece of armor that has been purchased with YNT Softweave may be upgraded after its purchase
    • Armor may have YNT Softweave added after purchase
  • Custom Look Mod
    • Custom look modifiers do not stack.
  • Program Carrier
    • A program carrier includes the cost of the program, unless that program costs more than a normal Hacking program (250 nuyen), in which case you must pay for and make the availability roll for the program separately. For the purposes of the previous statement, agents will function as programs.
    • They cannot hold autosofts
    • They cannot hold Agents (Kill Code base rules); some grandfathered commlinks (pre-2019) are exceptions to this.
  • Shock Frills
    • Shock Frills do 8S, AP-5, but require an explicit attack to make use of and differ from shock gloves in that they are obvious at a glance and take up armor capacity.
  • Faraday Pocket
    • You may put it into cyberware that does not take vision/hearing enhancement capacity
  • Biofiber Pocket
    • you may put it into cyberware that does not take vision/hearing enhancement capacity


  • N-Series
    • Prices with a little ^2/3 are Squared and Cubed respectively
  • Security Deck
    • If the roll to swap programs does not achieve any hits it is permanently bricked,
      • The test to swap programs has to be done at a table. Players are always allowed to burn edge.
  • Ex-Series
    • Prices with a little ^2/3 are Squared and Cubed respectively
  • Hunter Deck
    • Attack and firewall based actions/programs only.
  • Evo Sublime
    • Penalties apply to all non-matrix actions.
    • Adept Centering can apply to Dice Pool penalties but not limit reduction
  • Kitbashed Sleeper
    • Groveler can be used to reduce Fade while using this deck
  • Wuxing Frequency Commlink
    • To make use of the ability to see TMs players be actively using the commlink as the device their persona is a part of, not just a part of their PAN.
    • Opposed with logic+sleaze if running silent, assume the opponent scored 0 hits if the persona is not running silent.
      • Note: that matrix perception is limited by data processing which for this device is effectively 6 when looking for TMs.
        • Note: TMs run silent if you want to avoid this, you have been warned that this is out and about now
  • Saeder-Krupp Last Chance link
    • The Penalty applies if the character is on a multi-week run otherwise runners are assumed to have taken breaks during downtime
    • GM fiat for when the distracted penalties kick in during multi-week runs.
    • GM fiat well as how long the ‘refresh’ period to remove the penalty has to be, could be a combat turn or a few hours.
    • Cannot take a dongle.
    • Cannot take a pi-tac.
    • Can have a Cyberdeck Module installed.
  • Nixdorf Sekretar
    • The Agent on a Nixdorf can be upgraded as per standard upgrade rules
  • Co-pilot MK 1/2/3 and Door Gunner
    • Lets anyone in the Pi-Tac issue commands to any drones on the Pi-tac
  • Hardcase CCOB
    • The 14 armor is for the RCC/Cyberdeck pocket specifically,
    • 12 armor applies to everything else in the backpack.
    • This is a large backpack the size of a hiking pack or suitcase this can be fluffed as anything from a MOLLY pack to an Armani **Suitcase as long as it is appropriately sized and can be worn on the back.
  • Generic CCOB
    • This is a large backpack the size of a hiking pack or suitcase this can be fluffed as anything from a MOLLY pack to an Armani Suitcase as long as it is appropriately sized and can be worn on the back.
  • Personal Drone Rack
    • Functions as a drone rack
  • Surplus/Refurbished Pi-tac
    • Repairs/reactivation has to happen on GRT or GM table,
    • Please ping Rules Head if it happens on the GRT.
    • Repairs have to be done by yourself, not a contact or fellow runner.
    • Note: this can include your own spirits, drones or sprites.
  • Micro-dish Transmitter
    • Only needed for the second function of the Mercury Alpha
  • MOS
    • can function with an RCC, and run autosofts.
    • MOS cannot run Swarm.
    • Only 1 MOS may be used at a time
    • Agents do not function on a MOS.
    • Concealability -2.
    • Living personas can use this if they’re capable of being a master or slave of a PAN (see One with the Matrix).
      • You have to be connected via a datajack cable (universal connector cable).
  • Douser
    • External systems only does not affect internal ware.
    • Does not affect technomancer's living persona.
  • Faceless
    • You can turn this device to the next tier down, ie: if you buy specific face, you can make it into a generic face, or faceless.
    • Specific and Generic face is programmed in at the time of purchase.
      • GM note: being blurry all the time draws attention, but specific/general face shouldn’t).
  • Booster Clouds
    • Only one of these can be active at a time,
    • Custom casing is only for determining what the Can itself looks like (Spray Paint can, Pepperpunch Can anything that would look like an aerosol can of some kind)
    • If you have purchased Custom Casing you can be assumed to have multiple covers of different looks.
  • Booster Chips
    • Fortified is Firewall
    • Armor Defeating is Attack
    • Slick Willy is Sleaze
    • Data Dynamo is Data Processing.
      • Resisted by body only, no bone lacing, bone density is allowed.
        • Technomancer Only (Duh)
  • Genemarked Pheromones
    • Requires genetic sample. Finding a guy to make it is represented by the availability test. Delivery time as normal.
      • Does bypass olfactory booster shut-off, unless explicitly looking for genemarked pheromones (rather than normal tailored pheromones.)
  • Access Codes
    • All information sections are for GM informational purposes when dealing with paydata and purchased intel.
      • It is strongly suggested by Rules Team that these values do not hold true against Shadowrunners, who should be assumed to be covering their tracks with much greater efficiency and effect than any normal - or exceptional - person, even when the player is not explicitly going "full Sterling" with their paranoia.
  • AR Enhanced
    • Creation of your own is permitted only on-table at GM discretion and shall not be carried off the table on which they were created.
    • AR Fashion can be assumed to be part of your lifestyle at the following levels, or may be paid for seperately at the listed prices.
      • Casual is included in Low Lifestyle, Business in Medium Lifestyle, Formal in High Lifestyle, and Designer in Luxury Lifestyle.
  • AR Fashion
    • See AR Enhanced
  • Future Tech
    • GM only.
      • You must ask both the GM Head and Lore Head for permission before using it in a run.
  • Hardshell Briefcase
    • concealability of+6 to +8
  • Graffiti Kit
    • The individual components are not illegal
  • Press Pass
    • Must be associated with a SIN, real or fake.
    • How well it works is up to GM fiat.
    • Only destroyed by a SIN scan or scan in general if the SIN itself is burned
  • Printing Press
    • Takes up approximately the same area as a workshop for all three.
    • May be installed in a modded vehicle with the same rules as a workshop.
  • Reinforced Standard Rope
    • Roughly 100m can fit inside of a smuggling compartment
  • Commlink modifications
    • You can modify a program carrier into a commlink using the rules for adding a module to a device in Data Trails. Note that this precludes any other modifications to the device in question.
  • Data Taps
    • Data taps can only be used to direct connect physically, via universal data port, for an already wireless device. For an offline device, it allows for wireless direct connection.
    • You cannot fit a datatap into a fingertip compartment
  • Fake Licenses/Sins
    • Firearms Licenses Cover all restricted firearms
    • Drivers licenses also cover vehicle Registration
  • Titanium Tooth & Claw Caps
    • Titanium tooth and claw caps have no mechanical effects - they likely exist to reduce the chance of damaging their claws, or to allow more potential for their claws, but these are not well represented and thus have no tied-in mechanics.
  • Toolkits
    • For each step you exceed what is required for the task, you may receive a +1. That is to say, if the task requires a tool kit and you have a shop, you get +1. If it requires a tool kit and you have a facility, you get a +2. If it requires a shop, and you have a facility, you get a +1. If it doesn't require anything, though, you can't receive bonuses by shoehorning in a kit or shop.
  • Quick-draw sheathe
    • These do not exist.
  • Reloading Slide
    • Can be placed within the same arm as a Hidden Arm Slide.
  • Hidden Arm Slide
    • Can be placed within the same arm as a Reloading Slide.
  • Side Mounts
    • Anything that can accept both a Top and Under mount can also accept one Side mount.
  • Smart Firing Platform
    • The Smart Firing Platform should be treated as the Mitsuhama Gun Turret on Page 133 of Rigger 5, except it lacks armor and comes with the autosofts mentioned in it's description. This means it cannot dodge, it soaks attacks with 2 body, no armor, and it has 7 boxes. It gains normal defensive bonuses from cover, if placed appropriately, and may be subject to minor defensive modifiers for size at GM discretion (suggest a threshold 2 to strike instead of threshold 1 when mounted with an SMG or smaller weapon)
  • Smart Wig
    • When using a Smartwig for disguise it works as a teamwork test.
  • Synthskin Facemask
    • Synthskin facemask is not enough to qualify for allergy (sunlight) reduction.
    • You can cover an obvious cyberskull with this to make it appear normal(er)
  • Vault of Ages
      • Timed preparations fizzle out if they would normally activate while stored in a vault
      • A Vault of Ages can hold (Rating x 2) preparations, each of which can have a maximum force of (Rating x 2)
    • Vaults of Ages have a maximum rating of 5
    • A Vault of Ages a size dependant on rating, as defined by the following table
Rating General Size Notes
1 Belt Pouch
2 Satchel
3 Backpack
4 Duffel Bag
5 Minifridge/Safe Vehicle Portable. Requires mod slots/installation as a ‘Workshop’ vehicle modification, p167, Rigger 5.0
    • putting a timed prep into a Vault of Ages will not stop the timer. If a prep would go off while in a Vault of Ages, it instead fizzles, harmlessly, having no effect.
  • Skill Soft Networks
    • Linguasofts are covered by Skillsoft Subscriptions under the same category as other knowsofts
  • Concealability Modifiers
    • Consider briefcases to be around size +6 to size +8, by GM fiat.
  • Sensors and Sensor Arrays
    • The rating of a camera serves to limit how much capacity of modifications it can take, rather than impose a limit.
    • If a person is using a sensor that is not in an array, they use their mental limit for perception tests.
    • If they are using a sensor that is in an array, they have the option of using the sensors rating instead of their own limit.
    • Traceless walk only protects you from making sound from contact with the floor and penalize hearing based Perception tests. Motion sensors aren’t either of those (and the things that are covered (ground vibration and pressure sensors) are specifically listed as things affected, unlike motion sensors).
  • vision/imaging devices
    • Visual capacity is typically distinct from any other form of capacity, however, any device capable of taking any vision enhancement is also capable of recording flat video.
  • survival bubbles
    • An uninflated one is sleeping bag sized.
  • Liter of Milk
    • Not a drug, cannot be obtained via chemical glands.
    • Also cannot be obtained from female cow shifters


  • Hamerli Gemini
    • may use both bullseye burst and brain blaster as part of the same action
  • Colt M23-A2
    • Has an (under) mount due to the stock slide mount
  • Throwing knives
    • Wireless bonus may be the result of combined knives and syringes
  • Remington 995
    • GM fiat when the barrel is pressed up against something, recommended solution is a -4 Called Shot
  • Osmium Mace
    • cannot accept the plasteel/ceramic components mod
    • Requires two hands to wield
  • Atomizer
    • An Atomizer has an accuracy of 3, and concealability of +0, uses exotic weapon (Atomizer) with a range of 3m, takes a complex action to reload, and requires a simple action to fire.
    • The preparation used with an Atomizer will trigger on a valid target after firing (i.e., a living aura, similar to a contact prep).
    • The Atomizer itself will function as the lynchpin for breaking sustained spells (i.e., if the Atomizer is broken, the spell will drop.)
    • An Atomizer cannot take accessories or modifications.
    • The atomizer cannot, at this time, be mounted on drones or vehicles.
  • Harpoon Gun
    • can be taken as a specialization for Archery
  • Krime Trollbow
    • cannot overdraw
  • MCT/Winchester-Howe Hornet
    • Treat a called shot vitals as normal
  • Gas gun
    • you can apply DMSO to toxins fired from it, standard rules apply
  • Crossbows
    • The Pistol Crossbow when mounted internally counts as a heavy pistol.
    • Light, Medium, and Heavy Crossbows may not be implanted.
    • Crossbows can mount an Internal Smartgun system.
    • Concealability Modifiers for Crossbows are as follows:
      • Pistol Crossbows are +0 concealability
      • Light Crossbows are +5
      • Medium are +6
      • Heavy are +7
  • Aztechnology Blood Drinker Combat Axe
    • This weapon is considered to be Object Resistance 9 for artificing and attuning.
  • Macuahuitl
    • The traditional version of the Macuahuitl weapon is considered to be Object Resistance 3 for artificing and attuning.
    • The modern version is to be considered to be Object Resistance 6.
    • Repairing the Weapon can be done with a simple Armorer test or by taking the weapon to a Contact.

Stoner-Ares M-22A1 Must be mounted on a vehicle or combat drone that can fit a HMG mount.

HORIZON-FLYNN DEFENSE-COM COMMLINK WEAPONS Concealability treated as a regular commlink (-4) Perception+Int[Mental] (4) test to spot the fake.

HORIZON-FLYNN DEFENSE-COM COMMLINK WEAPONS: TASER Can be used like the Defiance ex-shocker both in Melee and as a taser..

MCT/Winchester-Howe Hornet Firing faster than single shot will cause the weapon to automatically glitch.

Renraku/Ingram Supermach 200 Can only be used with standard ammunition.

Arms Silent Claw Stiletto Thrust attacks are fluff only. Mechanically they act as a standard melee weapon, AP is still -5. GM fiat might make a “Thrust Attack” not possible in some situations.

Krime Bill It is a simple action to collapse the Krime Bill.

Onotari Arms S-3K It is a simple action to unfold the Onotari Arms S-3K.

Fluid-Motion Mace The Fluid-Motion Mace can use the take-aim action, despite it not normally working with melee weapons. A Charge action won’t break take aim when used for Fluid-Motion mace.

Tonfa There is no limit on the amount of Tonfa that can be wielded, provided you have the arms to wield them.

Krime Trollbow KRIME TROLLBOW (BOWS) has 0 reach a damage code of (Rating + 2)P and an Armor Piecing value of (Rating / 4). You may purchase Arrows with Rating up to the rating of the Trollbow.

Winchester Airbow The Winchester Airbow is counted as a bow for Alchemy.

Cavalier Thunderstruck Thunderstruck can has 2 side slots.

Morrissey Alta EDIT 18/8/5 this weapon is considered Restricted.

Morrissey Elite This gun does not incure a “Wrong attire penalty” when worn in social situations.

The Nemesis Arms Praetorian The street Lethal version replaces Cutting Aces version. This bayonets stat block is used when utilising the pistol bayonet.

WW Infiltrator The WW Infiltrator has a cloud of icons instead of one. However it has no wireless functionality and never can have one so assume that it’s wireless is off at all times.

