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Key info

Name of run was Red-Hot.

Run was GM'd by User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar

Part 1: 2017-07-24

Part 2: 2017-08-05

Part 3: 2017-08-12

The team met up with a troll Johnson. His attitude was less than committed, almost hoping the team would decline the job. With 100K for the team up front, the mission was accepted. Head to a remote island, activate an orbital defense laser and target some black site coordinates in high orbit. The island was an MTC run facility. Protected by a destroyer with a network of killer drones in the water. All crew was full SIN MTC. Loyal and hard to infiltrate. The matrix security was hard wired with multiple fail-safes, faraday cages, biometric scanners, double data jack requirements, implanted verification keys with anti tampering and cranial bombs. The options for failure were endless. The team is planning an approach of blackmail that will spare us a trip to the island of no escape.

The team has now dream-hacked operator 1 and is on Mauritius in order to fix operator 2. The team has his operator number but not his name or address. He is scheduled to leave by ship in the evening. The plan is to secure operator 2 either before reaching the dock, at the dock or at the ship and then alter his priorities. A sprite will have to be uploaded to his commlink in order to fix the operator schedule at the laser array site.

With the operator number in hand, the team went to Mauritius. Here the team infiltrated a harbor in order to gain access to the Smolenski Cipparatya Inc Passengers and Transfers Host. This allowed the team to confirm the operator was scheduled for departure. In order to gain information about the operator, the team hacker went to the Smolenski Cipparatya Inc Personnel Host. Here files linking to tree potential targets were identified, and through a bit of investigation, it was possible to narrow it down to one person. With his commcode we managed to trace him to a cheeper MTC complex where he was slotting a joygirl. The team surprised them both and forced the second operator through a mindhack procedure while Xiang inspired new motivation into the mysterious joygirl. Only time will tell what the future holds for her.

After securing a high level sprite through some jackpoint dealings, the operators were sent off on their mission. As the laser array station fired at a black-ops space target, the team was enjoying the feeds from the top of a building in Seattle. The next day, the Johnson was found dead at the meet, blocked off by a KE investigation. Professor infiltrated the crime scene and recovered the payment, but alas nothing comes without a price. The team was contacted on a meta link with a warning that "You are next".


Connecting DARKNET VPN . . .

. . . Matrix Access ID Spoofed.

. . . Encryption Keys Generated.

. . . Connected to Onion Routers.

. . . Redirected to DARKNET Blog list.

**Enter Passcode**

. . . Password Confirmed.

**Enter Biometrics**

. . . Biometric Scan Confirmed...?

Connected to Node: DARKNET


###ANON19314051’s BLOG

Are they for fragging real? 

Official Global News Network rep Jennifer “Lying Is My Job” Manning just released a statement to answer multiple requests for comment regarding squashed news reports of the most recent laser shot fired out into orbit from a secret location somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Check out this dumb drek. 

*Footage of an Asian-American woman standing in front of a crowd in a large room with hundreds of newsfeeds buzzing in the background. Her hair is tied up in a perfect bun, and her clothing style can be summarized as business-but-fashionable. She seems charismatic, but not overtly so.*

*“Rumors about Blacksite ‘orbital laser weaponry’ are greatly exaggerated, of course.” There is an entertained chuckle going around in the room as the woman’s features expertly continue to switch from amused to matter-of-fact and back. “To be quite perfectly honest, I am amazed by the creativity and effort invested in these free writing exercises that their anonymous authors would call news. The pieces even came with nicely edited footage to show impressive trideo special effects of scary, red lasers being fired rapidly. We are in the news business, though, not the sci-fi after-school club. Let’s not pretend like fake news is a benefit to society, this is exactly what quality control is for. Fiction is for the Trid-Studio, we are in the business of news. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?” She nods curtly and heads out.*

You’d think a gigantic laser blasting out into space would garner some sort of reaction from the general public, that people would at least try to do their own research, that, when presented with these facts, they don’t just tune in to the first Matrix Search result - sponsored by fragging MCT, of course - and lap up the milk that Miss Manning is hectically pouring out for them. 

You guys on here know the truth, though. Here’s some archived satellite footage clearly indicating a facility of sorts. That was before the laser fired. Check satellites now. Clearly something happened that MCT, who owns that island, doesn’t want you to know. If a corp has access to orbital laser weaponry, we are fragged. 

Don’t trust the corps. Keep your eyes open, don’t be a sheep.


Run: [Red-Hot](

GM: /u/rejakor

Author: /u/AfroNin


Smogg stood outside the motel with a cheep cup of soykaf in hand. There was a light rain that fell against his black trenchcoat and formed droplets on his Johnny Hardcore goggles. Smogg looked up almost as if sensing the doomed space station. They would not even know what hit them. The taste was burned and bitter. He missed the real thing.

