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Who SaidAboutWhatDate
Ed...very odd...
Ed...here to help...
Ed...completely crippled...
FengbaoAngelScreams in poverty
JawbreakerFuck da Police Blood mages
Staples“Don’t worry guy I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to treat your wounds.” There’s a moment's pause. “And with that, I commit medical homicide.”
VexPonchoListen Poncho, not everyone is gonna pay you in orphans
HurricaneTrogs. Mistake or tragedy?
VoroSRBy the transitive property, Lofwyr is Friendship.
VoroSRSo I am basically cancer.
GritHe’s trying to rub the drunk out of his eyes
Gentle BennyShe gets dumped into the ocean as she lets Jesus take the hit
MorrenzI see weird shit and I just have to know more
StaplesSometimes the community's hearts and minds need to be swayed with the use of bullets
Binary SwitchI don’t want to calculate how much noise I have without my pants on.
Valifor9I want a serial killer with a huge dick
ToasterShiki“Ok so Shiki what is it you desire most?” “A really good murder.”
Binary SwitchMinuanoHey if there’s one thing we learned today, its that Minuano loves cram.
CertThey have teeny tiny souls that even the demons can’t see
BlackpoolHes moved up to the front seat and is doing it with the taxi driver, it’s her tip.
VexCan I edge to reroll successes?
Side8Increasing barren security is a noble cause
Gentle Benny‘I was trying to find Distinctive Style then I realized I was looking in positive qualities.
MinuanoHe gives a sidelong look at Jet when she makes it clear it's no big deal to have her throat obstructed for a long time.
VoroSRThere's not a problem that can't be solved with an arbitrary number of murders.
SlashOh no, Oh no, they aren't going to do it. Twenty dudes with assault rifles aren't going to take out the missiles
SlashOn the other hand Evac has four arms now.
JawbreakerYou don't have to do a lot of legwork today, if you never skip leg day
ToasterShiki"Ok so Shiki, what is it you desire most?" "A really good murder"
CertOz warhawks people, the mage mages people.
AdemI’ll work on it when my brother becomes less addicted to taking space dicks to the face
TrollingstoneHe’s the only pink name around, and it’s intimidating as fuck.
Gentle BennyMegaman will be in his megavan
PonchoOk so now everything is covered in industrial-grade lubricant
SlashNuyen is dirt cheap.
ToasterARYes, the hats are in fact fancier in AR
SlashGentle BennyYou can plan for drain, you can’t plan for being bad. Like Daye.
JawbreakerI moved between the bullets like water between rocks, in a river
SlashNuyen is dirt cheap
Sheol AzureOrbital Drops Bears Incoming
Goldfinch“I’m just going to start jacking off.”…“Wait that came out wrong”
SlashAztechnology only has one sexual orientation. Evil.
CertThe run almost went sideways when the cyberware scanner almost picked up her boobs
PonchoThe Johnson stands among a horde of whores.
StaplesI don’t think I’m going to want to take ecstasy before this run. I’m going to want to touch his hair.
GaroThe AstralWhy would I want to look on the astral? There are spirits there.
Valifor9Is it incest if it's yourself? Or is that just elaborate masturbation?
JazzWhy buy armor mods when you can buy novacoke?
KiriMinuanoHe gives a sidelong look at Jet when she makes it clear it's no big deal to have her throat obstructed for a long time.
Striking CrayonYou walk past some throngs of scantily clad young flesh
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