  • M23-A2
    • the M23 has an additional under slot with "slide mount (under)" attached.
  • Onotari Hl-13
    • Changing weapon configurations requires a Automatics + Logic [Mental] (5, 1 minute) test.
  • The Krime Whammy
    • only does its club attack and shotgun attack at the same time when it’s being used to breach a structure.
    • Modifications on the Whammy are as done as a club, not as a shotgun.
    • The weapon has a base accuracy of 3 when using the shotgun only.
  • The Krime Stun-O-Net
    • counts as a Club when not being used on a weapon and uses the club skill when used as a bayonet.
  • Narcoject Dazzler
    • Multiple Narcoject Dazzler’s effects do not stack with each other.
  • Ares Screech Rifle
    • you may used called shots with it
    • uses shotgun choke rules
  • Laser pistol
    • fits into the same capacity as a pistol for cyberlimbs. Needs an external ammo slot
  • Clubs
    • Clubs may be specialized towards “Improvised.” This would include firearms as melee weapons (use stats listed in Run and Gun)
  • Collapsible Scythe
    • Scythes use the “Blades” skill
    • Scythes are Two-Handed when not collapsed
  • Collapsible Spear
    • The Collapsible spear is Two-Handed when extended, but may be thrown One-Handed.
  • Firearms
    • Firearms of rifle size or larger suffer a -2 penalty to ranged attacks when wielded with one hand (-1 for trolls)
  • Flamethrowers
    • Need huge mounts to be mounted
  • FN-AAL Gyrojet Pistol
    • The FN-AAL Gyrojet pistol can use regular ammo variants.
  • Remington Roomsweeper
    • uses heavy pistols
  • PSK-3
    • Counts as a Holdout while folded down for concealability purposes
    • Ammo clips are -4 for concealability
    • Extended clips are a -2
    • can take modifications that don't require a slot (such as personalized grip)
  • Natural Weapons
    • For Trolls and Orcs, the optional rule to use natural tusks/horns as weapons, is in use.
    • Natural Weapons obtained through HMHVV infection/SURGE/Dracomorphosis/etc. use the Unarmed skill, as opposed to an exotic weapons skill for that natural weapon
    • Players possessing the Dual Natured Critter power may use natural weapons in astral combat.
    • Penetrating strike stacks with the AP of natural weapons
  • Carbines
    • Use the following mod slots: Side/Stock/Barrel/Top
    • can be taken as a specialization
  • Unarmed Weapons
    • Unarmed weapons do not gain additional damage granted to your unarmed damage.
  • Heavy Machine Guns
    • Heavy Machine guns can be used while they’re mounted without meeting the Strength requirement.
  • HK XM30
    • The concealability for this weapon is equal to whatever form it is in. The Carbine form is SMG Concealability
    • The HK XM30 uses the SMG spec while in carbine mode.
    • If you attune to it, all variants are attuned
  • Mono-Whips
    • Entanglement can be used with monowhips.
  • Parashield Dart Pistol
    • The Parashield Dart Pistol is quieter than a handgun, but the threshold to hear it fire is up to the GM.
  • Narcoject trackstopper
    • Penalty to agility affects any roll that uses agility
  • Yo-yos and Rolling Blades
    • Uses an exotic melee skill of Yo-yos and Rolling Blades respectively.
  • Torch
    • -6 AP like all other fire weapons
    • GMs can use common sense on where torches may or may not work.
  • Pitchfork
    • Does not actually deal fire damage


  • General
    • Players are not allowed to split the cost of an apartment.
    • A facility of any kind must be tied to a medium lifestyle (or higher), cannot be transferred between lifestyles, and cannot be tied to vehicle-based lifestyles.
    • If the lifestyle is lost, the facility is lost.
    • Shared lifestyles have significant drawbacks. Unfortunately, those drawbacks are impossible to model in a living community, and as such, are not permitted on ShadowNET. Fluff is permitted.
  • Lifestyle Damage
    • You may bypass Lifestyle damage with an appropriate Survival Skill roll.
  • Facilities
    • An automotive facility would have enough space to store a plethora of vehicles.
  • Trust Fund
    • Trust Fund lifestyles may be upgraded, but you must pay any increases above the base, minimum lifestyle out of pocket. This can, of course, be subsidized by the monthly income.



  • Traditions
    • The following Traditional variants of existing traditions are allowed (and modified as noted)
      • Traditionalist rules are completely optional. You may play the original UMT version of the tradition as it was printed, or may play a traditionalist mage of that tradition if it is legal. Switching your choice requires the Paradigm shift metamagic.
        • Traditional Buddhist(Does not gain barehanded adept for free.)
        • Traditional Christian (All types)
        • Traditional Druid (All types)(You may be a Wild, Celtic, or English druid while using the UMT version of the druid from page 45 of Street Grimoire, but you do not get the optional modifications the traditionalist gets for playing a Wild or English Druid if you do so. The optional modifications of Wild and English druids are in addition to the traditionalist rules)
        • Traditional Norse (All types) (Modified) (Replace willpower + charisma with willpower + logic as per existing tradition. Durable preparations is the mastery quality of the same name.)
        • Qur’anic Mage
        • Traditional Shamanism
        • Pariah(Choose second drain stat out of logic/intuition/charisma. Remove opposition metamagic.)
        • Romani
    • Non-traditional variants of the following traditions are allowed (Essentially, they get the drain attribute & spirit selection, but nothing else.)
      • Cosmic
      • Green Magic (Cannot use plant spirits for spell categories other than combat.)
      • Red Magic (Cannot use beast spirits for spell categories other than combat)
      • Missionist
      • Elder God
  • Mystic Adept Alterations
      • Mystic Adepts must choose one of the three magical groups (Enchanting, Sorcery, Conjuring) which they will lose access too. ***Mystic Adepts do not gain the ability to astrally perceive without purchasing the adept power to do so.
    • The Aware
      • An Aware can take metamagics/enhancements/focussed awakened as an aspected magician.
  • Object Resistance
    • corpses have an OR of 3
  • Mage Masks
    • cannot stop someone actively projecting, would keep them from projecting once returned to their body
  • Wards
    • the fooling wards rule on pg. 135 of Street Grimoire are used on the NET
  • Awakened for purposes of Foci
    • Awakened would be anything with active magic use (adept powers, or one of the three magical skill groups available) with creatures simply possessing a magic rating and critter powers as Magical but not as Awakened.
  • Line of Sight (LOS)
    • Line of sight can be established via natural vision, including vision augmentations paid for with essence (Such as thermographic, or low-light, not including ultrasound, radar, or other non-visual sense augmentations.)
    • Individuals who are dual-natured + astrally perceiving can cast physical LoS requiring spells on individuals they can see, with a -2 dice pool modifier, for taking an action in the physical world, while astrally perceiving. Characters who are astrally projecting, or in purely astral form, cannot use this to cast physical spells, or spells with physical targets, while astral.
  • Magical Lodges
    • Any character with a Force 6 or higher lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 2 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge. Any character with a Force 1 to Force 5 lodge can be assumed to have a BGC of 1 aligned towards their tradition within that lodge.

This includes temporary lodges made through reagents

  • Noticing Magic/Numinous Perception
    • You cannot perceive sustained spells, or active detection spells.
  • Burn Out
    • Metasapients
  • Fetishes
    • You need 1 fetish for each spell these can be combined EG. making a fetish a page in a book and carrying ita s a book
      • If a Metasapient burns out completely, they become mundane, losing dual natured, along with any other magical powers, aside from sapience. In the case of a sasquatch specifically, for example, they would lose mimicry.
  • Astral Perception
    • Vision specific penalties and bonuses do not affect Astral Perception unless they are explicitly stated to in the rules or in this document.

You cannot Assense the fact that Technomancers are Dissonant, though you may get that they’re insane Technomancers.

    • Astral perception uses Assensing in place of the Perception Skill
  • Changing Adept ways
    • It is possible to change adept ways. It costs 20 karma to do so. You retain all metamagics and other benefits of the art that you may have acquired, but are unable to gain new metamagics, rituals, and other perks except from the single, individual Path you are following at the time, the undecided way, and mage initiation perks if you are a mystic adept. You lose all power point discounts, but gain new ones according to your new path. This may result in a loss or gain in total power points spendable.
  • Astral Combat
    • Reach is non-functional
    • Block and Parry function off of astral combat with astral limit or weapon limit when using a focus
    • Astral initiative is not subject to any bonuses or modifiers except those that explicitly state they apply to Astral Initiative, with the exception of Blitz, which applies on the Astral in the same manner as in the meat world.
    • Astral Combat is the skill used any modifications, Martial arts, Actions ect that do not specifically mention they affect Astral Combat do not function with Astral Combat.
    • Astral forms are not subject to subdual or clinching.
    • Agile defender does not allow a projecting mage to use logic in place of agility for full defense
    • Astral forms may Full Defense.
  • Spellcasting
    • You cannot utilize Called Shots with Spellcasting
  • Bioweapons
    • Since bioweapons use the natural weapons spec, it has been decided that they function with the majority of unarmed combat adept powers, while cyberweapons, will not.
  • Signature
    • Any entity who has cast a spell through any means may erase their own residual signatures, assuming they are within 1 (one) meter of it's location. This does not require any qualities, nor does it require astral perception in any way. One can be assumed to be aware of their own, and only their own, signatures, as long as they can recall and locate their casting location. This uses the same actions and is otherwise subject to the rules on Page 312 of the Core Rulebook, Second Printing. As well as. Any entity with the Magician quality or Mystic Adept quality (notably player characters who possess either, and ally spirits, though not normal spirits) may erase any residual astral signature within [MAGIC] meters of themselves, assuming they are astrally perceiving and subject to the rules on Page 312 of the Core Rulebook, Second Printing.


Adept Powers

  • General
    • If a power needs to be used with unarmed combat, such as smashing blow, penetrating strike, killing hands, or similar, it can be also used with bio-weapons, such as striking callus', or bone spurs. These powers can also be used with bone lacing, or bone density augmentation.
    • Cyberweapons cannot be used with these powers, but they, instead, can be made into weapon foci, and used with any powers requiring a weapon focus, such as elemental strike.
  • Adrenaline boost
    • Adrenaline boost only applies to astral & physical initiatives
  • Attribute Boost
    • Strength increases melee weapon damage while active
  • Berserker's Rage
    • The penalty becomes a -2, you do not need to use this ability if you do not want to
  • Traceless Walk
    • Does not bypass motion sensors
  • Increased Reflexes
    • Increased Reflexes is allowed to stack with drugs.
  • Enthralling Performance
    • You may use enthralling performance to help palming checks
  • Focused Archery
    • An adept with Focused Archery may functionally increase their strength by their rating in Focused Archery for the purposes of firing a bow. This is subject to augmented maximum.
  • Linguistics
    • The linguistics power can only be used actively during a run rather than passively during downtime.
  • Killing hands
    • Killing hands does not interact with Knucks in any way.
  • Missile Mastery
    • Does not apply to bolas
  • Kinsenics
    • Kinesics applies to the counter-con test, it Also helps with composure to resist judge intentions.
    • Kinesics provides bonus dice to resist tests to read your emotions meaning that if somebody were attempting to do so via assensing, it would apply as a bonus dice pool to the resistance test and would create one if the individual did not possess masking
  • Attuned Items
    • Attuned items in a Background count take the usual penalties to the dice pool of any skill tests involving them, but do not switch off at any point, because they do not have a force.
  • Improved Ability (Skill)
    • The Improved Ability Adept Power increases the number of teamwork dice that you can accept. The dice receivable are limited by language restrictions. Ranks from other sources (such as Tailored Pheromones) are not limited by language restrictions.
  • Improved Reflexes
    • Can stack with drugs
  • Magic Sense
    • Magic+Magic is the roll used for the Magic Sense adept power by the adept. It is at the GM's discretion how the rolling is handled.
  • Mana Choke
    • Mana Choke can be taken with One Trick Pony, as only the martial art is restricted to adepts/mysads, not the technique.
    • Damage is resisted as drain. Body + Willpower for adepts and mundanes, Willpower + Drain attribute for magicians and mystic adepts. This damage cannot be healed by anything other than rest.
  • Mana Strike
    • Mana Strike can be taken with One Trick Pony, as only the martial art is restricted to adepts/mysads, not the technique.
    • Mana Strike counts as a magical attack for the purposes of regeneration.
  • Mnemonic Vault
    • Mnemonic Vault does not affect the use of Laes/Leal
  • Melanin Control
    • Melanin Control will affect Bioware, but not Cyberware.
  • Nerve Strike
    • Nerve strike can be accomplished via a touch attack
    • Nerve strike on characters with cyberlimbs affects their average agility (If agility is being targeted) rather than their meat agility.
    • Nerve Strike does no damage, and consequently would not benefit from any called shots.
  • Improved Sense
    • Ultrasound is an allowed sense.
    • Select sound filter at rating 6 can be taken, and functions as the cyberware, with the exception that it cannot be used to transfer recorded (recorded in this sense meaning, sounds you remember.) sounds to other devices, since it's neither a device, nor has wireless capability.
    • Adepts may take the Improved Sense power with selection (Olfactory), making scent a "discrete" sense in the same way as an Olfactory Booster does. It does not include the ability to filter out scents, any bonus dice, or any of the nifty stuff a vomeronasal organ does, but does allow you the same degree of precision a cyber-shnozz with similar dice would.
    • Improved Sense Flare Compensation does not count as implanted flare compensation, so the penalty from a flashpak, or similar, acts as if it were flare compensation in eyegear
  • Maintain Warmth
    • The Maintain Warmth adept power does not interact with the Cold Blooded metagenic negative quality in any way. It does not interact with the Cold Blooded metagenic negative. It only applies to environmental dangers, basically.
  • Rapid Draw
    • Rapid draw allows you to use the quick draw action on any weapon that is holstered, secured via a sling, or held at a ‘low-ready’ position
  • Elemental Strike
    • Elemental Attacks, including the AP of the fire, uses the unmodified AP of the attack
  • Facial Sculpt
    • Since it takes one minute to change your face with facial sculpt, your face will begin reverting as soon as the focus switches off, and complete within one minute.
  • Body Sculpt
    • Can be used to impersonate a nartaki, but the shiva arms would be non-functional
    • Can temporarily remove physical metagenic qualities such as Beak
  • Penetrating Strike
    • applies only to basic Unarmed attacks
  • State Of Purity
    • Works with natural weapons, but will replace the DV and AP. Additionally, strength/magic replacement and augmentation effects will work with the power as well, possibly increasing the DV.
    • After replacing the users DV, additional DV cannot be applied from any source. Other effects, such as AP or elemental effects, may be added as normal.
    • The user needs to maintain 6 essence or more at all times. For creatures with Essence Loss/Essence Drain, any loss of max essence will be considered as below 6 essence. The adept power is refunded upon dropping below 6 essence, and power points previously used for it can be used for other powers.
  • Mystic Aptitude
    • Similar to Supernatural Prowess, replaces attributes. As such, the replaced stats cannot be further augmented or changed.

