Renola Forszetina

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Renola Forszetina.jpg
Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Technomancer
Player User:Rejakor

Key Info

GM: User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar

Connection: 10 Legwork Contact

  • limited stats
  • all for one
  • own agenda
  • Silent
  • Enemy of my Enemy (Megacorps, spaceside mega arms)
  • Networker (Rebels and anarchists)


Renola Forszetina's parents died in the Free Miner's League War, which is only referred to as 'a war' colloquially or by those on the losing side. To the corps, it was a police action against 'terrorist elements'. In reality, it was the corps driving out the small operators, prospectors, small corps, and free miners from the rich 'finds' on the asteroid belt they had been too slow to find or claim in the first place, so they could mine them for their own profit. The only unexpected factor for them was that the free miners would fight so hard and so tenaciously to protect what was 'theirs'. Funded by the hundreds of smaller corps being edged out by the megas, the free miners fought an asymmetric void war in the hard-to-scan asteroid belt for seven long years (with 'sabotage' and 'terrorism' continuing for years afterwards). They did lose though. Renola was 13 when the war kicked off. Her parents had been on board the ore hauler Trismegistus' Virtue that slammed into the Ares mining barge Nordstrom, destroying both ships and triggering the start of the war. Ares claimed it was a suicide attack. The Free Miners League claimed it was Ares provocateurs sabotaging a ship to spark an incident. Whatever the real reason, that day was when Forszetina started fighting, and she never really stopped, even after she dropped out of the increasingly fanatical 'resistance' that was all that remained of the League several years after the war's end, and tried to rebuild the shattered remains of her life.

A highly practiced spaceborne guerilla fighter, she is a virtuoso at physical sabotage and rewiring systems, able to take over drones and systems using physical systems interchange alone - and even sabotage weapons and armour using hard-to-detect physical methods. Along with the ability to blend into the population of most spaceborne hubs and ships (having been born in space herself), think quickly on her feet, avoid and infiltrate and keep her cool in almost any situation, she's an absolute nightmare for corporate security. Trying to go straight, she was working as a systems engineer on a construction site on the moon when she ran into the shadowrunners Smogg and Source. They (incorrectly) identified her as the source of a series of sabotage incidents after finding various secret agent like materials in various locations near where she had set up a room - secured networks, hidden spaces with weapons, hacking programs and one-use agents, a commlink rigged with a self-destruct, and even a small hidden shuttle - and effectively framed her for the sabotage by handing her over to the agent of their employer, Eliotrys Duncan. Later, when she escaped from the Red Horizon mercenaries hired by Duncan's opposite number, Itil Yun, they betrayed her again by destroying the drone she had taken over to secure her escape, using a ruse of wanting to help her to get close enough to do so. Earlier the pair (both technomancers) had identified that Forszetina was a latent technomancer and had been having strange dreams due to being contacted by the xeno entity (for more details, see Luna, Luna) and had conflicting feelings about their actions (or source did, at least). They managed to keep her from getting locked up again by claiming they needed to interrogate her, and she eventually assisted them in uncovering more about the entity in the VR simulation they did not realize they were in.

When they woke up, it turned into a race against time to secure the seat of the entity before Duncan could reach it and misuse it for his own purposes (having discovered that he had double-crossed their employer). As three forces - Itil Yun and his mercenaries, Duncan and his security forces, and the dynamic duo of technomancers all rushed for the goal, Forszetina escaped (again, made easier by the fact that the guards were comatose this time) and legged it right the hell off the construction site and in fact right off the moon.

At no point did anyone there realize who they had their hands on.(redigeret) 'Renaissance' was one of the most infamous guerillas of the Free Miner's League war. It's rumoured that she, alongside Betelgeuse, Yellowjacket and Cometary Impact were responsible for the nuclear detonation at the 'Mushroom', the massive space station in Jupiter orbit that housed - note the 'housed', as in 'used to house' - the headquarters of ares:space. Officially, a controlled detonation to make way for the 'new groundside headquarters' on Mars.

In her 'retirement', she kept in contact with her old comrades, and many others throughout the solar system - the seeds of rebellion sown by the freedom that metahumanity had found in space before the corps moved in had grown into a thick crop of revolution, and those rebel networks had largely - through the lonely emptiness of space - survived many of culls that corps and nations could so easily lead on the ground. Simple ciphers and one-time pads kept the communication secure, and from that web, 'Renaissance' could call in a lot of old markers and be in contact with quite a number of interesting people.

Left with mixed feelings about Source and Smogg, she still had to confront the fact that she was Resonant. Contacting Smogg, she made a deal with him - in recompense for his actions on the Coriolis, he'd teach her how to use the Resonance. So far, things are on an even keel with the two of them, but there is an undercurrent of tension given the things that occurred on the moon.


Parents: Lars and Merra Forszetina (died in war)


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