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Somehow landed a taser shot that had enough power to one-hit kill a Roadmaster  +
Trained in social infiltration with an unnaturally hard-to-spot-in-a-crowd man  +
Quite the competent infiltrator. I do wish he could sit still for more than a minute though.  +
Masqueraded as a second Johnson with a second, related, job to really insure Orgoth Vregu was killed  +
Really good Face. 10/10 would work with again.  +
Bit of an asshole, but damn is he good at his job!  +
Had me clean up Applesauce  +
Seems like this J is doing some blood mage hunting. He's being rather coy about it however.  +
Smooth as butter. Has some weird hobbies.  +
As always, excellent with all things Matrix. Pretty much qualifies as stand-in for Shiki's Binary Switch tax  +
Doesn't like getting paid.  +
He murdered everyone on a black-ops site in Amazonas. He also mind-hacked the security spider  +
...very odd...  + to help...  +
...completely crippled...  +
He murdered all passengers on a space shuttle  +
He murdered all security and analysts on a black-ops space station and enslaved the security AI  +
The bombs were planted by shadowrunners. There is no neo-anarchist group called Organized Chaos  +
Neo-anarchist group detonated multiple bombs across the downtown Seattle area, in an apparent, violent protest. Luckily, no one was injured. Their intentions are unclear  +
Explosion at the Steinhowser Plaza, downtown. The source of explosion is apparently due to the sabotage of an expensive mega centrifuge on one of the floors owned by Suzume systems, a reagent manufacturing company  +