Adept Ways

  • The Magician’s Way
    • Adepts following the magician’s way cannot take Greater ritual. The magician’s way is not required for a mystic adept to learn mage initiation benefits
  • The Speaker’s Way
    • Silver Tongued Devil
      • Silver Tongued Devil requires the Commanding Voice power, found in Stolen Souls, on page 191, as opposed to the Commanding Voice power in Street Grimoire, which was removed in the SG errata.
  • Qi Sculpt
    • Qi Sculpt may be used multiple times at once. Each instance of drain is suffered seperately.
  • Warrior's Way
    • Barrage
      • Whether or not it only works with improvised throwing weapons is entirely at GM discretion, as there is too much variance. Whether or not multiple preps can be triggered in this way is also up to GM discretion, with the suggestion of allowing only one prep to hit a given target per net hit on narrow choke, and only one period on medium or wide choke.



  • Mentor’s Mask
    • The negative affect to magician abilities from a Mentor’s Mask will make it possible to detect sustained spells with numinous perception, due to their mentor’s mask manifesting.
    • Mystic Adepts, if they take a mentor’s mask, get the type of mask bonus dependant on the bonus they receive from their mentor spirit (IE: If they took the adept bonus from their mentor spirit, they get the adept mask, and if they took the magician bonus from their mentor spirit, they get the magician mask.) The negative effect of a mentor’s mask applies to all aspects of their magic usage that have a force (Both their adept powers, and magician abilities.)
    • The choice to have a mentor’s mask is made when a character acquires a mentor spirit.If they later switch mentor spirits, they get to make the choice again. If, for any reason, they lose their mentor spirit, they no longer have the advantage, or disadvantage, of a mentor’s mask.
    • You may obtain or remove your mentor’s mask by paying 20 karma without ‘losing’ your mentor. (Effectively buying off the mentor, then buying it again.
    • An adepts mentor's mask is active while you have any powers 'switched on', even passive ones, such as improved reflexes, facial sculpt, or authoritative tone.
    • Subtract 3 from the threshold of any numinous perception checks to notice the presence of the spirit, or its summoning.



  • Changes to Alchemy
    • With the introduction of the Vault of Ages (p193, FA) , we will be introducing a set of mechanics to streamline some parts of the alchemy process in character downtime, and, also, cut off some issues with stockpiling.
    • Characters who personally possess the Alchemy skill, and a Vault of Ages, may, if they so choose, spend some of their downtime between runs to keep a single vault of ages filled with up to (Rating x 2) preparations, following these rules:
      • To determine potency, subtract the force from your alchemy dice pool (without the assistance of edge, spirits, or drugs) then buy hits with the resulting pool..
      • Maximum force of the preparation will be the lowest of (Magic x 2), and (Vault Rating x 2)
      • While you may own more than one Vault of Ages, you may not use multiple Vaults of Ages to create more “downtime preps.” They are for convenience of storage only, and you may only have a number of downtime preparation that your strongest Vault of Ages allows. You may determine freely where your preparations are stored, following the normal limits of a Vault of Ages.
    • For example, if you have 15 dice in alchemy, and you choose to fill your vault of ages with force 10 blast preparations, you would take your dice pool (15), reduce it by force (10) to 5, then divide that by four, and round down, to determine the potency, which, in this case, would be 1.
  • Preperations
    • Alchemical preparations on arrows do have their spell effect in addition to the damage of the arrow
    • Contact preparations cannot be stored safely in an autoinjector
    • You cannot fill capsule rounds with liquid preps
    • Alchemy, and arcana, benefit from special work area, the bonus does not apply to force based rolls that represent actively working magic, such as finishing a preperation or foci. It does assist in writing an ally formula or designing a focus however, or for making higher grade reagents.
  • Force of Personality
    • Charisma is limited by augmax


  • General
    • Ritual Formulae are purchased as Combat Formulae.
    • In Rituals involving a Spotter, An individual that is capable of being dual-natured (Whether by astrally perceiving, or naturally being dual natured.) can be the spotterl. If they do not have a tradition (By being either a mysad or magician.) then they resist the drain with body+willpower.
  • Create/Enhance Ally Spirit
    • You must have ritual ranks to both learn and cast the Create/Enhance Ally spirit rituals.
  • Zombie
    • The “Zombie” ritual is banned on Shadownet.
  • Remote Sensing
    • Non participants who’re connected via mind link can leave the lodge without breaking the ritual if their only act was being targets. Those individuals will have standard remote sensing range so long as the main sustaining remains within the lodge.
  • Corpse Cadavre
    • The “Corpse Cadavre” ritual is banned on shadownet
  • The Berserk imbuement
    • The Berserk imbuement will only increase the damage of melee weapons/attacks.
  • Hedge Mages
    • can only do the spell enhancement rituals at this time
  • Imbue
    • You need to be able to accomplish imbuing the new item if you upgrade an imbued item. Otherwise decide between upgrading or keeping it infused
  • Homunculus
    • the charisma of homunculi is 0 and that their base damage is 0 for astral combat.
    • Homunculi have F/2 skill ranks.
    • You can make em as small as you like be aware that if your servant is the size of a marble climbing stairs would most likely be outside "limitations of its physical capabilities."
    • Use the animate spell for resistances in creating the Homunculus
  • Calling
    • You can choose to summon a possession variant of a spirit, but you will need a vessel for it to inhabit within the circle
    • Its ultimately up to GMs how the Calling ritual plays out (it being very fluffy and not crunchy at all) GMs might pick the spirits optional powers, make them appear possessed or materialized or what form they should take.


  • spells reliant on consent
    • All living minds in a body need to consent for willing magic. This means that both the spirit and the person they're possessing need to consent(even if they're unconscious at the moment).
    • Control Thoughts can be used to make someone consent to a spell
  • Consistency
    • The message length should be restricted to no longer than a sentence or two. GMs hold final say at their tables.
  • mental manipulation magic
    • order of operations
      • Resist initial spellcasting (L+W vs Spellcasters pool) net hits determining length.
      • If the result is greater then 0 then every pass the target can resist with (L+W)-F this can be 0 dicepool, hits from this resist reduce the net hits of the spellcaster.They do not need to be aware of the magic to attempt this, unless otherwise stated by the spell
      • ANYONE nearby (as determined by GM) can spend a simple action to Percieve magic (280 CRB) including target.
    • A GM can choose for the Target to Not resist because they are "Surprised" or "Unaware" that is up to the GM to make the Target auto fail.
  • Sustaining
    • Spells can be sustained within 100*magic meters, for spells that are touch to cast, you do not need to maintain contact to sustain the spell
  • AoE
    • If you can detect the spell, you may run for your liffe
  • Alter Ballistics
    • Alter Ballistics can also be used on arrows & bolts, as well as bullets, but not area of effect explosives such as rockets or grenades, or other “ballistic” weapons such as darts, thrown weapons, or tasers.
    • Alter Ballistics requires Alchemical Armorer to learn, and can only be made into a preparation, not cast as a spell.
  • Improved invisibility
    • can be combined with manascape and extended masking to make yourself invisible on both the astral and physical. May want to invest in sneaking as well.
  • Mana net
    • Mana Bind and Mana Net can ONLY be cast on astral Targets. For Physical Targets you must use Bind or Net bind.
  • Analyze Device
    • Can be used on a focus, though the device will only be improved, not the focus (i.e. analyze device on a gun power focus will make it shoot better, but will not let you have a more powerful power focus)
  • Armor
    • The Armor spell cannot be anchored on Vehicles or Drones, as they lack an aura, and the spell is not explicitly designed to be anchored on vehicles or drones.
  • Comet
    • Comet does not ignore armor specific elemental resistances (Specifically, fire resistance.)
  • Control Thoughts
    • Control Thoughts/Mob minds 'standard action' will be interpreted to mean a complex action, similar to the action required to command people under mob control/control actions
  • Cryptesthesia
    • Consider [Enhanced Smell] Cryptesthesia as a rating 2 olfactory booster.
  • Decrease/Increase Gear Limits
    • Every matrix attribute counts as a separate limitation category for the purposes of increase/decrease gear limits.
      • It's also worth noting that this spell increases/decreases the limit, rather than the derived attribute. Increasing the sleaze limit on a cyberdeck won't give you more running silent dice. Or increasing the firewall limit doesn't give you more dice to resist matrix damage.
  • Detox
    • Detox can be used to mitigate the non damage or permanent crash effects of drugs (Such as disorientation, but not the unresisted stun from kamikaze, or the permanent berserk of K-10), if cast at a force equal to their addiction rating. They do not, however, cause you to ignore the negative effects of a drug that is currently in effect, or end the drugs effect early, simply reduce the additional effects of a crash the user is suffering at the time of casting.
  • Decrease Noise
    • Targets a single device or persona. If it targets a deck, anyone using the deck benefits, if it targets a technomancer they benefit, if cast on a person it would affect any implanted wireless gear
  • [Element] Wall
    • Corrosive mist can be selected for this, using Acid damage
  • Elemental Grenade
    • Launches itself when used as an alchemical preparation
  • Glue Spell Interacting With Vehicles
    • The car would count as a single object. The car's body and strength are both equal to it's Body score. Speed is not a factor for the resist test.Crash tests as a result of failing the resist test are at GM discretion.
  • LOS and spells
    • LOS is only needed to cast the spell, as such nothing happens when it is broken
  • Reinforce
    • The reinforce spell and spirit power applies to barriers and only barriers, not vehicles, nor worn armor.
  • Limited Spells
    • You may utilize a Limited version of a touch-range spell.
    • You may not acquire or utilize a Limited version of a Ritual spell.
    • If you are casting a Ritual that casts another spell, and you only know that spell as a Limited version, you gain none of the benefits of the fetish, but you must still possess the fetish in order to cast that spell.
    • you cannot use fetishes for alchemical preparations
  • Hose/Tsunami
    • PCs may access the Hose and Tsunami spells (BB 155). Note they do not actually deal damage to tracks - they have the water elemental effect.
  • Magic Fingers
    • Magic fingers move at the same rate move at the same rate as a metahuman of their agility (Hits on the spellcasting test)
  • Mindlink
    • In order to be a subject of Mindlink or Mindnet, one must be a metahuman or a metasapient.
  • Oak
    • Oak’s bonus die to damage resistance does not apply to drain.
  • Passenger
    • This spell is sustained, NOT instant, as it states. It is not functional otherwise.
  • Physical Barrier
    • The amount of weight a physical barrier can support is up to GM discretion.
      • Suggested Guidelines:
        • 2 hits: Average metahuman
        • 4 hits: Heavy Metahuman (ork, troll, heavily augmented) or light vehicle (bikes and jackrabbits)
        • 6 hits: Average vehicle (cars and vans)
        • 8+ hits: Heavy vehicle (trailers, tanks, trucks.)
    • But these are, as mentioned, just guidelines. GM's may wish to compare hits on the physical barrier spell to the barrier ratings table on p197 of the CRB, and determine what is reasonable for a barrier to support from there.
  • Touch Spells
    • Any time a touch-range spell is cast, you must first make an unarmed touch attack, taking the normal +2 bonus for touch-only, and winning on ties. This is resisted by a normal melee defense test. You cannot apply any other effects with this - no using shock gloves, or poison, or slap patches, or w/e. This test is only for casting the spell. Assuming you make contact, you may cast your spell. Direct spells resolve normally. Indirect combat spells resolve uncontested, unless the defender has spell defense dice, magic resistance, or similar, which would apply against your spellcasting+magic roll at this point. You then resolve damage or other effects and take drain as usual for the spell.
  • Fling
    • Limit for using the fling spell for throwing anything, including a thrown weapon is the force of the spell or reagents spent,if any.
    • Your magic is the str for the purposes of range and damage
    • Personalized grips do not increase the accuracy when using the fling spell on thrown weapons.
  • Astral Disruption/Mass Astral Disruption
    • Targeting dual natured takes up one of the net hits. It does not remove dual natured, instead it blinds their astral perception and gives them a -4 on all actions for as long as the spell is sustained. They remain a valid target on the Astral, but cannot take actions against anything on the astral.
    • For ease of play, the spell effects can be declared before rolls in an ordered list. Powers will be activated in order similar to the Alter Ballistics alchemical prep, based on net hits.

  • Shapechange (Spell) and Critter Form (Spell)
    • While under the effects of the Shapechange spell, technomancers retain access to their resonant abilities (including, but not limited to: Sprites, complex forms, echoes)
    • You may purchase the flight skill, or default it at agility -1. It is part of the athletics skill group
    • While using shapechange, all adept powers remain active, however some may not work (such as those requiring your voice)
    • When using Shapechange your equipment does not come with you.
    • Shapechanged individuals can use Martial arts not requiring a weapon.
    • NPC Mages may use Shapechange to turn into toxic critters that do not have a magic attribute, such as a killdeer
    • You may retain enough clothing to maintain modesty, if you wish. (Note the clothing retained will be basic clothing, with no mechanical advantages)
    • Interactions with Cyberware
      • Cyberware and bioware that requires actual activation of some kind does not function.
      • Cyberware and bioware that provide passive benefits (including but not limited to attribute bumps that can always be on) function normally.
      • Cyberlimbs do not function in any way, and anything within them can only function in any capacity that does not require motion - you can still use your orientation system, but you cannot fire a cybergun.
  • Shape [Material]
    • Metal is not clear enough.
  • Sunbeam
    • Sunbeam halves after net hits.
  • Spellblades
    • Spellblades cannot be stacked on top of normal weapons.
    • Are not affected by the quality Witness My Hate
    • Spellblades only bypass armor when used against spirits
    • AP=force
    • Spellblades take into account Armor + Body/Willpower on Shadownet except when used against spirits.
  • Spell Formula
    • You cannot use a Spell Formula to learn both the Limited & Unlimited spell. You’re required to purchase separate formulas.
  • Reagent Uses
    • Reagents cannot be used to set the limit of an Absorption interrupt
    • Refined Reagents can be used to create magical compounds
    • Radical Reagents may be used for creating inanimate vessels
  • Reinforce
    • The reinforce spell and spirit power applies to barriers and only barriers, not vehicles, nor worn armour. The same goes for the possession power, which does not increase the armour rating of, for example, an armour jacket, if you were to tell it to possess that.
  • Alchemy
    • For the purposes of what triggers are valid, all Health spells should be considered "healing spells."
  • Traditions
    • Wicca
      • There is no cross tradition penalty when a Gardnerian Wiccan participates in a Goddes Wiccan’s ritual or vice versa as they are both members of the Wiccan Tradition.