Having changed from the Sleeping Tiger suit into a fairly normal Urbanwear Armor Jacket and Neomilitary pants, Xiang joins Smogg outside, takes a sip from an odd Australian-brand beer in her hand and sits down either leaned against the wall or at some nearby seating arrangement. She looks in the direction of the shipyard, going through all the lethal scenarios in her head, most of them ending with big, scary drones either blasting them to bits or sawing them up alive underwater. Their operator person was probably inside, or whatever the others decided would be the optimal arrangement for him to remain in while they got together and talked strategy.

Smogg turned his head to Xiang. "It is somewhat a relief to be out of Seattle, but the rain here is not much better and the soykaf is still the drek. Do you ever miss Hong Kong?"

Xiang gives Smogg a slightly confused look. did she miss... hong kong? Oh, right, hong kong didn't only consist of kowloon. She blinks once, becomes a bit more distanced and lifeless-looking, no doubt an instinctive defense mechanism to dealing with the horrors of the world's worst slum, and shakes her head. "I have few fond memories of Hong Kong. I have also not gotten to know the city nearly as much as you, perhaps. Compared to where I spent most my time in hong kong, Seattle's redmond is a luxury district."

Smogg never really considered the worst parts of Hong Kong. "That is a pity. A lot of investment and projects aim to remove the slum. In time, those places will improve, if not already. But I suppose even wealth cannot change the past" He took another sip of the soykaf. Not tasting any better than before. "I think we should send for Tiberious to meet up in Mauritius. The legwork there might not be trivial"

Kowloon Walled City... improve? Xiang finds that impossible. She refocuses back on the mission. "Yes, Mauritius is our next destination. Let us discuss this with Professor."

Without knocking professor out and brainwashing him via BTLs, Smogg and Xiang tag-team created a gritty shadowrunner's reality by asking professor to look at the greater (and especially smaller) consequences that this run will have regardless of the approach we take. Smogg especially got some great roleplay lines in such as at least being able to save the two families of the people we'd blackmail while MCT will most likely give everyone involved in this global scandal an especially difficult time, so now we're on board to do this lesser evil thing, and actually go for the easier route

The Plan


Part 3:

  1. Meet up in Mauritius
  2. Discover identity of 916717-Y using Smolenski Cipparatya Inc Personnel Host (R7) and infiltration
  3. Optional: Add passenger to the list for professor
  4. Extract 916717-Y before he reach the docks
  5. Buy sprite service from terrorist group
  6. Dream-hack operators loyalty-software to do our mission.
  7. Add sprite to operator commlink with instructions to modify the schedule at the island
  8. Send Operators on their mission
  9. Get pay from troll Johnson


  • Extract 916717-Y based on appearance on the docks and do our stuff there
  • Send an infiltrator along on the ship and do hack remotely


  • Downtown, Seattle - Meet
  • Perth, Australia - Legwork
  • Port Louis, Mauritius - Legwork
  • The Dauphin - Supply Ship
  • <<Space Coordinates>>, High Orbit - Target
  • MCT 'Roche' Array Station 12, SSE, Indian Ocean - Primary location

La Roche Godon.jpg

La Roche Godon


Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
6Shadow CommunityAdam BellHe murdered a Mr. Johnson involved in destruction of a target in spaceSmogg80
4Shadow CommunityAdam BellHe is a superhuman murderous technomancer matrix illusionist enhanced by alien nanotechSmogg59


Other Important People

  • Wee Angus
  • Ed (Friendly AI)
  • Mei Chaofeng (Wuxing Data Broker)
  • "The AI" (Chained MTC AI)
  • Hiyatsi Matsuda (011559-C) - Dream-hacked Operator 1
    • Apartment in the MCT complex in Perth
    • Hiyatsi Mayasume, 38, housewife and mother
    • Tomoe, 13
    • Kira, 9
  • Derek Tsuyicho (916717-Y) - Dream-hacked Operator 2
    • Mysterious Joygirl with newfound purpose
  • Adam Bell: Nanno-Enhanced-Techno-Murderer

MTC Hosts of Interest

  • Array Station 12 Host (Wired, Faraday Caged, AI protected)
  • Smolenski Cipparatya Inc Personnel Host (R7)
  • Smolenski Cipparatya Inc Passengers and Transfers Host (R6, partially public)
  • Mauritius National Bank Incoming/Outgoing Host (R8)


{{#display_map: -37.826349, 77.549890 ~MTC 'Roche' Array Station 12, SSE|width=400|height=400 }}

Run Result

  • Space Target was hit
  • MTC island laser array station was destroyed
  • The Run was completed.
  • The Johnson was killed at meet just before the runners arrived.
  • Runners recovered the payment from the dead Johnson.
  • Antagonist Adam Bell threatened the runners in the end.

Rewards and Expenses

Karma: 18, Payment: 35000¥ (After Expenses)


  • +50.000Y per runner for mission payment
  • -15.000Y per runner for saving family
  • +25.000Y team income (MTC paydata)
  • -25.000Y team expenses (travel, bribes, car rent ect.)

Smogg's Contact Mei Chaofeng: Chip 1->3 , Con 6->8

Smogg 10% SINer Tax: 5.625Y

Drug Use

  • Smogg used Hot-VR and Psyche

Misc Data Entry

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