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The Righteous Order of Spiritual Excellence


Based in the Salish-Shidhe, ROSE is made up of anti-augmentation extremists. They mostly consist of elves, Awakened ones at that, but other races are welcome as long as they haven’t sullied their spirit with augmentations. They operated in a cell system, with the Seattle cell comprised of about 20 highly trained elite soldiers (adepts, mundies, mages).


During “Goldfinger”, runners were hired to deal with ROSE, who was encouraged by Sally Rise to pick on VirAwake assets, as they were doing filthy things with attempting to combine Matrix and Magic. Having discovered a plot to hoard a critical mass of feral ghouls behind a mana barrier in an abandoned mall in the Barrens, the runners forced ROSE to disperse as they took their boss in and fled the scene. They had to, because not only was the Johnson’s kidnapped wife heavily injured, but they were also deep in Ancients territory. As a result, hundreds of feral ghouls started spreading out across the Redmond Barrens, causing chaos everywhere.

Notable personalities


Affiliated Factions: None

Allies: Speaks-with-Storms

Enemies: None