Mystic Adepts

  • General
    • Mystic Adepts must choose one of the three magical groups (Enchanting, Sorcery, Conjuring) which they will lose access too.
    • Mystic Adepts do not gain the ability to astrally perceive without purchasing the adept power to do so.
    • A mystic adept cannot buy back lost power points that occur due to lost essence from essence drain, needing an initiation to buy new powerpoints like they would in any other scenario


  • You can create Foci above rating 5 with the artificing skill, without needing a run
  • Power Foci
    • Power Foci add to Metasapient powers which involve magic as an attribute in the roll.
  • Qi Foci
    • You will not permanently lose a memory if you use a Qi Focus for memory displacement and then lose the focus
    • You may only have one Adept Spell Qi Focus bound at a time. If you wish to unbind it, you may change what spell you have. You may not have one bound if you have the Adept Spell power yourself.
    • Qi foci will only be negatively impacted by Background Count if they are entirely shut off.
    • A Qi Foci will not lose the effect of the power contained within unless the BCG present is enough to totally deactivate the foci.
    • If a Facial Sculpt or Body Sculpt Focus shuts off(due to BGC) then any changes will begin to revert at the same interval it took to make the changes in the first place.
    • You may qualify for qualities because of a power from a Qi Focus, however if the Focus is deactivated or lost, you no longer have access to the quality until the power is regained.
  • Spell Foci
    • Counterspelling foci
      • A counterspelling focus adds to your general spell defense pool, rather than any specific typed pool for spell defense, but you only receive a bonus equal to the strongest counterspelling focus, they cannot be stacked together.
  • Weapon Foci
    • Cyberweapons can be turned into Weapon Foci.
    • Bioweapons cannot be turned into Weapon Foci
    • Cyberweapons can be turned into weapon foci and used with any powers requiring a weapon focus, such as elemental strike, while bioweapons cannot.
    • You cannot attack a target on the astral plane with this, if you are not currently viewing the astral


  • General
    • Spirits are immune to toxins, pathogens, and diseases, as well as anything that reasonably requires a biology.
    • A spirit becomes uncontrolled upon running out of services, either due to expenditure or Banishing. It can then roll it's Edge (which is it's Force divided by 2) against a threshold 3 test. Unbound spirits take a -4 penalty, and spirits with memorable or frequent experiences with metahumanity (GM discretion - assume no) get a +2 bonus.
    • Bound spirits need to be materialized to use Aid Alchemy or Aid Sorcery if the caster is working in the material plane
    • can carry you, assuming they can physically do so.
  • Innate Spell
    • You may use the Innate Spell to have a spirit sustain a spell on you for the duration of a session (or until the spirit dissipates). Using Innate Spell in this manner only cost a single service.
    • Spirits created by Dedicated Conjurers cannot use this power
  • Inhabitation
    • Flesh form inhabitation spirits can make use of DNI & 'ware of the vessel they inhabit.
  • Levitate
    • A levitating, or otherwise floating target, which is knocked down, still suffers all the effects of being prone, even if they don't fall out of the sky. This means that they suffer any relevant modifiers, and must make a body+willpower (2) test to act normally again. Could be viewed as spinning in place, or knocked off balance, or whatever.
  • Possession
    • if one takes over a drone, use the spirits attributes
    • Possession’s attribute increases are subject to the Augmented Maximum of +4
    • A Spirit possessing a sword that has energy aura does not cause the sword to do more damage, or damage the wielder.
  • Realistic Form
    • Spirits with access to technical skills (that take the form of a realistic form), like task and ally spirits, are more capable than most in interacting with augmented reality. They can operate a commlink, make calls, paint a digital picture, program a persona, look up information, delete your browsing history as a last request, and schedule that doctor's appointment to get that thing looked at. However the matrix is still a realm they can't fully understand, even if they can interact with it more smoothly than most. As such they are unable to use skills such as computer, hacking, ewar, software, and cybercombat to hack or alter devices. Their capabilities are essentially limited to functions most general users are capable of, that don't require in depth knowledge of the matrix. Also, considering spirits are lacking the N in DNI, they are incapable of using any form of simsense or DNI.
    • The realistic form power cannot be used to turn into anything of mechanical significance. They can, however, perfectly imitate any object of metahuman size or less that doesn't have mechanical effects.
  • Guard
    • Protects against radiation
  • Reinforce
    • The reinforce spell and spirit power applies to barriers and only barriers, not vehicles, nor worn armour.
  • Spirit Index
    • Spirits accrue spirit index in Toxic/Corrupt BGCs at a rate of 1 point per hour.
    • Spirits accrue spirit index in Mana voids equal to the level of the Mana Void per hour.
  • Spirit Pacts
    • Are banned on the Net.
  • Great Form Spirits
    • The powers that Great Form Spirits can’t Endow are:
      • Astral Form
      • Materialization
      • Possession
      • Inhabitation (If you somehow have a spirit that can endow it.)
      • Endowment
      • Sapience
      • Energy Drain
      • Skills (Specifically, when skills are selected powers.)
    • You can only Great Form your own spirits.
  • Skill Use
    • It does not cost a service to make use of the spirit's skills.
    • It is one service per power use, even while in combat. The exception to this is if you relinquish control to the spirit and then tell it to fight in the combat, at which point it uses powers as it (read - the GM, should they choose to exercise partial or total control) deems fit.
    • Energy Aura, venom, and natural weapon are always-on and do not require a service to use, activate, or otherwise benefit from.
    • The effects of the Fear power cannot be transferred to another subject, the character will be afraid of the spirit. Even if they are physically masked to appear as someone else.
    • Concealment does not affect astral perception, electronic warfare substituting for perception is affected as normal
  • Ally Spirits
    • General
      • Ally Spirits cannot take Great Form Spirit powers.
      • An Ally Spirit cannot turn its Energy Aura off.
      • An Ally Spirit can only have one Energy Aura
    • Invocation
      • Once you have the Invocation Art, you simply need to spend 5 karma & purchase one ritual formula (Same price/avail as combat formula.) to learn great form binding, like any other ritual.
    • Ritual of Change
      • In order to summon an Ally Spirit, you must have a formula (which can be made by rolling out Arcana or by a run to go on a metaplanar quest for it.) You must then perform the ritual, with a force equal to the force of the ally you are trying to summon. Lacking a timespan, assume it takes 1 hour per point of force. After you successfully complete the ritual, you must summon the spirit, rolling the normal rolls for such. Spirit Whisperer does not come into play, for sanity's sake. Then, finally, you must bind the spirit (or give up and try again another day.)
    • Banishing Ally Spirits
      • Ally Spirits will be considered to have Force+Edge services for the purposes of Banishing, including their Banishing Resistance power. These services rejuvenate at sunrise and sunset at the summoner's location.

A spirit's edge is set to it's summoner's with a new Ritual of Change, but otherwise cannot be improved.

  • Guidance Spirit
    • Uses force for Ritual Spellcasting for purposes of Divination

Critter Powers

  • Pixies
    • The Vanishing Power listed in the Pixie's statblock is triggered by their death. It cannot be triggered voluntarily and is permanent
  • Animal Control
    • Vermin
      • The animals the qualify as vermin for the purpose of a Gnawers, “Animal Control (Vermin)”  are:
        • Rats, Devil Rats, Demon Rats, Glow Rats, Digits, Nezumis, and Rooks.
        • Additionally, certain animals that aren't stated out in the books, such as pigeons, worms, flies, mites (And other small insects along these lines.) may be considered vulnerable to animal control (vermin). If a GM is using a custom magical/techno version of the previously mentioned creatures, it's recommended that they be vulnerable to animal control, unless sapient. If future versions of these animals are printed, consider them grandfathered in unless otherwise stated.
  • Predator's Glamour
    • As mutaqua are now legal, this power is as well
  • Mist Form
    • The optional rule of taking gear with one in Mist Form is in effect.
  • Paralyzing Howl
    • Only the greatest individual Paralyzing Howl in effect applies
  • Regeneration
    • Geneware will not be pushed out by Regeneration.
    • Deltaware can be implanted if you have regeneration
  • Shifters
    • Clothing does not transform with you, as said in Aetherology, but you may retain enough to preserve modesty if you wish (but nothing with mechanical value)
    • Geneware is not pushed out by shifting
    • Do not need to shift back when knocked unconscious, unless you want to
    • For cyberlimbs, still use 2 legs and 2 arms
  • Infected General
    • Infected with the armor optional power may only purchase a single point of armor unless otherwise noted
    • you may purchase a new optional power each month
    • Infected that ‘Awaken to Adept’:
      • Mundane: Become Adept. Gain power points equal to your magic immediately (you were Mundane, your magic is now 1, you get 1 PP). Treated as a normal adept. Losing magic due to Essence Loss loses power points as well, but they can be reconnected to (by consuming extra Essence when full). When you reconnect to lost Magic, you reconnect to lost power points as well. Losing Magic to other sources (including other sources of Essence loss) cannot be reconnected to, so lost power points remain lost until magic is raised through advancement.
      • Aware: As Mundane. In addition: Your magic has been dropped forcibly to 1 by essence draining and becoming Infected. Your old Magic rating should still be tracked, as you can reconnect to lost points. (See Infected Essence and Magic interactions for reconnection). Losing magic due to Essence Loss/Drain loses power points as well, but they can be reconnected to (by consuming extra Essence when full). When you reconnect to lost Magic, gain the associated power points as well. This includes the Magic lost to essence by becoming Infected in the first place. These regained points DO NOT need to be spent on the same powers as previously (assuming future disconnections). You cannot buy new points of Magic until you reconnect to all of your Magic lost to essence drain. Unless you want to forever sever the disconnected points of Magic. Newly Infected Aware had Magic 3 prior to Infection. 2 points are disconnected. They should reconnect to those points before trying to advance Magic. If they opt to buy Magic to 2 directly, that is now their Magic attribute, and all disconnected points are lost forever.
      • Adept: As Aware except you are remaining an adept. If you had a power point spent on Astral Perception, get a refund
    • Infected that ‘Awaken to Magician’:
      • Mundane:
        • Become a full Magician. You begin your new existence with no spells, rituals, preparations, or bound spirits.
        • Aware: As Mundane.
        • Adept: As Aware except you become a Mystic Adept.
        • In addition: Your magic has been dropped forcibly to 1 by essence draining and becoming Infected. Your old Magic rating should still be tracked, as you can reconnect to lost points. (See Infected Essence and Magic interactions for reconnection).
          • You cannot buy new points of Magic until you reconnect to all of your Magic lost to essence drain. Unless you want to forever sever the disconnected points of Magic. Newly Infected Aware had Magic 3 prior to Infection. 2 points are disconnected. They should reconnect to those points before trying to advance Magic. If they opt to buy Magic to 2 directly, that is now their Magic attribute, and all disconnected points are lost forever.
          • If you had a power point spent on Astral Perception, get a refund. Your magic has been dropped forcibly to 1 by essence draining and becoming Infected, with 1 Power Point available. Your old Magic rating should still be tracked, as you can reconnect to lost points. (See Infected Essence and Magic interactions for reconnection). If your old magic was above 1, your additional power points remain disconnected with your additional points of Magic. Losing magic due to Essence Loss/Drain loses power points as well, but they can be reconnected to (by consuming extra Essence when full). When you reconnect to lost Magic, regain the associated power points as well. This includes the Magic lost to essence by becoming Infected in the first place. Power points disconnected/reconnected by mystic adept Infected must be spent on the same powers (unlike power points gained/regained through Initiation, or Adept Infected). If you opt to buy Magic up before reconnecting to lost points (and associated Power Points), any disconnected Power Points are also lost forever along with the Magic Points. As a Mystic Adept, you still can’t get new Power Points any way other than Initiation. As with mundanes and Aware, you begin your new existence with no spells, rituals, preparations, or bound spirits.
          • Mystic Adept: No change, you remain a Mystic Adept. See above for how Essence Drain, Magic Loss, and Power Point loss interact with reconnection. If you had a power point spent on Astral Perception, get a refund.
          • Magician (including Aspected Magicians) You remain a Magician. If you were previously Aspected, you no longer are. You are now a full magician. If you were previously a Null Magician, you still are.
  • Bacchanal
    • never applies to willpower tests to resist magical influence, control, or manipulation, it only applies to mundane temptations.
  • Calcified Hide
    • only applies to the armor gained via being a troll or from infected powers, not from implants, adept powers, changeling abilities, or any other source. This means Fomoragi can have at most 2 hardened armor. Hardened armor is affected by AP before regular armor, meaning weapons with negative AP will remove the hardened armor first, and weapons with positive AP will add to the target’s hardened armor rating if they have them..
  • Dual concealment
    • does not stack with the regular Concealment power.
  • Gnashing Teeth
    • only affects inanimate objects. Active drones and vehicles are unaffected.
  • Loup-Garou
    • Must have at least an R1 Adrenaline Filter
    • any regular 28 day to 31 day cycle can be chosen for their monthly 4-day difficulties, which can be tied to a monthly occurrence such as a phase of the moon or specific day.
    • either current date, or current date +61 years may be used for the cycles


  • Becoming a drake
    • Latent drake postgen as well as becoming a full drake requires approval from Chargen and Rules head as normal for qualities
    • You must pay all 140/150 karma or GMP (or a mix of both) at one time, no karma debt. You cannot buy part of a quality in chargen, so can’t ‘bank’ karma against the final cost with anything other than the Latent quality itself.
    • Drakes are behind the “5 run limit” the same as Metasapients, Shifters, Changelings, and Infected Characters.
  • Dracoform
    • Augments have no effect while in dracomorph like established in Howling Shadows.
    • Unlike shifters, drakes who are knocked unconscious revert to their metahuman form.
    • Drake hardened armor follows the hardened armor houserule
    • Physical status effects (from toxins, drugs, or other) do not remain consistent between forms, paralysis for example would vanish if you shift from one form to the next. This includes ongoing drug effects and crashes, but not damage caused by crashes. This does not undo mental/memory changes, such as from Laes and Pixie Dust or mind magic or PABs.
    • Damage track is consistent between forms, active damage is not (such as a severed limb).
    • Drakes are only dual natured in dracomorph form.
    • Drakes can use tools/manipulate objects.
    • Drakes are quadrupeds, but you could walk upright.
    • Drakes do have thumbs.
    • Feathered Serpents do not possess forelimbs but do posses hind legs with opposable thumbs.
    • For purposes of gear, dracomorphs are the same size as their metahuman form, no need to get metahuman adjustment (drake).
    • Blue-227 applies only to dracomorph form, not metahuman form.
  • Aura
    • 5 hits on assensing can reveal the fact the character is a drake (this does not apply to latent drakes).
    • For latent drake, it is up to the GM for threshold of reveal (if at all, GM's are encouraged to keep latent Dracomorphism a mystery).
    • Aura matches form the character is in drake in drake form, human in human form, with a mix during transcend form.
    • you may purchase a new above and below 5 karma power each month, as opposed to the timers listed in the book

Lore Clarification: Being a drake is no worse than being wanted at all, corps and dragons are not actively hunting them. The former due to fear of dragon revenge, the latter because of it’s not known who they “belong to” or similar.

Initiation & Metamagic

  • Initiation
    • Nine Paths ordeal use the augmented attribute of the character
    • Ordeal discount is rounded up then taken out of the total cost (IG 1 with ordeal with be 11 for example)
    • You can qualify for an ordeal before you initiate.
    • You can bypass the roll to initiate if you complete an ordeal
  • Channeling
    • AP from Energy Aura is added to AP you might already have for your unarmed attacks
    • You do not gain the spirits +2d6 for initiative simply by having the spirit Channeled
    • If I channel and take drugs that affect my mentals, do I get the drug bonus to my spirit's mentals, since we're in the same body?
      • Spirits can't use drugs. You can use drugs, but the spirit's mentals replace yours. However, the drugs are still in effect on your mentals for the purpose of defense against direct spells, which are calculated off of the lower of your two mentals. Non-mental attribute effects of drugs - bumps to physical stats, high pain tolerance, and etc. operate as usual.
    • If I cast an Increase attribute spell in the morning, does it affect the spirit mentals once I am channeling, assuming it's at a high enough force? How about Increase Reflexes?
      • If the Increase Attribute spell is at a sufficient force to match the spirit's mentals, it will remain in effect once you channel. Increase Reflexes remains in effect.
  • Exorcism
    • Drain is exclusively stun
    • Centering can help Exorcism
    • All Exorcism attempts must be made in the same scene and all hits stack even if you do things between attempts. ** Unfinished Exorcism’s have no effect (beyond being hits for later attempts in-scene.)
  • Flux
    • Flux does not assist with the test to pass through a Mana Barrier.
  • Masking & Extended Masking
    • You can appear as whatever you would like, though it will not alter whether or not you are present on the Astral.
    • Extended masking covers:
      • “anchored, sustained, or quickened spells; imbued or attuned items; or alchemical preparations that are in the magician’s possession.” (p149, SG)
  • Adept Centering
    • Adept Centering is an action that provides a reduction in penalties and it is not affected by background counts
    • Adept Centering works for all penalties as long as they’re attached to a combat or physical skill
  • Supernatural Prowess
    • Supernatural Prowess replaces rather than augments an attribute. Other alterations do not apply
  • Centering
    • Can be used to help Exorcism
  • Invocation
    • Aspected Mages can learn this Metamagic, but gain no benefit from doing so.

Expanded Aspects

  • The Elementalist
    • Aspected magicians, full magicians, and mystic adepts may be Elementalists. You must choose to be an Elementalist at character generation.
  • The Hedge Witch/Wizard
    • Aspected magicians, full magicians, and mystic adepts may become Hedge Witches/Wizards. You must choose to be a Hedge Witch/Wizard at character generation.
    • Can only cast ritual magic relating to their chosen category (Circle of Healing for Health foe instance)
  • The Null Wizard
    • Aspected magicians, full magicians, and mystic adepts may be Null Wizards. You must choose to be a Null Wizard at character generation.
    • The ‘Conjuring’ skill will be added to the list of skills they cannot take.
    • A Null Wizard receives the ‘Spell Resistance’ adept power, at a rating equal to initiate grade.
  • The Seer
    • Aspected magicians, full magicians, and mystic adepts may be Seers. You must chose to be a Seer at character generation.
  • The Apprentice
    • An Apprentice can only select UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • The Explorer
    • An Explorer can take metamagics/enhancements/focussed awakened as an aspected magician.
  • The Aware
    • An Aware can take metamagics/enhancements/focussed awakened as an aspected magician.



  • hardware
    • deck specialization applies for the jacking out actions
    • changing ownership requires being on the open matrix
    • Machine Sprites and Task Spirits may do the test to repair a refurbished/surplus Pi-Tac instead
  • Locations
    • There is no translocation within the matrix, except into hosts. Distance is always calculated based on the actual location of your device (or your brain, for a Techno) The degree to which you know where icons are or how they match up with real world locations without running a Trace Icon action is up to your GM, but is generally going to be "not very"
  • Devices
    • DR will always be replaced with it's owner's mental attributes for shadowrunners on matrix defense. Device Rating is only a standin for security devices and the similar attached to fixed locations.
  • Reckless Hacking
    • is always considered to be an illegal action
  • Cyberdeck Modules
    • Induction Connector may be used via touching devices if the cyberdeck is implanted as an augmentation. GM reserves the right to deny the connection if they feel it doesn't make sense
  • DOX
    • banned for PC use without express GM permission
  • PAN
    • Devices to be protected in a PAN have to be connected to the master, as well as functioning on a wireless level equal to or below that of the master.(As an example: your smartgun is offline, but plugged directly into your commlink, slaved to it and thus protected even while being directly connected. If the commlink was offline, everything in the PAN would need to be directly plugged in, and also disconnected from the matrix)
      • If a device connected to an offline PAN goes wireless, it is no longer slaved to the PAN
    • The device does not need to be running a persona to have a PAN. It simply needs to be a commlink, RCC, or cyberdeck (or technomancer with One with the Matrix at levels 2 or 3).
      • RCCs can continue to share autosofts even without a persona running
    • Internal router does not change any of these criteria


  • IC
    • Blue Goo
      • The Explosion only effects the persona that dealt the matrix damage to it.
    • Fader IC (GM only)
      • Only affects Technomancers
  • Player Owned Hosts:
    • Players can now own a host, this host will have a Rating can have IC that are set when the host is formed or when the “Grow the Host” action is taken and can be edited with a “Configure IC” action.
    • Hosts cannot normally be used as part of a run except for the +2 dice pool bonus for Homeground:Digital Turf.
      • Hosts can be used as a place to hide and lay low, GMs can send teams to break into this host following normal rules
    • Players can Own a host by Forming a Tribe or taking Homeground:Digital Turf
    • Player Owned hosts start at R1
    • Player Owned hosts can be Data Hosts, Industry Hosts, Destination Hosts, Nested Hosts, Rogue host
      • Please Ping Rules head in the Gear-Acquisition when you create a host, please include all details of the host, Type, Array, IC loadout, any other details you think are important
      • Use Gear-Acquisition for all foundation actions relating to hosts please ping Rules head.
      • Grow the Host (114 DT) roll to increase the Hosts Rating
      • Configure IC (115 DT) to set IC
      • And any other Node actions available to PCs that effect the host
        • If a Glitch or Critical Glitch occurs, you have to have a run to ‘unfreeze’ the foundation before advancing further.

Even if you downgrade a glitch to nothing.

          • Note to GMs:What happens on the run should be influenced by the severity of the roll.
    • Offline/Outdated/Rogue hosts can be obtained with a run, use the mechanics on page 25 of Kill Code.
    • Players cannot form WANs and cannot be Slaved to the Host
    • Normal rules apply for hosts separation from the matrix (you can’t affect the outside world from within)
    • Ownership transfer for equipment cannot be done within a host
  • Industry Hosts
    • After the host has been alerted to the decker the IC launches at the end of the next combat turn.
      • The IC does not enter the host until the end of the second combat turn and cannot be targeted for attacks IC before it activates.
      • PC gear is not helped by the host’s protection the PC is not concidered Slaved to the Host in anyway.
    • PCs can still use Direct connection works via connecting to individual devices from the physical world these devices when Direct connected to do not benefit from their masters Firewall.
      • Note for GMs: this host will effectively triple the amount of Matrix in your game not recommended for Matrix light games.
  • Destination Hosts.
    • You stop running silent when you enter the host.
      • Note for GMs: These are one of the few hosts where social engineering may trump pure decking recommended for pink mohawk matrix light runs.
  • Nested Hosts
    • If you are within a nested host the Exit Host action only returns you the prior level of the nested host.
    • If you are directly connecting to a device, you can skip layers of the nested host, and exit out directly from the host to the Grid.
    • Total rating of all nested hosts are limited by Data Processing of external most host, including nested hosts within nested hosts.
      • The foundation is shared between all Nested hosts, using the stats of the external most host.
  • Outdated Hosts
    • Wireless, but not foundation connected
  • Offline Hosts
    • Neither foundation based nor wireless, these should be rarer, 2050s wired matrix tech.
  • Rogue Hosts
    • Always wireless, occasionally foundation based, always unregistered with GOD. You can have nested rogue hosts. Ex; datahavens.
      • Note to GMs: These hosts shouldn’t be that common.

Matrix Actions

  • Reckless Hacking
    • This does not allow you to trade a penalty for extra effective marks for damage
    • data processing actions can be used with Reckless hacking
      • Data Processing actions performed this way are treated as an Illegal “Reckless Hacking” action, generating Overwatch Score
      • This is still a Data Processing actions and as such does not include the extra benefits and penalties associated with Sleaze and Attack actions
      • A successful Reckless Hacking using a Data Processing action will NOT Give you additional hits on a Matrix Perception testor Alert the user to being under attack
      • An unsuccessful Reckless Hacking using a Data Processing action will NOT make you take Matrix Damage or give the Target a mark on you.
    • Reckless hacking CANNOT be used for actions that do not require a test, such as entering a host.
    • Note: that Patrol IC will identify that the action was an illegal “Reckless hacking” action, even if it was a Data Processing action.
      • Notes to GM: If you’re worried about people using DP to hack your files on a commlink, data bombs and encryption will stop people without significant Sleaze or Attack.
  • Calibration
    • Cap of twice per combat turn, only one source of bonus, applies to all sources of initiative.
  • Denial of Service
    • Multiple DoS do not stack, highest penalty is what is applied. Uses computer+Intuition [Data Processing]
  • I am the Firewall
    • One source of benefit at a time, cannot be buffed by two different matrix operators use the highest value.
  • Haywire
    • Rebooting a deck only take 1 combat round.
  • Intervene
    • Hits from this test are added as dice to ally’s defense test
  • Masquerade
    • This action only gives you access to the Persona’s identity,other access this grants is entirely up to GM
    • Note to GMs: Suggestion anything that wouldn’t require a Mark or the knowing of unknown information for example if a log-on still asks for the persona for a password)
    • The action lets you send messages as the spoofed persona.
      • Social engineering on the matrix.
    • You can run silent GM Fiat how the world reacts to this,
    • All overwatch Gained while Masquerading still adds to your OWN overwatch score NEVER to the target being Masqueraded.
  • Squelch
    • A Squelched Device cannot receive incoming calls or messages,
    • Rebooting the effective device removes the effect.
    • GM controls how NPCs react.
      • Notes to GMs: This action is an Attack action, if it is successful the Owner of the Device is alerted that they have come under an Attack on the Matrix. However, Commlinks turning off or getting spotty signal is as much a part of the 6th world as it is the 5th Squelch might be mistaken for poor signal by some (and the fluff of the action corroborates that however that is up to you)
  • Subvert Infrastructure
    • This action always applies to “simple devices” (Anything that can be accessed with the use simple device action).
    • Note to GMs; While a door latch is a simple device a Maglock is not.

GM has final say on what it can apply to, but generally should apply to any fixed/automated features anything unmanned normally.

      • Note that GridGuide is roughly rating 5 so Gridguide is not outside of the purview of this action for most deckers GM fiat still applies
  • Tag
    • Remains as written,
    • Clarification this action only negates 2 dice in penalties from visibility and glare
    • You must have a Physical line of sight be it a camera, drone, teammates cyber eye on the target
    • You cannot Tag a target if you only have matrix eyes on the target.
  • Watchdog
    • This action only lets you know the Matrix actions of the target.
    • Actions that use devices on the matrix are NOT matrix action, this does not let someone know if the target has pulled the trigger on their smart gun
    • Most matrix actions can be found on page 237 onward of CRB.
  • Brute Force
    • Can only be done as a teamwork test with another hacker if you have the Team Player quality, agent/sprite/leadership assistance applies as normal
  • Hack on the Fly
    • Can only be done as a teamwork test with another hacker if you have the Team Player quality, agent/sprite/leadership/assistance applies as normal
  • Encryption
    • The owner of the file (and anyone they give a passcode to) may bypass the Encryption without a roll
  • Set Databomb
    • the owner of the file (and anyone they give a passcode to) may bypass the databomb without a roll
  • Break Target Lock
    • Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can this matrix action. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of the ability.
  • Confuse Pilot
    • Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can this matrix action. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of the ability.
  • Control Device
    • you may use this on cyberlimbs, retaining the ability to do simple things that don't require a roll (picking up objects, handshakes, walking, ect.) for actions that require a roll (shooting a gun, sprinting, throwing a grenade, picking a lock, etc.) you are subject to a -10 dice pool penalty
    • You may not use this to make multiple attacks in a single pass by using drones
  • Detect Target Lock
    • Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can this matrix action. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of the ability.
  • Suppress Noise
    • Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can this matrix action. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of the ability.
  • Target Device
    • Any device with the appropriate limit (Data processing, sleaze, attack, etc.) can this matrix action. RCC's simply get dice pool bonuses to them, as specified in the text of the ability.
  • rebooting device
    • You cannot reboot a device running a persona, unless it is your own. Nor can you reboot a deviceless persona.


You cannot benefit from multiple copies of the same program, no matter what source gives it

  • Agents
    • Decks cannot run agents without a persona, as programs are enhancements to a persona. As such, the agent would need to be on a deck being actively used by someone else at the time.
  • Swarm
    • All drones within a swarm must be within a 50m diameter sphere.
    • All drones in a swarm must be able to perform any given action the swarm attempts to perform.
    • The swarm bonus does not provide additional dice to tests that are not actions, such as defense and soak
  • Configurator
    • Quick Config does not interact specially with the program
    • you cannot store mutiple configurator programs with seperate configurations in them
    • The configuration is chosen when you bring the program online
  • Boostrap
    • GM fiat for what you can do, but GMs are encouraged to allow creative solutions
  • Diagnostics
    • The Diagnostics commlink app works like a biomonitor for your PAN, allowing you to know the matrix condition monitor of the devices slaved to your PAN.


  • Falling Actions
    • Actions performed while falling are performed when the player wants to perform them, but most move forward in time. You cannot use your second pass action to perform actions at the height you were on your first pass.
  • Gymnastics
    • if you use up your movement while jumping with gymnastics, you are considered still in the air as others attack


  • Analytical Mind
    • Matrix searches durations are reduced by half this can stack with other reductions of time,
      • Matrix Searches gain +2 dicepool if you have Trust Data Not Lore
      • Outside of matrix the +2 bonus to Logic based dice pools are at GM fiat, but generally- mathematics, codes, puzzles should get the bonus.
        • Logic based Extended test intervals are cut in half, such as for repairing matrix damage. (stacks with Golden Screwdriver)
          • Note to GMs: When characters are using LOGIC as the stat these are some examples of Matrix actions that the +2 bonus should apply to: Crack File, Erase Mark,Squelch, Tag,Matrix Perception, Matrix Search, Trace, Check OS, Hide, Set bomb, Snoop, Disarm, Data Bomb, Hack on the Fly, Brute force, Crash program
  • Thousand Yard Stare
    • Shadowrunners count as combat personnel.
  • Quasimodo
    • -1 intimidation unless it is over the matrix.
      • -3 to every other social actions
  • Poisoner
    • Changeling's Natural Venom benefits
  • No Man Left Behind
    • Cannot be combined with Every Man For Himself
  • Every Man For Himself
    • Cannot be combined with No Man Left Behind
  • Locational Attunement
    • Can also be applied to vehicles for the 5 karma cost.
    • Can be Applied to Lifestyles,
    • Can be applied to “Home Turf” of the Home turf Quality.
    • Can be applied to the Area’s Associated with a characters “Symbiosis” quality.
  • Observant
    • Applies to perception and Electronic Warfare.
      • Does not apply to Assensing or Matrix perception.
  • Black Forest Native
    • You do not require this quality to be from The Black Forest

Community Connection

    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those.
  • Nasty Trog
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those.
  • Trog Traitor
    • Can only be taken by orks/trolls and metavariants of those.
  • Deck Builder
    • Must be used as a cyberdeck, not a modded device to run cyberdeck stats.
      • RCCs and commlinks are similarly not allowed.
  • Avrse
    • Vehicles don’t count as secure, yes even if it’s a lifestyle
  • Buddy System
    • You need to have a matrix operator/entity in the matrix with you, not just on a team to remove the penalty.
      • Incompatible with Lone Wolf
  • Discombobulated
    • You don’t have the penalty while jumped in to a drone.
    • Being on a BTL does not count as being in AR/VR.
      • Please remember that non-technomancers get -2 while in AR.
  • Down the rabbit hole
    • Can be taken four times.
  • Frostbite
    • Cannot be applied to Registering,
      • Doesn’t apply in a host you own or belonging to your tribe/Prime Data Haven.
  • Information Auctioneer
    • This quality gives no extra money from paydata,
    • GM fiat for extra memory dice the npc’s have. Along with the reaction.
    • Note for GM: if you don’t want to math, +2 memory is a good start
  • Lazy Fingers
    • Incompatible with Go Big or Go Home
  • Sloppy Code
    • Stealth is a test that includes Sleaze in its dicepool, not as the limit
  • Well, Actually...
    • -2 distracted penalty for 30 minutes to all actions when you are looking things up
    • This is not considered a Matrix Search Action rather just browsing the Trix for data.
      • Browse, Analytical Mind and other sources that would normally reduce a Matrix Search do not apply to this quality.
    • Brilliant Heuristics
    • Matrix searches are the only action that is subject to the reduced time.
    • Time intervals for extended tests for Data Processing are cut in half.
    • anyone can take it
  • Groveler
    • Technomancer only.
    • 2 is still the minimum drain value.
    • Burning the chips is considered part of the compiling/registering/decompiling/threading action.
      • Cannot be used to resist Fader IC attacks.
    • Can be done in VR if the chips are on your body.
      • The chips once used cannot be repaired.
  • Hold the Door
    • Attacks have to be matrix/resonance actions.
      • Have to fill a personas (spiders, and IC, or people) condition monitor to qualify.
    • Available to deckers as well.
  • Fractal Punch
    • Available to anyone
  • Lone Wolf
    • Incompatible with buddy system.
    • Bonus applies when you are the sole matrix operator (person using matrix actions, even in AR).
      • Agents are considered sprites for this quality.
    • Available for anyone
  • One with the Matrix
    • Technomancer only,
    • Any level of the quality works for using a D+ or MOS.
      • Yes you can slave the living persona to a device, even though normally you couldn’t run two persona devices(commlink or deck) at once.
        • Both devices resist matrix perception while running silent.
  • Reverberant
    • This quality can only be taken by those who are not Emerged.
      • Players with this quality do not show up to technomancers in matrix perception test by resonance being or assencing.
        • Note: Something should show up when someone would normally detect a Technomancer (There is a slight shimmer to their aura/persona)
  • Team Player
    • This quality is required to get a teamwork test for hack on the fly/brute force with another decker
    • Available for anyone
  • Trust Data not Lore
    • Available For anyone
  • Trust Lore not Data
    • Available for anyone
  • Unique Avatar
    • Open for anyone
    • Bonus only applies when persona is visible.
      • Memory test bonus applies even if the persona was only seen for a moment
  • Code of Honor: Black Hat
    • When taking this quality change “May never give away paydata for free; must sell the information to the highest bidder.”To “May never give paydata away for free,“ and exclude the second part.
      • Being paid for a job counts as getting paid so all data used to complete the job counts as “Data not given away for free”

Can be taken by anyone

  • Data Hog
    • Available to anyone
  • Escaped Custody
    • Available to anyone
  • On the Wagon
    • Available to anyone
  • Ware Intolerance
    • Available to anyone
    • Stacks with other percentile changes to essence.
  • Wired User
    • Available to anyone
  • Dual-Natured Defender
    • Dual-Natured Defender is a free action to activate, and free action to deactivate
    • Dual-Natured Defender only functions on your innate dual natured quality, such as that from being infected. Any other
    • sources of dual natured, such as channeling, or being in an astral rift, are unaffected, and do not qualify you for the quality.
    • The duration of having this ability active rounds up to the next minute for purposes of determining how long it can be used for before losing magic, essentially making it so that it is always used in one-minute chunks.
    • Rather than simply cease astral perception, dual-natured defender will temporarily cause you to not count as a dual natured being while active.
  • brand loyalty
    • use the normal items from the books for mechanics
  • Phenotype Expression
    • The optional rule in chrome flesh allowing a single phenotype adjustment geneware to be taken as a quality is in effect
  • Acrobatic Defender
    • General limit modifiers apply to full defense using acrobatic defender (IE: Attention coprocessors limit boost applies, since it's general, but vision enhancements does not, since it's specific to visual perception tests.)
  • Adept Healer
    • Adept Healer does not function on drain damage.
    • Damage transferred by this ability will count as drain, and as such, cannot be transferred by further instances of this power, or healed by anything other than rest.
  • Adrenaline Surge
    • Adrenaline surge applies to all forms of initiative.
  • Aged
    • Dwarves and Elves cannot take this quality.
  • Allergy
    • To Sunlight:
      • As an infected you can only reduce your allergy to sunlight to mild at most.
  • Animal Familiar
    • Animal Familiar requires you to purchase the animal as normal, then perform the Animal Handling + Charisma [Social] (12, 1 week) test as outlined in attune animal, to function.
  • My Country Right or Wrong
    • Places such as the Ork Underground could be taken, though the enemies would need to be something such as KE
  • Alchemical Bombmaker
    • Alchemical Bombmaker is limited to a number of increases in drain equal to your alchemy skill rating divided by 4, rounded down: Once at rating 4, twice at rating 8, three times at rating 12.)
    • Can only be used with combat spell preparations.
  • Alchemical Armorer
    • Alchemical Armorer is required to learn the Alter Ballistics (p51) preparation. It has no other effect.
  • Apt Pupil
    • Apt Pupil applies to any skill in the conjuring/sorcery/enchanting groups (Including the groups themselves), along with Astral Combat, Assensing, and Arcana, and the magic attribute itself.
  • Arcane Improviser
    • Requires 4 spells (not preps) from each category, excluding rituals.
    • Does not allow you to perform rituals you don't know, nor does it allow you to make preparations that you do not know, or fulfill requirements related to knowing spells.
    • The 1/week limitation will be altered to 1/run for ease/simplicity of bookkeeping
    • You must meet all the prerequisites to cast the spell, or otherwise be able to learn the spell (meaning no banned spells, and no spells that you wouldn't be able to take otherwise.)
  • Black Market Pipeline
    • Black Market Pipeline can be applied to the group 'augmentations' rather than any specific subtype.
    • This quality's discount applies at character generation.
    • Stacks with Made Man and Dealer Connection
  • Blighted
    • The penalty for Blighted applies to all actions that involve a physical attribute.
  • Celerity
    • Is compatible with Supathyroid, and an Adrenaline Pump.
    • Is not compatible with Myostatin Inhibitor or Cyberfeet.
  • Chain Breaker
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Chosen Follower
    • The following options are removed from the list of benefits: ‘Learn two spells or rituals.’ & ‘Improve a magical active skill from rank 1 to rank 3.’
  • Dealer Connection
    • This quality's discount applies at character generation.
    • This quality does not include modifications to the vehicle being purchased.
    • Stacks with Black Market Pipeline and Made Man
  • Death Dealer
    • Death dealer will be modified to not function on direct spells. Either the additional damage, or the drain.

Note that the maximum bonus from this quality to melee damage is +1, regardless of the rating of the quality, as per RAW.

  • Dedicated Conjurer
    • New spirit types are restricted to UMT spirits (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Man, Beast, Guardian, Task, Plant, Guidance)
  • Deus Vult!
    • Each individual “chunk of damage” counts towards “Deus Vult!”
  • Dual-Natured Defender
    • Dual-Natured Defender is a free action to activate, and free action to deactivate
    • Dual-Natured Defender only functions on your innate dual natured quality, such as that from being infected. Any other sources of dual natured, such as channeling, or being in an astral rift, are unaffected, and do not qualify you for the quality.
    • The duration of having this ability active rounds up to the next minute for purposes of determining how long it can be used for before losing magic, essentially making it so that it is always used in one-minute chunks.
    • Rather than simply cease astral perception, dual-natured defender will temporarily cause you to not count as a dual natured being while active.
  • Durable Preparations
    • Durable Preparations stacks with Practiced Alchemist (p39, FA), effectively changing the duration before a prep begins to degrade to (Potency x 6) hours.
  • Ex-Con
    • You can pay off the difference between the cost of the two qualities(Criminal Sin, and Ex-Con), multiplied by 2, as if you were purchasing off a rating of a quality with a rating. In the case of ex-con to criminal SINner, this would cost 10 karma.
  • Fame (Quality)
    • National fame isn't strictly nation bound so much as bound to a Nation like area. So you could take it for the UCAS, or just the west coast if you would like!
  • Granite Shell
    • Granite shell effectively converts 4 of your existing armour into hardened armour, if you're already wearing armour, which will be affected by AP before regular armour, so -2 AP will cancel one of the automatic hits, -4 AP will cancel the second one.
  • Jack of All Trades, Master Of None
    • Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None does apply to Knowledge and Language Skills
  • Master Debater
    • Applies to any test using the diplomacy spec in negotiation. For example, not for haggling or shopping, but for trying to change someone's mind about an issue, or get them to see your side, or otherwise like you better.
  • Harmonious Defense
    • Mystic Adepts cannot take this quality.
  • Harmonious Reflection
    • Mystic Adepts cannot take this quality.
    • Harmonious Reflection requires the user to be astrally perceiving, similar to reflect spell.
  • Hawk Eye
    • Hawk Eye will provide +1 to visual perception tests. This bonus stacks with other bonuses freely.
    • Hawk Eye will provide the full effects of Vision magnification and will stack with all other vision enhancements, magical or technological, with the exception of another instance of vision magnification.
    • Lengthy explanation here
  • Keen Eared
    • This applies even if you have cyberears.
  • mentor spirit
    • if you receive a duplicate power (such as getting Killing hands again from Shark Mentor) then the power points for that power is refunded. This is obviously post gen only.
    • Boar
      • magician mentor spirit only applies to summoning spirits, and only when successful. It does not aid binding at all.
    • Rat
      • Whether or not the shaman can find reagents due to his mentor benefit is up to the GM of the run
  • Missile Deflector
    • Missile Deflector requires a successful Missile Parry (p310. CRB) interrupt, followed by an adept power Counterstrike (p170, SG) interrupt, for a total of -10 initiative to use. Rather than the normal effects of the counterstrike adept power, when this ability is used, it will allow you to make a normal simple action thrown weapon attack against any valid target, with all appropriate modifiers, using the object you have caught.
  • Made Man
    • Stacks with Black Market Pipeline and Dealer Connection
  • Pacifist Adept
    • The notoriety restriction on Pacifist Adept is removed, due to the possibility of gaining notoriety via peaceful means such as refusing to do a job when you realise it involves murder, or similar.
  • Perceptive Defender
    • General limit modifiers apply to full defense using perceptive defender (IE: Attention coprocessors limit boost applies, since it's general, but vision enhancements does not, since it's specific to visual perception tests.)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • “Practice, Practice, Practice” only improves inherent limits. Things with an individual limit are unaffected.
  • Redliner
    • Affects the cyberlimb attributes, not meat attributes
  • Reduced (Sense)
    • Smell
      • This has no interaction with Tailored pheromones.
  • Revenant Adept
    • Mystic Adepts cannot take this quality.
    • Revenant Adept works until it's cleared all the damage that regeneration can clear, you've died, or the run ends. This means that having one box of drain does not allow you to have regeneration indefinitely.
    • Revenant Adept does not take an action, even a reaction, to trigger. It can be used while unconscious or in physical overflow. This can be done in reaction to an attack, and the user does not need to be aware, in character, to do this.
  • Sharp Shooter
    • Sharpshooter only applies to ranged weapons.
  • Sinner
    • Players with the Sinner Quality pay taxes after Working for The People/Working for The Man
  • Skinwalker
    • The pelt for a mundane creature will cost 50% of the price of purchasing the critter itself, and has an availability equal to that of the critter.
    • Prices and availabilities can be found here
  • Spectral Warden
    • Binding replaces summoning for the initial summoning tests made by a Spectral Warden, but they must bind the spirit immediately after summoning, the spirit cannot be used for any other purposes before  they are bound.
    • Aspected Summoners may use this to summon Homunculi and Watchers
  • Spell Jammer
    • Spell Jammer is not affected by mana barriers, but is affected by background counts.
  • Spirit Hunter
    • Spirit Hunter will cancel any sustained powers, and prevents the use of any active powers, with the exception of materialization.
  • Sprawl Tamer
    • Sprawl Tamer interacts additively with our existing house rules (Effectively adds another +1 modifier to the number of tricks a critter can learn.)
  • Strive for Perfection
    • Strive for perfection applies to Melee & Ranged weapons.
  • Thrillseeker
    • If you received this quality from Dareadrenaline then you cannot buy it off.
  • Vexcraft
    • Suppress focus is a simple action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, if you have line of sight on an active focus.
    • Grounding focus is a complex action, and can be used from either the astral or physical, but requires both the focus to be eligible to target, and the owner to be eligible to target. This means you can only use this ability to damage a dual natured, or purely astral target, if you yourself are astral, for example.
    • Counterspelling does not apply to the defense test, but power foci do, as does the force of any mana-barriers between the caster and the defender.
  • Made Man
    • The discount of Made Man can be applied at gen
  • Infected
    • You may take aged on infected
  • Prototype Transhuman
    • The “bioware” chosen is a natural organ/structure/capability of the character. As such, it does not show in assensing as bioware. and as such can never be upgraded, downgraded, or removed.
    • It remains only available at chargen. A character concept centered on discovering the abilities later in life, would still have to purchase the quality in chargen (and would just not know it was there necessarily in-character).
    • These organs and structures replicate the abilities and considerations of bioware augments. Use all normal mechanics attached to the given augment (including incompatibilities with other augmentations or enhancements). That said, these ‘implants’ are not rejected by regeneration, revenant adept, the Shift ability (though at time of writing Shifters can’t be ‘warforms’/PTs), or affected by HMHVV infection.
      • While they are a natural organ/capability of the PT’s biology, they do not gain or lose any compatibility concerns with other augments or enhancements. Ex: Orthoskin as a prototype transhuman modification would continue to be incompatible with striking skin pigmentation. This is a partial duplication of 4, but being repeated for absolute clarity. PT Nephritic screens can be natural for a Transhuman, but they are still degraded by the Penetration of the thing being resisted, as another example.
  • Special Modifications
    • May be taken for multiple different weapons
    • Mundane is considered to be zero magic or resonance, or lack of said attributes entirely. In the event that magic or resonance is ever increased to 1 or more, this quality is lost. A refund is only given if the gain was unintentional(such as infected).
    • Any weapon can be modified with this quality, except for unarmed attacks(and direct modifiers to them such as cyberarms, bone density, bone lacing, and striking calluses). This includes melee weapons, ranged weapons, cyberweapons, and bioweapons.
    • While it’s easy to notice that a weapon is modified, the legality of the weapon will not be altered.
    • Every rank allows you to choose from either +1 DV, two separate attributes from a list, or a characteristic of a weapon.

DV for non-attribute based values is allowed(such as for guns).

    • Guns with certain unique ammo counts such as the Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL cannot take Ammo Capacity, at Rules Head discretion.
    • Modding a weapon’s characteristics alters the gun so much that other people cannot use it anymore. This may also require modifying ammunition with no test required during downtime in order to use it with your gun.
    • Currently the only allowed altered characteristic is switching elemental types for weapons with pre-existing elemental types, such as switching stun gloves from electricity to fire damage. Special ammo such as stick and shock does not count for this requirement. More may be added later.
    • Modified guns either do not have their stat boosts or are inoperable by drones unless the gun is controlled and fired directly by the person that modified the gun.
    • Due to the nature of Special Modifications, they should be approved by Rules Head before applied to avoid any unique problems to certain weapons. This can be done while taking the quality, or after.
  • Prototype Materials
    • may be purchased for multiple weapons
    • may only be taken once per run
    • Requires a semi-prime+ run in order to obtain. This quality is always obtained at chargen price of 5 karma/RVP during runs.
    • This quality requires the approval of the GM Department on top of normal quality requirements. Lore may retcon this quality and how it was obtained if necessary.
    • This does not give you any direct benefits. It’s only benefit is allowing a third rank of the Special Modifications quality to be purchased.
    • Like Special Modifications, this is considered to be a mundane quality and is lost if magic or resonance ever reaches 1 or higher. Refunds are only given if the gain was unintentional.
  • Quadriplegic (p139)
    • No method of augmenting physical stats other than body will work for this character. Their augmax and racial maximum for non-body physical stats is always considered 0, regardless of any other qualities. This persists even after death, until the quality is bought off somehow.
    • Additionally, no movement is possible. No method of augmentation will allow you to move, even wirelessly, as your nerves and body is not suitable for it. Even speech is not possible without special equipment. The only method of control for other devices is via DNI, VR Control, or Jumping In.
    • While the increase in lifestyle can represent a caretaker to help with your ordinary needs, Shadowrunning is in no way ordinary. **Any such special assistance will not assist you with anything dangerous, will flee at the first sign of danger(leaving you behind), and may even report you to the authorities if you endanger them. Other shadowrunners and drone assistance with DNI will be required to assist you during runs.
    • As you cannot move, dodging is impossible without someone carrying you or while in a vehicle that can dodge for you. Without such assistance, you are considered helpless and never roll defense dice.
  • Hair Trigger (p160)
    • Only entering cold or hot sim is a free action. Leaving VR is unaffected.
    • The simple action to jump into a drone also means you enter VR. Leaving the drone or switching to another drone works as normal once you’re in VR.
  • Hi-Rez (p160)
    • Using a matrix perception action as a free action may only be taken on your pass. Additionally, this may only be done once a combat turn.
    • You may take normal matrix perception actions as a complex action, despite this quality. There is still no limit to the number of these matrix perception actions you can take in a combat turn.
  • Rabble Rouser (p161)
    • Anything social modifiers apply to count as social skills.
  • Shoot First, Don’t Ask Questions (p161)
    • Threshold minimums are 1, unless rules text explicitly states otherwise.
  • Elemental Attunement (p161)
    • Can be used if you have a qi foci with the prerequisite powers. However, the quality is lost if any of the qi foci are unbound or destroyed.
  • Resonant Discordance (p161)
    • While being a mastery quality, this can be taken by technomancers but not awakened. Like mastery qualities, it always costs 13 karma.
  • Hard Luck (p162)
    • Luxury cannot be purchased by the character.
    • Advanced lifestyle rules cannot be used(subject to change at a later date)
    • Trust fund will pay for one lifestyle lower than normal.



  • Houserule
    • Drones and Vehicles now possess an overflow track in addition to their condition track, with a number of boxes equal to the body rating of the drone/vehicle.
      • When a drone/vehicle’s damage track is full, it is no longer able to function. However, unless the overflow track is also full, the drone/vehicle can still be repaired back to full functionality for no added cost.
        • The costs detailed for vehicle/drone repair listed in Rigger 5.0 will not be used on the ‘net, it will simply be assumed that vehicles/drones can be fully repaired ‘off screen’ between runs, for no added cost, similar to matrix damage, and damage to a character's physical/stun boxes. During a run a rigger can use engineering skills to repair drones if they can spend the time to do so, as a normal building and repairing extended test.
    • Drone/Vehicle operators can spend their own personal edge on actions their drones/vehicles takes, even when not controlling it, similar to spirits, or animals. This feature can only be used on rolls that do not include autosofts (they should be considered similar to skillwires in that regard). Notably this allows things such as spending edge to reroll failures on a damage resistance test
      • Edge can be burned by the owner of a drone/vehicle to use the ‘Not Dead Yet’ action for said drone/vehicle, meaning that the drone/vehicle will survive the run in a state that means it can be used in future runs, similar to using ‘Not dead yet’ for a player character themselves. In a scenario where the vehicle being destroyed would kill the occupants, such as an aircraft crash, only one edge must be burned in this manner.
    • It is also worth mentioning that the contact Nitelite can still use their ‘Saved in your Cloud’ power to replace drones/vehicles when they are destroyed by their overflow track being filled.
  • Sensor operations
    • you may only choose to use perception or Electronic Warfare when perceiving through a sensor array, otherwise it is always perception

The Four Types of Control

  • Manual Control is driving a cat or firing a turret hands-on. Controlling a vehicle with the wheel, or firing a turret that is mounted on a vehicle with your hands, are both complex actions. The former is Reaction + The appropriate skill, with a limit of handling, assuming a vehicle test is needed.The latter is agility + gunnery, with a limit of the weapon's accuracy.
  • Remote control is controlling a drone or vehicle through your commlink, RCC, cyberdeck, or other matrix device. This can be done in AR or VR. Either way, you use the Control Device action, which requires marks or ownership. This uses the same type of action as listed above. If done in AR, you use the same attributes as you would in meat. If done in cold-sim VR, you substitute your logic in for agility and your intuition in for reaction, and make use of your cold-sim initiative. If done in hot-sim VR, you substitute attributes the same as in cold-sim, make use of your hot-sim VR, and gain a +1 on any vehicle tests, including firing a mounted weapon. In any case, you use the lower of the prescribed limit or the Data Processing attribute of the device you're using to perform the action.
  • Jumped-in control is done by taking the time to jump-in to a vehicle with a rigger interface through a control rig (or the Mind Over Machine  Technomancer Echo.) This is a complex action if in AR, or a simple action if already in VR. If you are plugged directly into your RCC or vehicle/drone, this is a simple action regardless of current matrix state. Either way, you require 3 marks or ownership of the vehicle or drone in question, and you end up in your choice of coldsim or hotsim. You use the appropriate coldsim or hotsim initiative, increase any limits you might face and your dice pools for actions performed by the vehicle/drone by the rating of your control rig, and must resist half of any physical damage the vehicle takes (after soak) as biofeedback damage. Any actions you take while jumped in require the same action type as they would for anyone else, but any Vehicle Tests (as described in Make a Vehicle Test, and explicitly excluding opposed rolls) have their thresholds reduced by the rating of your control rig. And since you're in VR, you may use your logic in place of your agility, and may use your intuition in place of your reaction. You are also not limited by your data processing.
  • Autonomous drones or vehicles make use of Pilot+relevant autosofts, are limited by the appropriate limit for the action, roll Pilot*2+4d6 for initiative, and act as a dog brain would.

Weapon Mounts

  • Core Rulebook drones that come with the CRB weapon mounts have their mounts replaced by their Rigger 5 equivalents
  • Built in weapon mounts can be modified. You cannot, however, change the base mount type itself (Light, standard, heavy.) since that's the base integrated into the vehicle, on which all the other modifications are applied.
  • If a drone or vehicle with a mounted weapon is destroyed, the weapon can be recovered, but only if the chassis is capable of being worked on. Weapons in mounts must be removed, as per the modification rules, in order to be retrieved. Catastrophic damage (explosives, fireballs, rocks falling) are completely capable of nullifying the previous at GM discretion.
  • Huge drone mounts
    • Can also mount Flamethrowers, exotic ranged weapons, Lasers. They are considered to have power as per vehicle-provided power for the runtime of the drone.
  • Swapping weapons from mounts
    • There is no roll or cost required, and can easily be done during downtime
  • Melee weapons in mounts
    • they use gunnery
    • Shock glove is an example of a melee weapon in a mini mount
  • concealed mounts
    • Assume that concealed weapon mounts have enough shielding to make sensors have a rough enough time to need to pass the thresholds listed for visual perception tests in the rules for pop out mounts, in the case of drones. For vehicles, feel free to add on slotless weapon mount shielding on vehicles. Note this shielding only covers the vehicle, if you try to get cute and cram some other trinket into the weapon compartment, even if "it would totally fit," consider the shielding ineffective.
  • mounted weapon
    • can take the trigger removal mod

Rigger Command Console(RCC)

  • The RCC is capable of running any program. A program altering a statistic that the base device does not have will have no effect.


  • General
    • Integrated Autosofts do not count towards the Autosoft limit
    • Integrated Autosofts are overridden by Autosofts on an RCC
    • Autosofts are no longer model specific, meaning that any Autosoft can be used by any model (limited by pilot as usual)


  • General
    • You may fluff any vehicle as convertible.
    • Upgrade rules do not apply to drones and vehicles themselves, but *do* apply to mods to the drones and vehicles.
    • Limb Optimization adds Handling to the vehicle while driving
    • Gridlink comes standard in all non-throwback vehicles
  • Rolls-Royce Phaeton
    • to be referred to as the VW Phaeton.
  • GMC Armadillo
    • When purchasing the GMC Armadillo you pick one of the pieces of standard equipment. You may purchase extra ones. Avail (-), 6000 Nuyen each.
  • i8 Interceptor
    • Treat the I8 interceptor as 16R.
  • Nanomaintenance System
    • You can glitch when using the Nano Maintenance system. (I suggest GMs be extremely gentle with it at worst. It should, at most, impact the function of the Nanomaintenance System, and it's ability to repair, rather than the thing it is repairing.)
    • You may buy hits on Nanomaintenance, but only if all 4 dice are in the one roll.
  • Mechanical Arms
    • For simplicity's sake, assume the Mechanical Arms (P165 R5) are capable of accessing all sides of any car, truck, van, or motorcycle they are mounted on by default.
  • Vehicle Smuggling Compartment
    • Any actual car (IE: Not a motorcycle) can fit a suit of FBA, or light milspec, in the smuggling compartment.
    • Larger armors such as heavy milspec, or heavy security, require a van or larger to be stored in the smuggling compartment.
  • Metahuman Adjustment
    • For the same cost as modifying a vehicle from human to troll Sized you can modify a vehicle from Troll to Human sized.
  • Life Support
    • It can be reasonably assumed that a vehicle with this mod has a half-hour of air for a single occupant per seat without Life Support. Life Support 2 should be assumed to provide air for an extended span of time - at a minimum, 12 man-hours per seat, but ultimately up to GM fiat.
  • Garage
    • you cannot put it in a vehicle
  • Ford Broadcast
    • Has a Satellite Link and a Compuforce TaskMaster RCC as stock mods.
    • RCC may be modified using device modification rules in Data Trails, but cannot be replaced, removed, or changed otherwise

Concerning the secondary propulsion modes available for vehicles (R5, 157), are the handling/speed stats of those modes affected by control rigs?

  • Secondary Propulsion Modes
    • Speed/Handling is affected by control rigs


  • General
    • Drones around Mini size with a cyberarm can be carried on your back like a backpack, but be aware that your GM may decide you are carrying too much
    • Drones are immune to Toxins, Pathogens, Diseases, and anything that reasonably requires a biology.
    • Drones cannot benefit from Small Unit Tactics or assist in any way with them (aside from as additional firepower to back a squad making use of SUT)
    • Current/Maximum drone limb stats are calculated using the current body/pilot of the drone
    • A small weapon mount can accept a reach 1 or below melee weapon while a Standard Mount can accept any melee weapon.
    • Upgrade rules do not apply to drones and vehicles themselves, but *do* apply to mods to the drones and vehicles.
    • While remote controlling a drone, use the Riggers stats. When acting on its own, follow the same rules as FLRs for figuring out the stats it use.
    • You may swap out tool kits that some drones come equipped with. You can replace the tool kits with medkits.
  • Remote Cyberhand Drone
    • All attributes for the Remote Cyberhand Drone treated as 1.
  • Garuda Drone
    • No rules for cluster munitions at this time, therefore unusable except for GM fiat.
    • move at standard aeriel drone operating speeds
  • Dustoff
    • You can remove the valkyrie module if you want
  • Valkyrie module
    • Can be combined with a rigger cocoon
  • Jumped in
    • Only suffer an offhand penalty if the weapon is not in a weapon mount.
    • use handling as limit for melee weapons
  • Remote Firing
    • Personalized Grip does apply, and you can bypass needing a smartlink by being jumped in and using a smartsoft
  • GTS Tower
    • Possess a Retrans Unit
    • Possesses a Drone Landing Rack
  • Swarms
    • When using drones slaved to an RCC running the Swarm Program and Clearsight, then proceed to use a function of their sensor suite for perception, the dice pool increased to: Clearsight + Pilot + (Swarm -1) [Sensor+ (Swarm-1)]
    • Can only be run on an RCC
    • Swarms do not gain bonuses to defense
  • Anthrodrone
    • You can use it to pilot another vehicle. You do use VR stats. You would not gain any benefits from a Control Rig or qualities such as Vehicle Empathy. You would have to make two separate Control Vehicle actions each turn.
    • Skates and Skimmers do not alter Anthrodrone movement rates.
    • The appropriate Pilot skill is used to maneuver a vehicle. Anything that would otherwise be Gymnastics or otherwise not possible for an ordinary vehicle would be considered a stunt, with GM-set thresholds functioning as normal.
    • When firing a weapon from a drone's arms, whether a cyberweapon inside them or a gun held in its hands, it is the drone's arm's agility (averaged if it's a two handed weapon and the arms have different agilities) + the appropriate weapon skill, which will never be Gunnery - it would be Automatics for an Assault Rifle, Longarms for a shotgun, what have you.
    • Can make use of clothing, including armor, but can only use one set of rules - they do not get to benefit from both their innate armor and worn armor. There is no addition
  • Drone Mounts
    • A standard drone weapon mount can hold any melee weapon
  • Ares Duelist
    • An Ares Duelist has Standard (drone) mounts instead of Light (vehicle) mounts.
  • Renraku Pelican
    • The storage compartment cannot be used as a hidden weapon mount, though you could perhaps put a pistol or machine pistol inside, as it is a mid-sized box.



  • Skinlink and datajack/Datajack+ are compatible with the Living Persona.
  • Resonance actions
    • Software when used to thread a complex form is a Resonance-linked skill and does not recieve bonuses to a logic-linked skill (Such as Overdrive or Neocortical Boosters).
  • Blind Technomancers
    • can use the matrix without penalties
  • Faraday Cages
    • Block Resonance Actions
  • Sustaining
    • If you lose connection to the device (such as if it goes wireless off, and you aren't directly connected), your sustained CF or sprite power stops.
  • Resonance Signature
    • You must spot the icon and get at least 3 hits to tell if it is Resonant
    • Currently there is no RAW way to detect a dissonant technomancer as that, but GMs are encouraged to allow players to find out via matrix perception by another Emerged Entity


  • General
    • A Sprite and a Technomancer do not share marks.
    • A Sprite that returns to the resonance loses all marks and OS as if their persona were reset.
    • Only one Sprite may assist in an action at a time.
    • A sprite shares direct connection with the technomancer, allowing you to use skinlink to assist them
    • A sprite can pilot drones that can be piloted with a defaulted skill, and that they have the prerequisite marks on (or if their compiler owns it). They don't benefit from diagnostics
    • Sending a Registered Sprite to the Resonance and Calling them back does not count as a service and much like a summoner walking through a barrier, a TM can return a sprite to the resonance outside of a host, then call them back down on the other side inside of a host.
    • Treat their sprite level the same as agent rating(per page 246 CRB) when attributes are required. Therefore, use their Level in place of their attributes.
  • Diagnostics
    • Diagnostics will apply before the dice pool is split, when the multiple attacks action is used. It is still limited by skill rating once, even if multiple weapons have diagnostics used on them.
    • In order to run Diagnostics on device it must be a wireless on device, and be the primary device used in the action.
    • As long as connection is maintained the power can be sustained
    • Can be used on wireless off devices if directly connected to them, either through datajack/datajack+, Skinlink, or Data Tap
  • Borrowed IP
    • Question of “The type of icon” would return as whatever the TM that Compiled the sprite specified unless you beat the threshold.

Complex Forms

  • Cleaner
    • If cleaner drops OS to 0 it will prevent it from continuing to accumulate.
  • Specialization
    • yes, you need to specialize in a specific complex form
  • Editor
    • Functions with the Programs: Nuke From Orbit and Shredder
    • Bypasses Databombs and Encryption, if you copy a file using this then you are considered the owner and can easily disable those protections
    • Can be used in place of Crack File for Curiosity Killed the Cat, however you won't get the +2 from the quality
  • Overdrive
    • Overdriven Wired Reflexes and Reaction Enhancers do not have a limit for reaction if both are wirelessly enabled
    • You can overdrive ware to improve mods installed inside that ware that have wireless bonuses and rating (ex: Vision Enhancement inside cybereyes). The device they’re housed in takes the damage when the complex form ends.
  • Resonance Channel
    • Cannot bypass a Faraday Cage using this
  • Arc Feedback
    • TMs only take fade when this CF is first Threaded not for each activation.
    • When a TM sustaining this form is damaged roll Software + Resonance [Level] v. Willpower + Firewall
    • The complex form does not reduce any damage you take while sustaining.
  • Bootleg Program
    • You can bootleg an autosoft, you get a copy at the same rating as the Target
  • Host Emulator
    • Emulating an existing host, does not hide the pre-existing one
    • Inviting marks using it doesn’t destroy the illusion, only hacking does.
    • The invited mark does not go onto the technomancer.
    • Not a sustained form.
  • Mirrored Persona
    • Vanishes on failed defense test, not a successful test.
    • Does not trigger arc feedback if hit.
      • Not a sustained form.
  • Pinch
    • This complex form does no damage to Gear you are the Owner of
    • The complex form does no damage to Gear with a Mark that was invited on (so it doesn’t brick your Teammates gear)
  • Resonance Bind
    • Yes, applies to AR decking
  • Resonance Cache
    • Not sustained form.
    • Doesn’t automatically trigger the host Alert
    • A Spider (or any other user) could notice the missing IC
    • Skips when launching IC the host will not attempt to launch another copy of the currently Cached IC, instead Launch the next IC in the IC tray.
  • Search History
    • Supercharged FAQ


  • Resonance Riding
    • Neither Skinlink nor Datajack bypass, mimic, or in any way affect the use of the Resonance Riding Echo
    • You may continue sustaining complex forms while utilizing the Resonance Riding Echo
    • You may use Resonant Program Echoes while using Resonance Riding
  • Man Machine Resonance Interface
    • Can benefit from Control Rig Booster or Control Rig Optimization
  • Skinlink
    • Can be used with a touch attack to hack in combat
    • You must physically touch the 'ware in question in order to connect, not simply have skin to skin contact (unless they had cyberlimbs, or smart skin). If one has an Internal Router and you touch one piece of cyberware, you have direct connection to everything else connected to the Router.
    • "On an unwitting target, how noticeable would this be?" Most people, even matrix experts, don't even know echos exist, let alone that Skinlink is one. Meaning that most would simply register the exchange as an oddly long handshake. Palming is useful for this use of Skinlink.
    • functions as an internal router for the technomancer
  • Mathemagics
    • functions as a Math SPU in addition to the +2 limit on Crack File and Edit File (Encryption) actions
  • Resonance Link
    • A resonance link may be formed with a technocritter
  • Resonant Program
    • Hitchhiker as a Resonant Program does not allow you to take non-submerged technomancers with you to the resonance realms, you still need to find a rift for that
    • You cannot have an Agent as a Resonant Program Echo
    • Swarm can be taken as a Resonance Echo (Note: Swarm only functions on an RCC as of previous rulings, meaning only Machinists get any use out of it. Or those using an RCC.)
  • Defrag echo is allowed
    • The Glitch protection aspect of Defrag requires a free action to enable, is undetectable, and is sustained for free.
  • MMRI
    • replaces Mind over Machine
  • Draining Spike
    • Does not heal fade
  • Neural Synergy
    • Limited by augmax
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Yes, it’s meat init while connected to matrix.
  • Will of the Resonance
    • Limited by augmax
  • Sleepwaker
    • functions similarly to the Evo Sublime deck, allowing the technomancer to perform physical actions at a -10 dice pool penalty and with -3 limit


  • Cyberadepts
    • Fading value is a minimum of 2
    • Repairs can be handled during down time all that is needed is the PC to have hardware skills, or service contact with an appropriate gear contact
    • Overdrive can push ware beyond normal Rating limits for gear (Eg. Wired reflexes 4)
    • Ware affected by overdrive must remain Wireless on for the Duration of Overdrive.
    • For now Overdrive will not apply to Hard or Soft Nanites but will apply to Nanocybernetics (Including Hives).
    • For now Gear affected by Overdrive must remain Wireless on for the duration of Overdrive and must have a Wireless bonus.
    • For cases where an Internal Router or Skinlink would give you access to the Wireless bonus (see 84 CF) this is enough to use Overdrive
    • For the moment the maximum resonance the Cyberadept Daemon can return throughout your career is 6
  • Machinists
    • Fading value is a minimum of 2
    • “minus the ability to form or join a WAN” this is a misprint assume it says PAN
    • Autosoft echo level is set at time of purchase, between 1-6
  • Technoshamans
    • Fading value is a minimum of 2
    • Remember doubled fade for greatform (sprite hits x 4 during compiling/registering),
    • Greatforms vanish after using their Greatform power.
    • Using a greatform pet sprite’s Greatform power will still make it vanish
    • If you switch streams, you can keep the pet sprite, but cannot create a new one.
    • Overdrive: repairs can be handled during down time all that is needed is the PC to have hardware skills, or service contact with an appropriate gear contact
    • Sacrifice: restores the technomancers stun track, but cannot heal fade
  • Sourcerers
    • Fading value is a minimum of 2
    • No more than one damaging complex form in a Hyperthreading.
    • When resolving effects from a Hyperthing roll all defenses first then apply all effects at the same time.
    • Cannot take multiple of the same Complex Form in the same Hyperthreading
    • If Multiple Sustained threads are sustained through Hyperthreading, take the appropriate number of sustaining penalties normally


  • It is free to join after the group has been created
    • If you would like to form a Tribe please make a note on the Gear Acquisition Channel and Ping Rules head.
      • The tribe must include 3 founding members of Active Characters “5 Karma must be spent from each of the founding members, of which there must be at least three” this must be done at formation of the tribe
      • Strictures and Paragons must be chosen at the formation of the Tribe
    • Players as part of a Tribe have access to a tribes host, this host is purely fluff and its stats should never come up in play and are determined by the GM (R5 Datahost is about standard level)
  • Virtual Tribes as Contacts
    • NPC tribes only,
    • Cannot take as part of prime datahaven membership
      • Can be members of Group contacts
  • Igniting a Flash
    • GM fiat as to if they can be called
    • Adds max teamwork dice


Favor is regained during downtime, or during the same run if the requirement is met

  • Archivist (the archivist)
    • “Browse actions” are Matrix Search
  • Black Hat (the cracker)
    • +2 limit for all mark acquisition
    • If you make a plan without an exploitable flaw, you lose favor.
  • Daedalus (the inventor)
    • Deep Resonance = Resonance Realms
  • IC (the Guardian)
    • Defeat is reduce to 0 matrix condition track
  • Shooter (the soldier)
    • “Loses a fight” is GM fiat.

RP Rooms

  • These rooms are intended for fully consensual Roleplaying scenes for Net characters. At any time, if a scene is making a player uncomfortable they can ask for it to be called off, ended, or entirely retconned (rewind) as if it never happened. There is no penalty to wanting it, no penalty for it happening, please do not hassle anyone who requests it.
  • There are pins at the top of the channels that have references and examples. Golden rule: Use these rooms to do personal and collaborative storytelling, and don't be jerks. Mods are around if there are interpersonal problems/getting heated/make you uncomfortable that aren't mechanics related, so please call on them.
  • Current official formal locations that can be called on for the generic channels include: [1]
    • The majority of the RP channels are free-form/flexible as to setting. When setting a scene, please be clear where and when the scene is taking place. When closing a scene, make it clear the scene is over if you can, for others who come after you knowing something's done.
    • Informal locations can be declared anywhere reasonable. If you have questions about if your location is reasonable, please contact Lore staff and/or GM staff. Common informal locations include bars, malls, run down buildings in the barrens, etc.
      • If you choose/define particularly interesting places, GMs (on-call or otherwise) may request (but not compel) intrusions by appropriate things in the setting. For example, local gangs, wildlife, cops, whatnot. GMs should not be doing this 'for the lulz', and it should be seen as a way to contribute to story, but players should feel free to tell the GM they're not interested if they are in fact not interested (and GMs, please respect this if it happens). All normal rewind rules, etc, are in place. GMs may reward you humoring them with minor RVP rewards (1-2 RVP as the scene reasonably calls for) when the scene is complete. As above, rewards have to be reviewed by GM staff (Deputies or lead) before being considered fully issued. Drop a note in paperwork, and ping us. Only tagged GMs can do this.
  • These rooms are for enhancing character stories, exploring ideas, etc. If you want to join a scene, and it isn't set in an open public space where your character happening by is for some reason unlikely, at least drop the participants a message requesting to insert yourself. If they're not open to the idea, accept it please.
  • The "Blackout Lounge" (channel: runnerbar) is a protected RP space. The protections are both IC and OOC, and are to encourage RP and control unwanted confrontations. In general, there are turrets and other protective measures in the Lounge (IC fact) that are pervasive, unstoppable, automatic, and non-fatal (OOC measure). They are there as a measure to enforce 'no combat' strictures for the Lounge channel (and because they are both IC and OOCly present to accomplish this, they can do amazing feats of GM fiat and omniscence and can notice Astral, Matrix, and real-world impending violence and respond instantly, akin to Rocks Fall but you get to live and wake up in the dumpster).
  • While these RP rooms are not a roll20 table with structured plot and GM requirement, they can be used for real scenes with real rewards by GMs. As usual, players can opt out of the session and have it not affect their characters. Doing so will prevent any awards as well as any consequences! This use of the rooms is to tell stories, not make the people behind the characters uncomfortable or force things. Other than real runs that just happen to be on a discord channel not roll20, RVP rewards in RP scenes should be limited (1-2 tops) and have to be reviewed by GM staff (Deputies or lead) before being considered fully issued. Drop a note in paperwork, and ping us. Only tagged GMs can do this.
  • Normal RP can at any time use real game mechanics to adjudicate (via the ooc-dicerollingplus channel in conjunction with the RP scene). If the players are consenting to the scene and the activities, but not agreeing on outcomes or what rolls should be, they can absolutely bring in an "on-call GM" to help them adjudicate. While they can and should rewind the scene if they need to, the decisions by the on-call GM will be enforced if you don't opt out of the scene/rewind. If you have an on-call GM participating, you need to consider it a real very short-term table (so you can't argue the GM's calls, but you can change your mind about the whole thing). This is to mitigate possible abuse by any party (participants, GMs, table malice calling for blood, etc).
    • Should an on-call GM be part of a problem, please inform the GM staff (GM Lead and/or Deputies) and Moderators as soon as you can.
  • Competitive 'duels' can be alley fights or the like, but the Net members know that killing other Net members is forbidden. If you do manage to kill a Net runner in one of these scenes (and it's consented to have happened by everyone involved), make sure you let Lore and GM know so they can be aware of plot hooks and possible story consequences.
  • Virtual "Fight Clubs" are an actual thing in-setting. Players should feel free to set a scene using them for virtual arena matches between characters. Commercial services use cold-sim (and so are the vast majority of the time non-fatal). Shadow services use hot-sim (so can actually kill you). There is also currently a character-sourced option for ShadowNet characters.
    • Progress has been using custom software and simsense recordings of participants (to heighten the realism for that participant) to allow hot-sim levels of realism with stun-only damage, specifically for Net runners. If you choose the Progress version of fight-club for your scene, it will functionally be just like a fight in meat space (with all magic, matrix, or normal options available), using normal mechanics aside from being unable to actively kill the character (biofeedback cutouts go into effect for anything that would record a death-blow and turn stun-only so you don't die; note that for particularly severe deathblows even the Cutout may fail (stun overflow is still a thing)). This entry will be updated or removed as people nuke the character and/or the hardware/software/Host that makes up this fight-club option.
      • If a character wishes to try to ICly alter the simulation (cheating, out-of-"game"-buffs, affecting duellists), they will need to contact GM staff and will be consenting to complications (rewinds still apply) as the scene gets adjudicated. Note that the players must still have consent from all involved to mix into a match (though going after the character-made asset as a privaterun or otherwise is always an option if people don't want it happening during their duel.
    • GMs: Check Shadowminds for current security profiles for the environment if players decide they must get frisky, and contact the GM lead if you improvise please.
  • If a general channel is set as a formal run, not 'just RP' or 'GM enhanced RP'/on-call GM in play, you cannot rewind your participation if it goes poorly for you. The scene needs to make very clear that it is a formal table in a general RP channel, so people can decide if they want to participate knowing there may be lasitng consequences.

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